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And without further ado, part six:


* * *

It didn’t look quite as bad as it had been on Thursday and there was some relief in that. But they were definitely not going to be able to have seats with plenty of room on either side, either. In fact, it looked like they’d still be standing.

Once those getting off the train had cleared and those waiting in front of him and Shima had gotten on, Aki finally boarded the train. He frowned as he looked around, noting that it was a bit worse than he’d expected. The seats were all full and most of the overhead handles were taken up. There was, at least, a little bit of room, so it wasn’t quite as bad as Thursday. It was still more than a little crowded, though.

Aki sighed quietly as he got into place. He turned and faced Shima, who leaned back against the wall next to the door and held onto the handle. “Closer than the university, at least, right?”

“Yeah.” Aki nodded and settled himself with his feet braced as the train took off.

In an attempt to keep from staring at his brother, he looked up at the advertisements overhead, though they, of course, couldn’t hold his attention. Now that they were on the train and he had time to think, his mind went right back to the confusion from earlier. He had to admit, if only to himself, he’d taken a lot more care in his appearance that evening. No matter how much he tried, though, he couldn’t figure out what had prompted him to do so. The extra time in the shower, he could maybe understand. The shaving, sure.

But the clothes, the shoes, his hair, and the cologne baffled him.

He was so focused on his inner mess, the raised voices didn’t get through to him at first. As they did, he started to turn around to see what was happening, when one of the guys knocked into him, sending him right into Shima, face first. He caught himself with his hands on either side of Shima’s shoulders. It kept their faces from colliding, but he didn’t manage to stop himself from crushing their bodies together.

Despite the cause of his fall, his body reacted to having Shima against him and his heart started pounding. His palms sweated, his stomach jumped, and as if he was back to being a teenager, his cock went hard in what could only be seconds.

It pissed him off. He was confused enough over that evening, he really didn’t need that added on top of it. He especially didn’t need Shima to figure out there was something going on—and Shima would, he knew Aki too well—because of this.

He spun around. “What the—”

Shima’s arms came around him and he pulled Aki back. “Let it go,” he said in Aki’s ear. “It’s not worth it. It’ll just screw up the evening.”

Aki couldn’t argue that. He wanted to. His heart was still pounding and his cock wasn’t going to go soft for a while. He wanted to hold onto the anger, take out his frustration on something else and possibly get rid of the mess in his head he was trying so hard to fight. The two guys who’d been arguing were standing close together only a few inches away from him and Shima. They seemed to be talking quietly now, though, so Aki had to admit Shima was right.

The fight went out of him as quickly as it hit. He blew out a breath, slumping down a little and giving himself a moment to collect his wits. At least, that’s what he told himself.

It wasn’t because it felt so good to be in Shima’s arms. Nope. Not at all.

It wasn’t because he wanted to stay there, savor the feel of Shima’s body against his own. Not in the least.

And it wasn’t because he wanted Shima to want him there, to tighten those arms around him, to tilt his head up so they could kiss. Absolutely not.

He shifted as if to stand, but Shima just held on and his deep voice filled Aki. “Take a minute and calm down.”

Aki’s cock jumped and he swallowed hard. He took the opportunity and let himself enjoy the moment in Shima’s arms. He closed his eyes and did his best to commit every detail to memory to take out later: the firm chest against his back, the arms around him, the way Shima’s hands felt against him even through the fabric, the breath on his ear, the warmth surrounding him.

He finally managed to get himself to straighten up. As he pulled away, he could have sworn Shima let go of him reluctantly. God he wished. But he knew better. He was the one that would have liked to have something more—something no one should want with his brother. He was the one that had spent more than a few nights over the years dreaming about his twin.

With a concerted effort, he pulled himself together and turned around again. Shima’s gaze moved over Aki’s face and he raised an eyebrow. “You okay?”

Aki took one more breath and put away the mess in his head to deal with later. “Yeah—”

The announcement came on overhead for their stop then and the two of them turned to the door. Aki sent up a prayer of thanks that at least the train trip was over.

The short walk to the restaurant was filled with traffic and noise, keeping Aki from asking exactly where they were going. He was plenty familiar with the area, but there were so many restaurants on that street, it didn’t give Aki a clue. Shima could have been leading him any one of those, many of which they’d eaten at before.

