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Please remember the characters and world within this story belong Abe-sensei for the manga and Ishihira-sensei for the anime. I do not own anything, nor do I wish to make money off this.

This story is mature and not for under-18’s. It also includes twincest, so be aware.

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And without further ado, part three:


Perhaps this was punishment for treating Minami so badly? Not that he was sure he could have—or would have—done anything differently. Still, the last thing he needed yet that day was to have Aki grinding against his cock all the way home and the way the train moved, as tight as they were, it was bound to happen.

Shima tried a little desperately to think of something to distract himself. He mentally worked statistics problems. He recited the dates for the battles of the Thirty-Eight Years’ War from the Nara period. He tried naming all the characters of Aki’s latest video game.

Nothing worked. The first time the train rocked, he completely lost his thoughts when Aki’s ass rubbed against his cock again. By the time they went around another curve and Aki had ground into him for the thirdor was it fourth?time, his cock was rock hard. And nestled right at the crack of Aki’s ass.

How the hell does he not feel this?

Shima couldn’t begin to work that out unless Aki was just oblivious. Except that, while Aki was hot-tempered and stubborn, he wasn’t stupid or out of it. He had to be feeling it and Shima couldn’t wrap his head around why Aki wasn’t trying to get away. Sure, there wasn’t a lot of space, but Aki didn’t seem even remotely aware of or bothered by it.

Shima wondered if he could maybe get his bag between them and thus separate them enough so he at least wasn’t all but fucking Aki right there on the train. He tried to move, but within a few seconds could tell it was useless. There just wasn’t enough space to do anything. He had maybe an inch between him and the door behind him and, as far as he could tell, no more space than that in front of Aki.

So, he gave up, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and hoped against hope there’d be no delays. They still had way too long before they got to their stop. If they were delayed at all, he was afraid he’d humiliate himself with a wet spot on the front of his pants.

Because it felt fucking amazing to have Aki against him like that.

The train rocked again and the rest of Aki smashed against him. Oh, please make it stop! Without thinking, he pushed his arm between Aki and the man in front of them and wrapped it around Aki to hold him still. But now they were touching from chest to groin. Their legs were threaded and Shima was pretty sure a single molecule of air couldn’t get between them.

Shima closed his eyes, struggling with the situation, with his own body, with the feel of Aki against him. Aki’s scent filled him and before he could stop himself, he leaned his head forward slightly and took a deep inhale. As twins, he’d have thought it wouldn’t be anything special or all that different from his own. But something about Aki’s scent had always done crazy-good things to him. It said home to him. It was warmth and love.

It was also a complete turn on for him and that knowledge was something he kept carefully locked away in the deepest parts of himself.

He was jarred out of that thought as the train started moving again. This time, he lost the inch behind him, putting him up against the door. Aki pressed a little tighter against him, arm and hand coming to rest on Shima’s. Aki also ground into Shima’s cock again, and whether it had been deliberate or not, it made Shima struggle to remember how to breathe. He was seriously way more than aroused and was going to be full-on embarrassed if this didn’t end soon. This was getting beyond ridiculous and into downright absurd.

Taking a somewhat deep breath—Shima couldn’t breathe too deeply between Aki’s scent filling him and the pressure on his chest from being sandwiched between Aki and the door—he bent his head to speak into Aki’s ear. “Could you move forward just an inch?”

Aki turned his head and spoke into Shima’s ear. “I’m either tight against you or tight against that stranger. Which would you pick? Besides, you’re the one with your arm around me.”