Part 3 of Patrick’s Surprise

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Again, fair warning, it is most definitely 18+. *grin*

* * *

He cupped his balls and started rocking his hips in time with his hand, thrusting into it almost as much as he was stroking. He let his hand slide up and stroke just the end for a few seconds, but that was way too much pleasure. He moved his hand back down and gripped the base of his cock, squeezing his balls just a little, to pull himself back. He was too close to the edge and he wasn’t ready yet.

In another moment, he’d calmed down enough to not go off before he was ready. He wrapped his hand around his cock again and looked away from Chance’s picture long enough to see the tip was damned near purple. He started working himself again, with firm, fast strokes, pushing himself once more to the edge. When he got there, he let go and picked up his phone.

With his clean hand, he unlocked it then flipped through the screen to find the camera icon. After tapping a couple of things, he held it in front of him, making sure he had a clear shot of his cock and stomach. Then he started stroking himself again and he let out a moan as the pleasure built once more.

He rocked his hips, working his cock over thoroughly. He grunted again as he moved his hand to the end and focused on stroking only that. It did what he expected and pushed him right there. As the climax approached, he went back to full, long strokes.

“Fuck, Chance,” Patrick groaned and just a couple of seconds later, he grunted loudly as the orgasm hit him hard. He kept his hand moving through it, still moaning, pushing the pleasure even further as he unloaded his balls all over his stomach and chest. The sight sent an aftershock through him. “Oh fuck…” he groaned even louder, stroking a few more times and earning himself an extra shot of cum.

He slid his hand to the tip, squeezing the last of the cum out onto his thumb and forefinger. He lifted the hand and showed it to the camera then hit a button on his phone and set it aside.

He stopped to pant hard for a minute in the aftermath of the orgasm. He swallowed around his dry throat, staring at Chance’s picture. “Fuck, a ghrá, you make me crazy.” He shook his head, grinning, and snatched up his dirty t-shirt to clean his other hand off.

He picked up his phone and checked over what he had. The quality sucked but it was a phone, so it’d have to do. He got what he wanted, so he saved it then switched over to the messages.

He tapped out a simple message: Hope it’s good enough. Sorry it took so long. Think you’ll like why. Love you. He hit send on that, then pulled up the attachment and sent it.

With a grin, he went in to take his shower.

To be continued…

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