As part of my new attempts at bringing you more here, like the Fangirl Friday posts, I’d like to introduce Sexy Snippet Sunday. I borrowed the title from… someone (I can’t remember who, I’m sorry!) though I m sure it’s one of my fellow authors. So I present to you the first Sexy Snippet Sunday.SexySnippetSunday

As my current WIPS (uh, three of them!) don’t really have the sexy bits yet I’d want to share, I’ve pulled a bit out from a freebie I’m working on, called Firsts which explores a bit more the polyamorous relationship that Bathasar, Teman, Cyrus and Nadir ended up in at the end of Deception. Nadir and Bathasar, like Cyrus and Teman, fell in love – and fell hard. This happens sometime after Deception ends. And in this bit, we have Bathasar and Nadir spending time together.

* * *

“Then show me,” Nadir whispered before their mouths crashed back together. His hands went into Bathasar’s hair, threading through the soft black strands. He moved in to straddle Bathasar’s lap when he remembered Bathasar’s pants. He pulled back long enough to attack the ties. Bathasar shifted to pull them off and toss them aside, then they were back together again.

Nadir never quite got used to being the focus of Bathasar’s attention. The way he moved over Nadir’s body, kissing every inch, teasing spots Nadir didn’t even know were sensitive… playing him like a fine instrument, it was all enough to make Nadir completely crazy. Or so he thought. Until Bathasar took Nadir’s cock into his mouth. Then Nadir truly knew what it was to lose all sense of everything. He could focus on one thing and one thing only: Bathasar’s amazingly talented mouth.

As thorough as Bathasar was with the rest of Nadir’s body, he was even more so here. He ran his tongue along the length tasting crown and ridge then following the veins, before moving on to tease Nadir’s balls. Just as Nadir thought he’d stop for a short break, he went even farther, over taint to the tight muscle guarding Nadir’s entrance.

Nadir had to downright beg before Bathasar would have mercy and sit back up. Nadir followed, kissing Bathasar, pouring everything he felt, everything he loved about this man into the kiss. When they finally broke apart, he whispered, “Please, my love. Let me show you my love, now.”

Bathasar smiled and settled back on the cushions. He looked up, heat, need and love filling his eyes and Nadir swallowed at the expression, having to pause to gather his emotions. To see that expression of love aimed at him from Bathasar never ceased to warm him, thrill him. When he’d managed, he leaned down, brushing his lips over Bathasar’s once, twice, a third time before moving to nip and tease an earlobe. He paused to inhale deeply, savoring the scent. “I love the way you smell,” he murmured then kissed his way over neck and chest.

He took his time, tasting everything, bringing to mind everything he knew, everything he’d learned of Bathasar’s body to give all the pleasure he possibly could. He thrilled in the hands moving over him, unwilling to stop touching, in the moans and gasps Bathasar let out, all evidence of the effect he had on this man. And when he bent down and took Bathasar into his mouth, the sound of his name in a shout in Bathasar’s voice was some of the most beautiful music he’d ever heard.


I hope you enjoyed! I am excited about Firsts, and hope to finish it up soon. 🙂