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And without further ado, part eighteen:


* * *

Well, that answered that question. Shima, not sure what to say—if he could even speak—reached for the lotion bottle again, once more using too much to cover three of his fingers. Aki stiffened when Shima started to push them in, so he waited until Aki let out a breath and relaxed. Since Shima was pretty sure this was Aki’s first time—he sure as hell hoped so, anyway—he wasn’t going to take any chances. He was going to do his damnedest to make it as good as he could for Aki, especially since he had no idea what might happen after this.

Once he was sure he’d stretched Aki as much as he could, he sat back once more. As something occurred to him, he frowned. “Uh… I don’t have a condom, though….” He made sure he met Aki’s eyes. “I’ve never been with anyone.”

Aki shook his head. “Me either. I’ve never been with anyone.” He didn’t say any more, but his eyes told Shima everything. They were twins and despite the distance their feelings had caused, there were still things he didn’t need Aki to say. And right then, Aki was telling Shima he wanted to feel Shima with nothing between them.

With shaky hands, Shima picked up the lotion bottle one last time and poured some into his hand. He coated his cock in it, then moved into place, wiping the excess lotion off on the blanket. He’d volunteer to wash it later. Aki pulled his legs up and Shima lined up carefully.

Though he wanted to meet Aki’s eyes, he was too worried he’d screw this up somehow, so he focused on pushing the tip though the ring of muscle. When he was sure he wasn’t going to miss—God how embarrassing would that be?—he looked up. Now he could focus on Aki’s face, on the expressions as he worked his way slowly into Aki’s body.

Nothing in his imagination could compare to the real thing. When he was fully inside, he paused, a little afraid two thrusts in and he’d go off. He leaned forward and Aki cupped Shima’s face in his hands. Aki swallowed, took a breath, then whispered, “I love you.”

Shima bent forward that little farther and kissed Aki, this time slowly and almost softly. When he pulled back, he cleared his throat and could answer. “I love you too.”

Then he started moving.

It took everything in him to keep from going off in about three seconds flat. He figured it was fair, considering it was the first time he was inside another person and that person was the one he’d been in love with for years, at that. Still, he was not going to embarrass himself that way.

Shima wasn’t sure if it was helping to watch Aki’s face or making it worse. Aki’s expressions, his flushed face, the emotions in his eyes were doing as much to drive Shima crazy as the feel of Aki’s body so tight and hot around his cock. He shifted to brace himself on his left forearm then slid his hand between them, wrapping it around Aki’s cock. He hoped that focusing on giving his twin pleasure could help him last just a little longer.

“Oh fuck, Shima…,” Aki groaned, scrambling to grip the headboard. His legs tightened around Shima’s hips and his muscles gripped Shima’s cock a little tighter.

That was having the exact opposite effect. If they kept that up, it would be all over. But he wouldn’t stop pleasuring Aki, either. So he gritted his teeth and started doing algebraic equations in his head. He made it through three separate Pythagorean theorem problems before he admitted it wasn’t doing a damned thing.

He gave up. He let go of Aki’s cock, bracing himself better and moved in for another long, sloppy, but oh so good kiss. Aki wrapped one arm around Shima’s back and slid the other between them. When they broke apart, Shima leaned up enough to meet Aki’s gaze and give Aki room. He moved faster, thrust harder, biting his lip to help hold off just a little longer. He wanted Aki to go first, wanted to see the pleasure on his twin’s face before he gave in completely.

It only took a few moments before he was rewarded. “Shima, oh God, I’m… I can’t… oh fuck,” he groaned. He gritted his teeth, head thrown back as his muscles gripped Shima tighter and Aki’s cum shot out to cover his stomach, chest, and hand.

There was no way Shima could hold back after that. He lost all control over his voice and body. He nearly shouted Aki’s name as the orgasm hit, stealing any remaining wits Shima had. Pleasure the like of which he’d never felt before stole through him, pulling the cum from his balls to fill his twin brother. It didn’t seem to want to stop, the climax stretching out, dragging another groan from him before he finally went limp.

Shima barely managed to keep from crushing Aki when he slumped down. Breathing seemed impossible for the moment and it was all Shima could do to remember how to take air in, then let it out, one gasp at a time. Aki’s arms and legs tightened around Shima and Shima buried his face in Aki’s neck, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened.

He’d just made love to Aki. His twin brother. The man he’d been in love with for so long, he couldn’t remember anything else.

He needed to move, get his weight off Aki, but he couldn’t quite yet. Aki didn’t seem to be in any more of a hurry to change this position, so Shima dropped light kisses over Aki’s neck and shoulder. Just a few more moments, a few more kisses, a little more time before the real world crashed back in.

It wasn’t until Aki loosened his arms and legs that Shima moved. He eased slowly out of Aki’s body, then moved onto the bed. Aki went with him, and they were once more wrapped up together, their arms around each other. When Aki rested his face on Shima’s chest, he kissed the top of Aki’s head then let his own head fall back to the pillow, and he stared at the ceiling.

He was trying not to panic, but as the minutes ticked by with nothing other than Aki’s arms around him, it grew anyway. What had they done? What had he? He’d been the one to confess first. Sure, Aki had said the words too, but what if he’d just been saying them to make Shima feel better?

Shima didn’t think Aki would do something like this—even with him—if there weren’t real feelings there. But… even if Aki had been telling the truth, what did they do now?

You weren’t supposed to fall in love with your brother, much less your twin brother. What would this do to Aki? What if people found out and Aki started to hate him? What if Haru did?

After all this, would he lose Aki after all?