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This story is mature and not for under-18’s. It also includes twincest, so be aware.

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And without further ado, part eight:


* * *

Shima moved his book aside as Aki flopped down onto the couch. His head sat just next to Shima’s leg as he looked up. He wore nothing but shorts and a T-shirt that was currently riding up, to Shima’s annoyance—because he didn’t need to see any more of Aki than he had to, thank you very much. They may be twins but there was still a difference between looking in the mirror and looking at the body he wanted to kiss and touch. Shima peered down at him. “What?”

Aki yawned and picked up his handheld game from the coffee table. “Long day,” he said as he flipped the system on.


“Yeah,” Aki said, nodding. “There were a few really annoying girls too who would not leave until Haru talked to them personally. I thought Ren was going to kill them.”

Shima chuckled. “It’s a good thing he doesn’t work with the knives.”

“No kidding,” Aki said, grinning up at Shima. “A couple of them asked about you.”

Shima raised his eyebrows. “Me?”

Aki nodded. “Yeah.” He snorted. “‘Where’s the cuter twin?’ and ‘Isn’t your other brother here?’” He glared up at Shima. “You are not the cuter twin.”

Shima blinked down at him for a moment, doing his best to wrestle the ugly green monster in his chest back into place. It would do no good to be jealous over women flirting with his brother. Or, at least, it wouldn’t do any good to let that jealousy out. “Are you really that oblivious?”

Raising an eyebrow, Aki asked, “What?”

“I know you’re not stupid.” Shima shook his head. “They were trying to flirt with you.”

Aki scowled. “How is asking for you flirting with me?”

“We’re twins, Aki. If they’re going to call one of us cute, they think both of us are.”

Aki frowned for a moment. “Really?”

Shima rolled his eyes. “I swear, sometimes,” he muttered, shaking his head. “You really are hopeless with women.”

“That makes two of us. What about outright asking for you?”

Shima couldn’t argue that one the same way. Though… “I heard one of the women last weekend asking if we were like Ren and Haru.”

What?” Aki looked like he was going to explode over that.

“What?” Shima asked, scowling down at Aki to hide the hurt from Aki’s reaction.

“What do you mean ‘like Ren and Haru’?”

“Um… I’d think that’s pretty obvious. What do Ren and Haru do a lot of?”

It was almost funny when Aki got it. His face cleared, his eyes widened, and he stared up at Shima so long, Shima had to fight hard against a blush that wanted to bloom. Because the mental images hit him hard of kissing Aki and holding him—because a hug wouldn’t stop at just a hug. He’d never be able to keep it as such. And if he started to kiss and hold, he’d never want to stop.

Aki blinked at him. “Huh. You really think so? Even though we’re twins?”

“Yeah, at least, that’s what they said. I didn’t hear the rest because I had to go pick up an order.” Shima turned his attention back to his book in an attempt to keep his own emotions off his face. Aki could read him too easily and considering his brother was watching him closely at the moment, there’d be no way to miss some of his feelings. He didn’t know exactly what was on his face, but whatever it was, it wasn’t the normal mostly-expressionless look he usually had. From behind his book, he added, “I did think I caught the word “twincest.” Probably something they’d read in a boy love novel, I’d guess.” He shrugged, but refused to look at Aki when he said it.

To Shima’s surprise, Aki didn’t answer. Shima peered over his book to see Aki had gone back to the game. He didn’t know what to do with Aki’s lack of reaction to the twincest thing. Probably disgusted. Shima swallowed at the stab that thought caused in the vicinity of his heart.

He didn’t think it was because they were guys or anything. They’d all long since accepted Haru and Ren’s relationship. No, Shima was pretty sure Aki’s reaction—or lack thereof—was about their own relationship.

Shima tried to let that go and went back to his book. A moment later, however, Aki started moving around, shaking the couch so much that Shima couldn’t read. When he looked down, it was to see Aki moving up and finally settling in with his head… propped on Shima’s leg.

“You know there are cushions for that.”

“You’re more comfortable,” Aki muttered more than said, once more focused on his game.

Shima shook his head and went back to his book, but he couldn’t begin to concentrate on it, with Aki laying against him. This wasn’t new, as he’d pointed out at the movie theater. They sat against each other all the time. But maybe because his feelings for his twin seemed to be getting more and more difficult to ignore, this seemed more noticeable somehow. He gave up trying to read, though he kept his nose buried in the book because he didn’t know what to feel first.

Happiness at Aki touching him? That Aki wanted to? Even if that was fairly normal, knowing his brother wanted to be against him felt good.

Jealous over the women flirting with Aki? He shouldn’t be for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was that they’d both dated, after all, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted Aki for himself, so their flirting was going to bother him.

Or hurt over the fact that Aki didn’t respond at all to the idea of them doing things together. Shima would have given just about anything for a single kiss. Sure they’d hugged over the years and they touched quite a bit—like right then with Aki’s head on his leg.

But that was, by far, not the same thing as what he wanted. Shima wanted it all. He wanted to be able to kiss Aki, touch him, make love to him. He wanted Aki by his side for the rest of their lives. He wanted…

He took a deep breath and tried, again, to read. There was comfort in the feel of Aki against him, even if it was just the minor touch it was. He focused on that, on the things he could have. With that thought in mind, he managed to get his attention back on the words on the page.



He didn’t notice when Aki fell asleep. It wasn’t until he’d gotten to the end of the chapter that he realized it. Shima put his book aside, then picked up the game system still on Aki’s chest, saved the progress, and set it aside, as well.

Peering down, however, he frowned. Aki’s head was still bent funny and if Shima didn’t do something, Aki was going to be in some serious pain when he woke up. He considered just working his way out from under Aki altogether, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, couldn’t let go of that bit of touch.

Instead, Shima managed to lean over and get a cushion from the other end of the couch. Carefully shifting Aki, he got it under Aki’s back so at least he was propped a little better. He mumbled something and turned, and Shima held his breath. His brother settled down again right away, though, and Shima slowly let out the breath.

He fought the urge to touch, he really did, but he didn’t often get to be with Aki unguarded like this. Swallowing hard, he brushed lightly at Aki’s messy hair. Sure, it was the same as his own, but it felt different. Like he’d thought before at looking at Aki’s body. It wasn’t the same as touching his own hair. On top of that, there was definitely a psychological element to it, because he was touching the one person he wanted most to touch in the world.

Shima brushed his fingertips over Aki’s cheek, then ran his fingers through Aki’s hair again. God, I love you. It was getting harder and harder the more they did together, the more time they spent together to keep his feelings contained. He wanted, so badly, to just walk up to Aki and simply get it out there, kiss him within an inch of his life and let the chips fall where they may.