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And without further ado, part five:


* * *

Aki sighed as he dropped his head forward, letting the water work on the muscles in his neck and shoulders. The day at the café had been brutal, with more customers than they’d seen yet. He wasn’t sure what kept bringing new waves of people in, but he could guess.

Probably had something to do with his brother’s former job as a host.

Truthfully, however, he’d have thought that would have died down by then. Those that knew Haru had been a host had already shown up. Then again, he’d also been hearing whispers that some of the customers were showing up to see him and Shima. And still others said they wanted to watch the interactions and affection between Haru and Ren, but even he could understand how women and girls would like to watch that.

He shook his head at himself and straightened, then focused on getting clean. Hair was first, then a thorough scrub to the rest of him, making sure he didn’t still smell like the café. He didn’t mind the smell of coffee or cooking, but too many people, with their cologne and perfume, on top of the coffee and food was too much, even for him. So, he made sure to get rid of the smell as much as he could.

Once he felt like he wasn’t going to stink up the train, he stepped out then wiped down the mirror. He frowned at the bit of dark scruff on his face. He couldn’t grow much, and when something did come in, it looked horrible, so he got rid of it pretty quickly. He was so focused on the shaving, brushing his teeth, and messing with his hair that he lost track of how long he’d been in there. It wasn’t until a knock came to the door that he realized he’d been taking a while.

“Aki? Are you going to be in there all night?” Ren called through the door.

“Shit.” Aki glared at the door, annoyed at himself. It wasn’t like he needed to do all that just to go out with Shima. He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door. “Sorry,” he said, his voice a little too curt.

Ren didn’t say anything, just watched him as he passed.

Aki ignored it and hurried to his room. The realization that he should apologize for his attitude only made him more irritated with himself. He shook it off, pulling out the jeans, shirt, and shoes he’d planned to wear. He checked his hair again, making a face at how messy it still was. Sure, it was usually messy, but it didn’t need to be that bad. He ran the comb through it again, made sure, once more, that he didn’t stink and used a bit of his cologne. Finally, a few minutes later, checked that he had his wallet and phone, then was going down the steps.

Ren caught him about half way down, staring at him. “Are you going on a date?”

Aki blinked at him. “No, why?”

The answer Ren gave only made Aki’s irritation worse. “Then why did you worry about how you smell if you’re not going on a date?”

Ren’s sensitivity to smell did not make Aki happy right then, so he had no idea how to answer that. Especially when he just realized how much he’d put into getting ready for the evening.

Like the fact that normally, when he and Shima went out to the movies or something of the like, he wore the same jeans he wore all the time. He also only put on whatever T-shirt he happened to dig out of the clean laundry basket in his room. His best button-down shirt and nicest jeans, like he had on then, were most definitely not typical. And he always wore his sneakers. Not the dress shoes he was carrying to put on in the genkan.

And he certainly didn’t bother combing his hair so carefully.

Or wear cologne.


Aki pushed the questions off for when he wasn’t facing his little brother. “Uh. I worked a lot today. Needed a shower after that.” That was complete bullshit. It was barely even warm at that time of year, but not hot. Even busy, there’d been no reason for him to work up a sweat just delivering cups of coffee, sandwiches, and pastries to customers, even as many as there’d been. He hadn’t needed to worry so much about the café smells, either, despite what he told himself earlier.

There was no doubt Ren saw through that, but as was typical for him, he didn’t reply to it and just continued up to the second floor.

“Oh, hey, Ren?”

Ren turned around. “Yeah?”

“Sorry for that earlier. I didn’t need to be so short.” Ren raised his eyebrows, clearly not expecting the apology so Aki, never one to miss an opportunity, added, “You’re short enough.”

Ren turned back around and kept going upstairs. Aki thought he heard “asshole” from Ren but he wasn’t sure, so he just chuckled and took the last few steps down.

