Six Sentence Sunday and a Release Date!

Whee!! I now have the official release date for Choices!  It will be availbe through the Dreamspinner Press website and on March 4th!  I am so excited!

In that vein, I made sure to put together something for Six Sentence Sunday.  I’ve added another six from my Choices sequel, Deception.

* * *

“Set him on the bed next to Cyrus,” Salehi instructed and Darius moved around to the other side of the bed then laid Nadir carefully on his side. “Thank you, Captain.”

“Of course,” the captain replied. They paused and looked at each other for a long moment and Cyrus’s gaze moved from one to the other. Something deep, old and silent passed between the two men then Captain Darius nodded once and left. Cyrus puzzled over it for a second until Nadir moaned, then he pushed it off, turning his attention to his lover.


  1. February 4, 2013    

    Congratulations to your new book.

    • Grace Grace
      February 19, 2013    

      Thank you so very much!

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