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This story is mature and not for under-18’s. It also includes twincest, so be aware.

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And without further ado, part two:

* * *

Shima sighed as he got to the front of the building for Aki’s last class. He leaned against the tree and did his best to ignore his brother and his brother’s current attempt at a relationship. Aki wasn’t any better at dating, it seemed, than he was. He’d probably had about the same number of them and, as far as Shima knew, the same success rate—that was, zero.

“Damn it, Kozue-chan, I said no!” Aki’s dulcet tones drifted across the relatively short expanse of grass.

Shima glanced over to see Aki with his arms out on Kozue’s shoulders. He was scowling, his face turning redder by the moment. His jacket was askew and he looked a little…disheveled, was the best word Shima could come up with. He tried not to think about why Aki might be disheveled—and the feelings that would cause in himself—and instead raised his eyebrows as he turned to watch.

Kozue looked truly puzzled and Shima felt a little bad for her. “But why?”

“I don’t want to. It’s that simple. I’m sorry, if you can’t accept that…”

The puzzled expression turned to anger. “Really? What’s wrong with me?”

Aki dropped his hands and shrugged a shoulder. Shima watched, rather fascinated to see just how inept his brother was at dealing with women. He guessed he was just as bad; he just didn’t usually get to watch from the outside.

“What kind of a—s—as—jerk are you?” She stomped her foot.

Shima winced. That was not the way to convince his brother of anything.

“Jerk? I’m a jerk because I don’t want to have sex?” He was shouting by the time he was finished and Shima winced again, this time at the noise level. They were drawing a bit of attention.

She scowled. “That’s not—what—I can’t believe you!” She took a deep breath, and Shima was impressed despite himself at her shift in attitude. She leaned back toward Aki. “Come on, Aki-kun, just a kiss?”

Aki’s scowl simply deepened. “No. For the last time, no. I’m done. Bye.” He nearly growled the last, shrugging his jacket into place with a jerk, then snatched his bag up from the ground. Without looking back, he crossed the grass in a few angry strides, stopping next to Shima.

Kozue stared after him in shock the entire time, only finally realizing Aki was serious when he hadn’t turned around. With a ridiculously loud huff, she grabbed her bag as well, and stomped off the other direction.

“So… I take it we’re clear for Saturday?” Shima asked as they started walking toward the train station.

“Yup.” Aki fell into step next to him. “Take it you cleared things up too?”

“You could say that.”

“She dump you too?”

Shima didn’t sigh, though he wanted to. “Let’s just say it was… mostly mutual.”

“Mutual. Right.” Aki chuckled. “Yeah, let’s go with that.”

Shima didn’t bother to give a reply, though in part because Aki didn’t expect one. They walked in silence the rest of the way to the train. It was something he appreciated about his brother. As loud, hot-headed, and obnoxious as his brother could be, he could be quiet at times too. They didn’t need to talk all that much. Having spent their entire lives together—including sharing a womb—he could read Aki’s moods without effort. Right then, Aki was trying to get rid of the anger at Kozue, and Shima let him deal with it.

Of course if Shima could read Aki’s moods, that meant Aki could read his, which was something of a feat when almost no one else could. Haru could, to a point. And Ren. Both mostly because they’d spent the time learning. He knew he didn’t give a lot away when it came to his emotions, but that just meant he appreciated it all the more that his brothers tried so hard.

Still, sometimes he wished Aki didn’t know him so well. Now and again when he let his mind wander somewhere it shouldn’t go, Aki knew it. Shima had managed thus far to avoid actually telling his brother what was on his mind when that happened, but Aki never stopped asking. So he worked even harder to keep that hidden and every time he failed, it frustrated him more.

The fights with Minami and Kozue had delayed them long enough that they didn’t get to the station until rush hour. This meant the train was quite crowded when it got there. They didn’t have much choice, though, because they weren’t about to walk that far and it would be hours before the number of passengers on the trains got better. Shima wedged himself in behind Aki, dropping his bag between his feet like Aki did. He realized a little too late he was in the exact wrong position.

The only thing he was grateful for was the fact that no one was behind him. He could lean back to all but the door, though that wasn’t nearly enough space because as soon as he did everyone else moved. Still, the door was metal and not another person, so that was something. That was all he could find to be glad of, though. Because tight against his groin was… Aki’s ass.