Shima waited on the couch and stood as Aki got to the first floor. He looked Aki up and down once and if Aki didn’t know his twin brother so damned well, he’d have missed the infinitesimal eyebrow raise Shima gave. Aki didn’t know what to do with that, so he pushed the thought aside. He couldn’t quite resist the once-over he gave Shima, though, either. Shima always dressed nicely, but like Aki, he usually only wore his typical pants and T-shirt with another shirt hanging open over it, nothing fancy. His pants always hugged his ass well, even though he didn’t try for that, though Aki was surprised by the pair Shima had chosen. Because his pants were one of the nicer pairs Shima owned. The deep green button-down wasn’t one that Shima wore often. The open neck and fabric that clung just enough made Aki forcibly remind himself they were brothers and to ignore the thoughts going through his mind right then. And that Shima wouldn’t return the appreciation.

But his brother—Aki gulped mentally—was looking hot.

So much for ignoring it.

“Ready?” Shima asked, bringing Aki’s gaze back to Shima’s face.

Aki nodded, doing his best to keep from blushing at being caught eyeing Shima. Normally, he’d scowl to cover it up, but he couldn’t seem to summon one right then. “Yeah.”

He was in for one more surprise, though. When they sat on the step of the genkan to put their shoes on, Shima wasn’t wearing his typical brown shoes. No, he was currently working on tying a pair of his dress shoes.

Which confused the hell out of Aki. Why had Shima dressed so nicely?

Why had he?

Aki was seriously starting to get irritated by the confusion. Then, making it worse, as they left the house, Shima held the gate for him. He blinked at his brother, but told himself Shima was just being nice—he held the gate sometimes, right?—and stepped through, then waited for Shima to close it.

They turned together and walked without speaking toward the train station. Aki was grateful for the quiet—and that Shima never seemed to feel the need to talk a whole lot—because he needed to put his weird emotions away so he could just enjoy the meal and movie. Sure, he was usually pretty damned emotional, though that mostly involved scowls or shouting. But the confusion and irritation were very not welcome in that moment.

Frustrated, he took a deep breath, then another and consciously put the weird shit away. He wasn’t going to figure anything out then and the last thing he wanted to do was screw up the evening. They’d both been looking forward to the movie for the better part of a year and he didn’t need all this crap.

Even with the breaths and clearing his mind, for the first time in… he didn’t know how long… he couldn’t think of a single thing to talk about with his twin. They usually had something to say: school or Ren and Haru or the café or something. But he was blank. Falling back on the fact that they did quite well not talking, he just focused on walking.

The train station was fuller than he’d expected. It wasn’t until he remembered it was Saturday, prime travel time for the day, and they were going on the same train line that goes to Shibuya—one of the more popular shopping places, especially for teenagers—that it sank in why. He just hoped to hell he wasn’t going to spend another nightmare train trip smashed up against Shima.

The trip they’d taken two days before had been bad enough. He’d never in his life expected he’d know what it was like to have Shima’s hard cock nestled between his ass cheeks. It was through clothes, but that didn’t seem to make a damned bit of difference to his own body. He’d spent ninety-five percent of that trip with a hard cock himself.

Though apparently so had Shima. Aki had been trying to figure that out for those two days. all Aki could come up with to explain it was that it was very likely pure physical stimulation. Anyone who had his dick rubbed that much was going to get hard. Aki had no excuse, though. No one had been against his cock. He’d just been against Shima’s and hadn’t been able to resist imagining all sorts of things at the time. It’d been a miracle he’d gotten off the train without a big wet spot on the front of his jeans.

He had, in fact, spent the majority of his free time the two days since then jacking off because of it.

Shaking the thought off, he leaned against the pillar on the platform and dragged a grin onto his face. “So. What do you want to get for food?”

Shima turned to him from watching for the train. “I already have a place in mind. It’s not far from the theater.”

Aki raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

“Yes.” Shima nodded, but said no more.

Okay, that was… unusual. Shima rarely held anything like that back. There wasn’t often a reason for it. Sure, he didn’t always talk to Aki if it was someone else’s secrets, but there were extremely few of those that Aki didn’t already know. But something like where they’d be eating… it made no sense why Shima wouldn’t say. Aki frowned, but before he could speak again, the train started pulling into the station. Rather than decrypt Shima’s comment—or, rather, lack thereof—he watched the windows of the train and prayed silently that it would be empty.

But as it slowed and eventually stopped, Aki had to suppress a sigh.

Because of course the train wasn’t empty.