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And without further ado, part nineteen:


* * *

Oh shit. Oh fuck—

“Hey, hey! What’s wrong?”

Shima looked down to see Aki looking up at him. He tried to find words, tried to come up with something, anything, to explain his panic but he couldn’t seem to get anything out. He opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again, but he still couldn’t get the words past his lips.

Aki apparently read him accurately though, and Shima was once more grateful for that connection they had. Reaching up, Aki ran his fingertips over Shima’s cheek. “It’s okay. It’ll be okay. I love you. You love me. We’ll figure the rest out. I’ve known, since I figured out I love you, I’ve known how hard it’d be. But we can handle it together.”

Shima closed his eyes, struggling with the tightness in his chest. When Aki kissed him right over his heart, the pounding calmed a little. Shima opened his eyes again, meeting Aki’s gaze. He still couldn’t speak, but he tightened his arms around Aki and simply nodded.

There were so many things to figure out. Shima had no idea how he’d sleep alone after this, with his brother only a wall-width away. Despite that tiny distance, it’d feel like kilometers between them.

Would they tell Haru and Ren? Shima was sure Ren would accept them, after the conversation he and Ren had had. But he couldn’t ask Ren to keep it from Haru—unrequited feelings, yes, but not a full relationship—and despite the relationship Ren and Haru had, he didn’t know if Haru would be so understanding about him and Aki.

How would he be able to be next to Aki and yet not touch? Every time his twin was near, he’d want to touch, hold, kiss. How did they manage with all of this?

The sheer mountain of problems facing them threatened to steal Shima’s breath all over again. He didn’t know if Aki sensed his worry or if his heart was pounding again, but Aki tightened his arms a little and Shima started to calm down again. Together.

As long as Aki didn’t hate him, as long as they could face it together, they would. Shima had to hold onto that. He would hold onto that.

Because any other option would just about kill him.

* *

Aki peeked out into the hallway and listened carefully. The lights in the living room below were out and there were no sounds as far as Aki could tell. Good. Haru and Ren are in bed.

The evening had been… more than difficult. Almost impossible. Knowing Shima shared his feelings, Aki wanted to spend the entire evening with his brother. If not in bed, then at least on the couch together doing more touching than they’d normally done. Somehow just sitting up against Shima wasn’t enough like it’d been before. He was being greedy—he was aware of that—but he couldn’t seem to help it. He’d gone for so long thinking Shima didn’t want or love him the same way he did his brother. Now that he knew, it seemed infinitely harder to keep his hands and lips to himself.

But he and Shima were both aware they couldn’t tell Haru about them—neither was sure how Haru would react—so they kept their distance. Despite Haru’s relationship with Ren, both Shima and Aki were hesitant to talk to him about their own relationship. Adopted brothers were certainly not the same thing as twins. Haru had struggled enough with just the fact that he and Ren were adopted. Neither Aki nor Shima thought he’d easily accept them. Thus… they’d been careful.

It’d taken its toll on Aki. He’d had a much harder time keeping his normally cheerful outward attitude. Every time he looked at his brother, his stomach jumped and he was caught between getting turned on and aching. Haru or Ren would say something while they were eating or watching TV, then Aki would be reminded again that he couldn’t just walk up any time he wanted and kiss Shima. He couldn’t before, but knowing his brother would want it made it that much harder to hold back. So he decided he was going to find every opportunity he could to spend time with and touch Shima. He had no illusions as to how hard it would be to find those opportunities, but he’d damned sure do his best. He absolutely would not go back to how he was before they’d confessed. Now that he knew Shima’s feelings, he wasn’t going to let them go.

Once more making sure no one was in the hall, Aki crept out into the hallway and over to Shima’s room. Easing the door open, he peered into the darkness. Thin slivers of light leaked through the blind, painting long lines over the carpet, away from the bed. As such, Aki could only barely make out Shima’s form under the covers. He slipped through the opening and carefully shut the door, then tip-toed across the floor so as not to make noise. The downstairs bathroom was directly below Shima’s bedroom and the last thing Aki wanted to do was to alert anyone to something going on upstairs and, thus, prompt them to investigate. Because by this time of night, they’d both be in bed and, normally, sound asleep.

“What are you doing?” Shima whispered.

“Shh! Scoot over,” Aki said, waving his hand.

Shima did as Aki asked and Aki pulled off this T-shirt and tossed it aside, before slidind under the covers. He settled in on his side, looking at Shima.

Aki studied his brother’s face, frowning. He couldn’t see much in the darkness, but from what he could see, Shima didn’t look entirely happy. “Should I not have come? Do you not want me here?”

“It’s not that,” Shima hurried to whisper, reaching out and touching Aki’s cheek. “Sorry, that earlier came out wrong. I do want you here. Just… what if Haru comes in?”

Aki chuckled softly then replied, also whispering, “He hasn’t walked in on me without knocking since he caught me masturbating. His face was so red, I thought he was going to spontaneously combust right there.”

Shima smiled. “Yeah, I can see that.”

“Has he walked in on you?” Aki asked, raising his eyebrows.

Shima hesitated, then shook his head. “No.”

“He’ll at least knock first. If he does… I’ll hide.” He gave his most charming grin and Shima rolled his eyes.

“That hasn’t worked on me in ten years.”

Aki’s grin only widened. “Uh huh.” He leaned in, then hesitated, not sure what to do, how to approach what he wanted. Shima had initiated everything earlier, from their first kiss to the sex and even the good-bye kiss before they’d left the room.

Shima didn’t let him hesitate long. He threaded his fingers through Aki’s hair and pulled him in. Aki let out a quiet moan as he met Shima’s lips in a soft kiss.