Before Aki could really process where they were, they stopped in front of a narrow storefront, and Aki’s eyes widened at the sign. The restaurant was one of his favorite places and while he appreciated it, he didn’t understand why Shima would have picked this place, or, at the very least why he wouldn’t tell Aki. As much as Aki loved the place, it certainly wasn’t the cheapest restaurant. They usually reserved it for what Haru would take them out. Aki blinked at his brother, but Shima didn’t say anything, simply opened the door for Aki, confusing him once more. “Uh, Shima?”

Shima waved inside. “I’m hungry.”

Shaking his head, Aki stepped inside and moved up to greet the host.

The host had a wide smile and bowed slightly as they approached his stand. “Welcome! Welcome! Do you have reservations or would you simply like a seat?”

“Reservations for Kaido,” Shima said before Aki could answer.

He made reservations? Aki’s confusion was getting worse and he waffled between happy and annoyed.

Because it was feeling more and more like he and Shima… were on a date.

Which was absurd. Ridiculous. Beyond crazy. Entirely aside from their relationship, Shima didn’t feel that way about him. He couldn’t decide if the happiness—he didn’t mind that it felt like a date—or annoyance was more prevalent. Because it certainly wasn’t a date, no matter how much he might have wanted it to be, and Aki had to forcibly remind himself of that. So, why the reservations?

He just wanted to make sure we could get a table. Saturday nights were bad; there was no doubt about that. Unless they went to McDonald’s—which neither was particularly fond of—getting a table on Saturday night could be a challenge. That made sense.

Aki managed to get himself to relax as they followed the host to a table for two toward the back.

The host recited the specials then bowed once more before retreating. The server came out only a moment later. “Good evening!”

Once they’d put in their drink and food orders—Aki had the pork—Aki finally dug up something to talk about. The conversation over the Marvel Creative Universe lasted most of the way through dinner. Aki even managed to get Shima to smile and laugh quite a bit, which did all sorts of warm things to Aki’s insides. Before Aki knew it—and could discuss it—Shima was paying the check, and they were on their way to the movie.

“You didn’t have to pay,” Aki said as they waited at the corner for the light.

Shima shrugged a shoulder. “I didn’t mind.” He looked over at Aki for a long moment and Aki returned the look. As he did, he was struck again by how just hot his brother was. Forcing himself to not think about what the rest of Shima looked like—they were twins, after all—he managed to drag his mind out of the gutter, or in this case, Shima’s pants, and focus on where they were going.

“How about I get the tickets?”

When Shima hesitated, Aki looked over with an eyebrow raise. Finally, Shima nodded. “All right.”

Aki had no idea what to do with that or why Shima had hesitated. Normally, they paid for their own stuff—food, tickets, whatever. He threw it on the rest of the pile of confusion and turned his attention to the theater.

It was only a couple of blocks from the restaurant. Aki bought their tickets, choosing their seats carefully. There were only a few options left. He finally handed one ticket to Shima, then turned toward the concession stand. “Do you want anything?”

Shima seemed just as surprised as Aki had been earlier over the dinner. Aki flashed him a grin and finally Shima nodded. “Thanks.”

Aki’s grin widened and they got in line. A few moments later, they each had cups of Pepsi and were making their way to their seats. The ones Aki had picked when he bought the tickets hadn’t been his first choice. They were close enough, though, and he was happy as they sat.

“Good seats,” Shima said, setting his drink into the holder.

“Yeah. I wanted those,” Aki said, pointing to the seats to their left. “But it could be worse.” He couldn’t decide if he was happy or annoyed that the arm in between the seats didn’t come down. On one hand, he wouldn’t have that bit of barrier to help keep him from touching Shima, which he absolutely shouldn’t do. Most of the time, they had no problem with casual touching but that night was anything but normal. On the other hand, with the arm broken and up, the temptation would be great to accidentally touch, which he wanted so badly to do. He tried to just not think about it.

The discussion over the movie series took up the short time between their arrival and the previews. In fact, Aki managed quite well at not thinking about how close Shima was until a ridiculously tall guy sat in front of him. It wouldn’t have been a problem if the guy hadn’t also had hair his in spikes. Even with the stadium seating, the guy’s hair was just enough in the way to be distracting. Aki leaned to the side and discovered if he did, he could see enough and the guy’s spiked hair was off to the right screen.

But that meant leaning over for most of the movie. He sighed and muttered, “shit.”

“Why don’t you just move this way since the arm’s not in the way?”