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And without further ado, part twenty:


* * *

Just that. Just a small kiss like that and Aki’s cock hardened damned near instantly. He wasn’t a teenager anymore—though he wouldn’t admit that was only barely—and he thought he should be past that by now. But just being close to Shima like this was enough to make him crazy. He leaned in until their bodies were tight against each other and he was mollified somewhat to find Shima as hard as he was. Even through their boxers, Aki thought that small touch was going to drive him crazy. Shima’s arm came around him, holding him close and Aki let loose another soft moan.

“If you’re not quiet, they’ll hear,” Shima whispered.

“Do you really expect me to not react, especially when we’re like this?” Aki whispered back, then rocked, grinding his cock against Shima’s.

Shima’s moan in response gave him satisfaction, along with the fact that it seemed like Shima struggled to answer. “No, but we don’t want them to come up here, do we?”

Aki was annoyed, but shook his head. Like it or not, Shima was right. “I’ll keep it contained, okay?”

Instead of a direct answer, Shima caught his lips in another kiss. Aki kept his sounds quiet and simply let himself enjoy being with Shima like this. He focused instead on touching, feeling Shima’s body, finding the differences between them. There were subtle lines in his muscles, the slightly more prominent ribs, the leaner muscle. He wanted to explore in another way, though, and nudged Shima onto his back, then moved over above him.


“Shh. Just enjoy it. You got to do this earlier.”

Either Shima was behaving or just didn’t know what to say, but he didn’t reply. Aki took it as the permission he knew his brother meant it to be and focused instead on finding the places that made Shima gasp. He was delighted to find Shima’s nipples were as sensitive as his own were and teased them until they hardened and Shima struggled for breath.

That made him wonder if his twin brother was like him in other ways too. Sure enough, the spot on Shima’s stomach brought a gasp. Shima’s inner thighs were as sensitive as Aki’s were. And dragging his lips over the very light treasure trail Shima had made his brother stuff a fist in his mouth and grab Aki’s hair. When he pulled Shima’s boxers off and followed them down Shima’s legs, kissing his way along behind them, Shima seemed to be struggling to keep quiet. It did amazing things for Aki to know he could get his brother into a state like that.

Aki grinned a little evilly before he hovered over Shima’s hard cock. Even in the darkness, the want and need on Shima’s face just about did him in. He cleared his throat and whispered, “Lotion?”

Shima twisted around and pulled open his bedside table, grabbing a bottle and almost shoving it toward Aki. If it had been any other situation, Aki might have teased his brother over the urgency, but right then he couldn’t do it. Instead, he worried about kicking his own boxers off, then taking the bottle from Shima. He opened it, pouring a bit over his fingers. Then he turned his attention to Shima’s cock, as he reached back to stretch himself.

At some point, he’d get Shima to let him top. Right then, he didn’t care. He liked having Shima inside him and was too anxious to get things moving further along in that moment.

He took Shima’s cock into his mouth, careful to not go too far too fast. Shima bit down on his fist again and Aki felt good at the reaction. He remembered Shima almost choking on Aki’s cock and since they were apparently the same when it came to cock size like everything else, Aki wasn’t going to do anything to set them back.

So, he worked his way slowly, testing to find his gag reflex and stopped as soon as he felt the hint of it. He figured he could work more on it later, but he was in the process of giving his first ever blowjob to someone who was experiencing one for the first time ever and he didn’t want to fuck it up.

It was rather difficult to both stretch himself and pleasure Shima at the same time, but he managed to focus enough to get his fingers into his ass. He was relieved—and a little surprised—to find himself still somewhat open from earlier. He was just grateful for it and turned his focus back to Shima’s cock.

And promptly got lost. He’d fantasized for so damned long about pleasuring Shima this way, tasting and touching. He ran his tongue over it, teasing the length then the head, then swallowing it again. He tried not to think about his gag reflex and just savored the feel of Shima’s cock in his mouth, the soft skin against his tongue. He couldn’t seem to get enough, cleaning the beads of precum, then sucking lightly at the tip before pulling off and doing it all over again.

Shima’s hand tightened in Aki’s hair and Shima pulled a little, making Aki look up. The near-desperate want in Shima’s eyes—want Aki could see clearly despite the darkness—went straight to his cock. He let go of Shima’s dick and grabbed up the lotion bottle again. “Need to get the real stuff,” he muttered as he opened the cap and poured some into his hand. He closed it again, then tossed the bottle aside and coated Shima’s cock with the lotion.

Once he was sure Shima was slick enough, Aki moved up along his brother’s body, straddling Shima’s hips. Meeting his eyes, Aki reached back and steadied Shima’s cock, lining it up carefully. Then slowly—maybe too slowly for his own sanity—Aki lowered himself, filling himself with Shima’s hard length.

Fuck,” Shima whispered, grabbing at a pillow. He stuffed it in his mouth, eyes slamming shut. The reaction did all sorts of things to Aki, prompting him start moving. He lifted himself up then lowered himself again, fighting his own urge to moan at the sensations.

It was all still so new and Aki didn’t know how to handle the incredible pleasure. Too much at once, too many things to absorb. The smell of sweat and sex, the vision of Shima’s face twisted in pleasure, the feel of his brother’s body, Shima’s cock filling him—it was all too much.

Then Shima wrapped a hand around Aki’s cock and it was all Aki could do to keep from going off in about three seconds flat. “Shit!” He managed to keep it a whisper, but only barely. His eyes slammed closed and he gritted his teeth. He rocked his hips, moving faster, dropping a little harder onto Shima’s cock.