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And without further ado, part seven:


* * *

Aki tried really hard to keep from letting Shima’s breath on his ear drive him crazy. He turned to his twin. “I’m not going to crowd you because of some asshole.” No, if I’m going to move, I’d rather it be because you want me to.

“You sit against me at home all the time,” Shima pointed out.

Well, shit. There wasn’t much he could say to that. And he did want to be closer, even if he shouldn’t—either be closer or want it. It seemed wrong somehow, though, to take advantage of the situation that way, but Aki ruthlessly buried the guilt and shifted over.

Putting him close enough to smell Shima.

Who smelled fucking amazing.

He tried to find a way to sit that wasn’t going to make him a candidate for a mental hospital. His cock was already half-hard from the warmth and smell. How long was it going to take before it went fully hard and he had to shift in his seat? He closed his eyes and did his best to force the wants and craziness into a back corner of his mind. With a—mostly—shallow breath, he forced his attention to the last couple of previews.

He managed to focus solidly through the first half of the movie. There was plenty of action and an explosion or three, so he’d been able to ignore Shima enough for that. But somewhere around the time Peter Parker tried to save a sinking ferry, Aki lost all hope of concentration.

Shima leaned in and whispered, “I need to move my arm. Do you mind?”

Aki really should have gotten clarification before he said, “I don’t mind.” But, of course, he didn’t.

So when Shima put his arm along the back of the seats—a little too close for Aki’s comfort—Aki completely lost the thread of the movie. He was sure it was good; he managed to catch a few moments here and there, but anytime he or Shima shifted, Shima’s arm got closer to his shoulders until it rested completely on him.

If Aki didn’t know better, he would have sworn Shima did it on purpose.

And yet, Aki wouldn’t admit to himself, much less his brother, that he let himself shift closer to Shima as well. And didn’t mind one bit that Shima’s arm was around him. Or that they were all but tight against each other.

Nope. He absolutely did not have any of that going through his mind.

He was also getting really good at lying to himself.

They waited patiently through the two after-credit scenes, neither moving away from the other, even though the guy with the big hair had already left. Finally, they were over and Aki had to stand.

He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to do that because his cock was still—or again?—half hard. He took advantage of the fact that a lot of people had already left and the theater was still fairly dim. As he reached over to pick up his cup, he adjusted himself enough that he wouldn’t be too uncomfortable to walk to the bathroom.


Aki couldn’t decide if he was disappointed or relieved that the train was much emptier on the way home. Considering how frustrated and confused he was, he decided it didn’t matter, but it was better all-around for them to be able to put space between them. They were still close enough to talk without being too loud, and they spent the trip back to their station talking about the movie.

When they came out of the station by home, Shima pointed at the coffee shop down the block. “Coffee before we go back?”

Yet again, Aki was surprised. Normally, they just went home and went their separate ways to do whatever. He wasn’t going to argue, though, since he really didn’t want to do that yet. He nodded and in silence they walked over to the coffee shop. They picked up the movie conversation as soon as they put in their orders and kept it going when they picked up their orders.

Cups in hand, they walked over to the park. There were plenty of times they took the path through it toward home, but not always, because sometimes the park was just too full. The route over the other streets was just as short. Aki wondered if it wasn’t deliberate—on his or Shima’s part, conscious or not—that they went through the park.

He couldn’t summon any more mental energy to try to figure it out. Instead, he sipped his coffee and broke off a small piece of the cake he’d bought at the shop, then popped it into his mouth. He was so insanely aware of Shima next to him, way too close for Aki’s sanity. He could feel Shima’s warmth and his heart started beating faster as he let himself wish he could take Shima’s hand.

When they crossed the foot bridge, over the little stream, Aki broke off another piece of cake and offered it to Shima. His twin wasn’t big on sweets, though he didn’t always turn them down, so Aki wasn’t too surprised when Shima nodded.

What did surprise Aki was what happened when he fed it to Shima instead of Shima taking it. He’d intended to just be a little goofy but it didn’t happen that way at all. Instead, Shima ended up with his lips around Aki’s fingertips.

Oh fuck me. Aki swallowed and despite his best efforts, his cheeks heated because his mind replaced his fingers with his cock and the image of Shima sucking Aki’s dick hit him hard. It was too dark and the path lights too low to be sure, but he thought it was possible Shima was blushing too. Then again, it could be a trick of the light. He took that thought because it meant Shima probably didn’t see the color in Aki’s cheeks either.

Without speaking, the two awkwardly turned toward home. The conversation died after that, but Aki concentrated on simply eating his cake and sipping his coffee. And, before he was ready for it—before, despite the confusion, he wanted the evening to end—they stood outside the gate to the house.

They kept their silence until they’d taken off their shoes at the genkan and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Haru and Ren had apparently already gone to bed, but they’d left one of the lamps on the end table lit for them. Aki turned to Shima and considered him in the low light. Shima didn’t seem any more eager to go upstairs than Aki felt, but Aki had no idea what to do, either.

When he’d dated, he’d said good night at the door, then kissed his girlfriend—usually on the cheek, on rare occasions on the lips. Then he happily went home.

He couldn’t very well kiss Shima, no matter how much he wanted to. Instead, he forced himself to speak. “Uh, thanks for dinner.”

Shima’s eyes seemed to be moving over Aki’s face. Finally, he replied. “Thanks for the movie and coffee.”

Aki nodded. “Yeah. Uh, it was great.” He let Shima interpret that however he wanted to. Aki meant the whole night—their date because it sure as hell felt like one. Or, Shima could take it to mean—

“It was a… great evening.”

That answered that. Aki couldn’t decipher the look Shima gave him in that moment. He wondered what look was on his own face. Did it mirror the one on his twin’s? Were their expressions, like their looks, the same? Did he look as… confused and unsure as Shima did?

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, it was.”

Shima nodded, though there was nothing to respond to. “Well. Sleep well.”

“Thanks. You too. Night.” Aki couldn’t tear his eyes away as Shima climbed the stairs. He kept his gaze glued to the smooth movements until Shima stepped into his room and closed his door.

Aki sat hard on the end of the couch. What the hell did he do with this? Even if neither of them would admit it, they’d just gone on a date.

And amazing, wonderful, heart-aching date.

Heart aching because Aki didn’t want it to end at the door. He didn’t want the fact of what it was to be unspoken.

He wanted the whole thing.

And he’d never have it.

Aki managed to get himself onto his feet and climbed the stairs slowly. He paused outside Shima’s door, and couldn’t stop himself from listening. Nothing came through, though. He laid his palm and rested his forehead on the door briefly, almost as if he could touch Shima through it. He took a shaky breath and continued on to his own room. When he’d closed the door, he leaned back against it, fighting hard with his emotions, doing his damnedest to keep them contained.

He wanted too much with Shima, felt too much for his twin. Aki felt everything he should never feel, wanted everything he should never want and couldn’t have. He needed to hold close those wants and feelings, keep them in, but he was afraid it was a losing battle. He was never the most successful to begin with at holding them in, and his emotions this time were even worse.

As he fought against them, he slid down the door and buried his face in his hands. Not going to give in. Not this time. Don’t… No, no, no…

Then he lost the fight and the tears fell.