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This story is mature and not for under-18’s. It also includes twincest, so be aware.

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And without further ado, part four:


* * *

Annoyed that Aki was right, Shima started to move his arm. If he hadn’t been so focused on Aki, he’d have missed it, but Aki just barely squeezed his hand. Just enough that Shima could recognize it or ignore it, as he chose.

He wasn’t sure what to make of that, whether Aki really wanted his arm there or not. If he did, why? Shima pushed the thought off. Trying, yet again, to not breathe too deeply, he kept his arm where it was around Aki and closed his eyes once more. For just a moment, he let himself savor the feel of Aki in his arms and against him. It was still causing a terrible problem but he couldn’t resist the moment he was given.

Damn, he felt so good. What would it be like to be able to hold Aki like this anytime he wanted or needed to? To bend his head and kiss the exposed neck in front of him? To know Aki would want these things?

Since there was no answer to his questions, he forced himself to mentally step back, tucking those thoughts back into the deepest, darkest pits they belonged in. I didn’t matter what that would be like. He had no business thinking it and even if it wasn’t so wrong, Aki wasn’t about to return the feelings.

He looked up at the ceiling and tried to take a breath that wasn’t full of his twin brother. Once he had, he did his best to focus on the train, the voices around him, anything except the feel of the man in his arms. He thanked whatever deity might listen for every mile they traveled. Every stop they passed, he was grateful for. He tried to count them down in his head, though he kept forgetting them because the feel of Aki in his arms was too damned distracting.

They took this curve, then that curve, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t avoid Aki rubbing against him. He couldn’t believe how much pleasure was building so quickly and how embarrassing would that be? Even if he could stay silent—and with a house full of brothers he had practice with that—how did he hide from Aki that he’d just had an orgasm while up against his brother’s body? He didn’t think Aki would be able to miss that, no matter how oblivious he was being.

Shima gritted his teeth, clenched his hand around the strap above his head in a death grip, and prayed in a way he never had before that they’d get to their stop soon. His cock was downright painfully hard.

Finally, finally, the announcement came on overhead with their station. The crowd shifted and Shima let go of Aki. He turned just enough to get his bag and his eyes nearly crossed at the uncomfortable position his cock was in. He managed to surreptitiously adjust himself quickly then pick up his bag and a moment later, the train slowed as it pulled into the station.

As soon as the doors opened, he turned and stepped out of the train. He glanced over to look for his brother as Aki bent and picked up his own bag. Shima could have been imagining things, but he could have sworn he saw Aki adjust himself.

He couldn’t credit that very well, though and went with his first assumption that it was his imagination. When Aki caught up to him, they walked toward the exit, neither speaking. He was once more grateful that they didn’t need to talk because Shima couldn’t think of a single thing to say that wasn’t going to come out absolutely ridiculous.

What could he say? Sorry for almost fucking you on the train. Or how about, didn’t meant to get hard while you were grinding your ass against me.Or maybe, Hey, should I have given you a reach-around? Shima gladly kept his mouth shut.

As they made their way home, however, he had zero doubt he’d be spending some quality time with the lotion bottle and his hand that night.