Part 2 of Patrick’s Surprise

Part 1

Fair warning, from here out, it is most definitely 18+. *grin

* * *

He laid back, eyes fixed to the picture of his naked, aroused lover and started stroking himself again. He kept it slow and teasing, wanting to build it up as much as possible. He brushed the fingers of his free hand over his balls, down over his taint then back up again. He ran his hand up over the tip, collecting the bit of liquid then spreading it over his length, but he decided it wasn’t enough.

He twisted around, and opened the drawer in the end table, pulling out the bottle of lube. He stopped long enough to pull off his t-shirt and drop it then lay back. He poured lube into his hand and wrapped it around his cock, spreading the slick out.

“Fuck,” he groaned at how good that simple stroke felt. He stopped long enough to grab his phone and put it on his chest so he wouldn’t forget. Then he started stroking with purpose, eyes glued to Chance’s naked picture.

He reached down with his free hand, tugging lightly on his balls then gripping the base of his cock. He grunted softly as the pleasure started to build and he moved his hand a little faster. He could feel his balls pulling up already and he let go of it, his cock slapping back against his stomach. He glanced over to see the head was already dark red and he ran his fingers over it teasingly, but kept from stroking for the moment.

He looked back at Chance and with his other hand, he teased his nipples, tugging on them lightly until they got hard. Then he flicked them with his thumb and the feel went straight to his cock, making it jump. He pinched his nipples again, moaning at even those light touches. He loved teasing himself, loved working himself up. And his nipples were great for that. He hadn’t discovered that until Chance. Just one more reason for him to love the man.

He let go of his nipples, running his hand down his thigh, then over his taint, pressing on the spot just behind his balls that always felt good. “Shit,” he whispered and gave in, taking his cock in his hand again and stroking it. He kept it slow, though, going for more teasing. He was determined to build this up as much as he could.

To be continued…

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