Reminder! Giveaway ending soon!

Just a remind, folks, that the giveaway for the ankle bracelet and swag bag ends on Friday!  I’ll be drawing a name from all of the entries then.  Make sure you do as much of the following as you can because they are ALL entries! Good luck. 😀

Remember:  Anyone who reblogs/retweets/likes in any of the following ways will get an entry! Every like gets you an additional entry, so please be sure to do everything you can and feel free to retweet/reblog/whatever as many times as you’d like!

You can:

If you do leave a review on the Amazon, B&N or TRR, or blog about it or anything that doesn’t directly reply to me, do let me know and link it so that your entry counts.  You can email me at or comment here so I know.


I am so proud and excited to say that Choices is now out! Dreamspinner Press officially released it March 4th!  You can get your copy of the e-book now here or you can order your copy of the paperback here.  The first 20 copies of the paperback come signed with a message from me, however I have no idea how many (if any) are left.

I won’t re-paste the blurb over again, you can see it on the above pages, along with the first chapter.  Instead, what I’d like to talk about is the giveaway I’m doing.

If you will do any of the above with this post either in a trackable format or you let me know with a link, you will be entered to win prizes! Yup, that’s right prizes (more than one)!

One version of the keychain with a dagger, key & lock and a horse

The prize package includes a swag bag (with a handmade keychain (seen here – no two are alike), along with incense, chocolate coins and a signed bookmark) and a handmade, sterling silver ankle bracelet!

The swag bag!
The swag bag!

And the winner of the ankle bracelet/swag bag will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize at the end of the month of a signed, paperback copy of Choices!  So be sure to enter! It promises to be a great month!

If you miss this one, don’t worry, there are tons of opportunities to comment.  I have lots of different posts planned for the month (all of which will have a different theme) and each will have an opportunity to win a swag bag and entry!

Thank you so very much to everyone who’s read and commented so far and thanks to all of my friends and readers! You guys rock!  *cheers*

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