Welcome to another Sexy Snipper Sunday. Today, we go back into Choices for a glimpse at Mukesh inspecting Teman.

Please remember that this is Sexy Snippet Sunday and, thus is NSFW or under 18. 🙂

* * *

With nothing but a quiet “Hm,” the malik kept moving, circling the table. Teman held on carefully to his nerves and worked to maintain his position, which, with already unsteady legs, was very difficult. He was downright miserable. His cock was insanely hard; he was very aroused in general. His ass kept flexing around the plug, ever aware of its weight. His nipples felt like they were on fire—twin points of pain on his chest. But like he had more than a few times in the past, he put the pain and discomfort away to concentrate on what he needed to do.

Which was to impress the man who had finally paused in front of him. Teman wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but the teasing fingertip over the head of his cock wasn’t it. Since the skin was already incredibly sensitive from the snake, the touch felt amplified and, despite his best efforts, his length jumped with it. That same fingertip continued to tease the small patches of exposed skin around the metal, and it took everything in Teman to keep from reacting to the touch. He couldn’t stop his cock from twitching and hardening even more inside the snake, but his facial expression didn’t change.

Apparently the malik took this as a challenge, because other fingers quickly joined it. The malik used them to trace the bare skin between the spirals of the snake, then teased over the vulnerable flesh of Teman’s sac, making his cock harden enough to strain against the metal. The hand continued down, tormenting Teman even more, dancing over the sensitive skin behind his balls, then back, playing with the chains, doing everything possible to make him react and move. He fought it, fought the feel, the need to buck or move, and finally, when his cock was so hard and red he felt like he was going to explode, the malik stopped.

Teman worked hard to even his breathing and not allow himself even to pant with the exertion, but he wasn’t sure he succeeded. Either way, that wasn’t enough of a reaction for the malik. His nipples were tweaked again, then he felt a hand on his ass, dancing around the plug. He swallowed around his dry throat and closed his eyes in an attempt to concentrate on the fight inside him for calm. Mukesh pushed gently on the plug, then a moment later, it was worked out of him and dropped, the chains attached to it tugging hard on his balls and the snake. Before he could manage to process this, however, two oiled fingers were inside him. They started by pumping in and out of him a few times, and with that small amount—as miserable as he already was—Teman had an even more difficult time holding on.

The fingers scissored and stretched him a bit, and Teman briefly wondered if the man was going to take him there in front of all of those people. He fought hard against the movement and reaction, tried desperately to school his expression into neutrality, but when those fingers started hitting that spot over and over, it became almost impossible. Mukesh shifted then, and the other hand went back to teasing and tormenting Teman’s cock and balls.

He tried so hard to hold on. But his body desperately wanted—needed—more. More inside him, more than those two fingers; he needed to be filled. More friction than the light teases on his balls and the tip of his cock; he needed it to be stroked. More of anything—hands, mouth, it didn’t matter… just more.

But in the end, it was too much teasing and not enough of anything else, and he just couldn’t hold out any longer. Mukesh’s fingers hit that spot inside him again, the other hand teased his cock once more, and he cried out, bucking his hips, caught between riding the fingers or thrusting into the hand. He didn’t know, didn’t care. It was just pure need.

Then the fingers and hand were gone and he was left alone, panting hard, the need still coursing damned near violently through him. His chest rose and fell with the effort it took to try to get his breathing back to normal. He forced himself to stay in his position as he fought for calm and waited to hear his fate. He stared, unseeingly, at the edge of the table, his heart pounding, mouth dry, body one live nerve.

“Mmm,” Mukesh started, drawing out the sound. “Yes, I think he will make another fine addition to the stock. I will be breaking him in when he is ready,” he finished, matter-of-factly. Then, as if Teman were of no more importance than a dirty tunic, the malik walked away.

As Salehi replied with, “Yes, Your Majesty,” Teman realized it was true. They were, in fact, no more important than that. Salehi came around then and hooked the leash back to his collar. His master replaced the plug, then helped him down off of the table and even that small touch—just a hand on his arm—went through him and made his cock jump again. Salehi had to steady him until his legs were working properly once more, but then they retrieved Jasim. After Jasim’s legs were also solidly under him, they finally left the malik’s chambers.

As they stepped through the doors, Teman caught a last glimpse of the amir. He was still in the same chair he’d been in the whole time, not having moved from it at all. But he was watching them with an expression that Teman could only describe as intense. Teman’s eyes dropped to the amir’s lap, caught sight of an obvious erection, and his own cock responded to the look in the man’s eyes and the vision he’d just been treated with, twitching within its confines. His attention was pulled back to Salehi as their leashes were tugged on. Then, with one last glance at the amir, he turned and started toward the slaves’ wing with the other two.

* * *

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