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And without further ado, part seventeen:


* * *

Shima had seen Aki naked often over the years. Most of that had been before puberty or during the early stages of it. Since then, he’d only been treated to a few glimpses—including the one when Aki had been in the shower—of his brother completely naked. They were twins but as he’d pointed out to Aki earlier, it wasn’t the same, even without the minor differences between them. Being able to openly look, touch, feel his brother’s body did crazy things to Shima’s insides.

He pulled Aki in until they were touching, their cocks sliding along each other’s. Both of them groaned and Shima briefly worried they’d be heard. But he reminded himself Haru was in the café and Ren was likely there, as well, and he and Aki were alone, so he forgot about it and focused solely on the man in his arms.

Catching Aki’s lips in another thorough kiss, he let himself get lost in the skin to skin contact, the feel of Aki’s hands running over his body, the taste of Aki’s kiss. Moans—sounds in Aki’s voice—filled his ears, and Shima was trying desperately to believe this was real.

He didn’t remember getting to the bed. Aki’s room wasn’t all that big, but they had been on the other side of it, and he didn’t notice them moving. But they bumped against the edge of the bed and he didn’t even think about it as he guided Aki onto it and onto his back. Once more, Shima made a trail of kisses, tasting the slightly-salty tears that had dried on Aki’s cheeks, as he made his way to Aki’s neck. Shima took a deep inhale of Aki’s scent, the very one that he’d masturbated to so recently. Being able to take it in up close and from the real thing was so much better.

It made his cock jump and remember what he wanted to do. He continued working his way down over Aki’s body, along his collarbone, then counted each rib before going back up to tease a nipple. When Aki gasped, Shima couldn’t resist working the nipple over until Aki groaned and bucked, rubbing his cock against Shima’s. Shima moved to the other, teasing it as well, thrilled when he pulled back to see them hard and dark.

Meeting Aki’s eyes, he slid down, continuing the trail over Aki’s stomach until he was even with Aki’s cock. Eyes locked to his twin’s, Shima ran his tongue lightly along the length, earning himself a loud moan. Bracing himself on one arm, Shima lifted Aki’s cock, teasing the head with his tongue then wrapping his lips around the tip.

“Fuck, Shima!” Aki kept it quiet, but it was quite clear and made Shima fight hard to remember he couldn’t just lift Aki’s legs and take. He wanted to, and in that moment, it took everything in him to hold back. But it was that very thing Shima had wanted so much to hear in Aki’s voice.

Taking a deep breath and trying—a little desperately—to calm down, he focused on giving pleasure. He worked his mouth over Aki’s cock, taking it in slowly. He nearly gagged, but managed to stop himself in time. With no experience, it was no surprise he would, but the last thing he wanted to do was screw this up for them. He had no idea if anything like this would ever happen again and he’d be damned if he was going to waste this opportunity.

Once more, he slid his lips over Aki’s cock, earning him more of those incredible moans, taking his time to keep from gagging. He got a little farther, but when Aki’s hand landed on Shima’s head and he threaded his fingers through Shima’s hair, the reaction went straight through Shima. The evidence of the pleasure he was giving Aki was almost too much.

Still, he managed to keep from losing himself completely and gave everything he could to pleasuring his brother. He pulled off, tracing the length with his tongue, then running it around the tip before taking Aki into his mouth again. Just the taste and feel of the cock in his mouth made Shima’s own strain and leak, and it was getting more and more difficult to hold back.

He pulled off and looked up, almost stunned at the look of pleasure and need on Aki’s face. Shima struggled for a moment to find his voice surprised as he was by the expression, but finally could speak. He slid a finger over Aki’s taint to his ass, teasing the tight muscle there. “Can I?”

As an answer, Aki twisted around, pulling open the bedside table and taking out a bottle that he held out. Lotion. Shima took it, a little amused at the shift in Aki’s personality. He had no idea getting his twin into bed would make him so quiet.

Shima pushed the thought off and concentrated on keeping his hands from shaking as he opened the cap and poured too much lotion over his fingers. He set the bottle aside and bent back down as Aki lifted and spread his legs. Settling himself, he teased the muscle then pushed the first finger in at the same time he went back to running his tongue over Aki’s cock.

Apparently, the twin sensations were too much. Aki let out a moan so loud, Shima was afraid they could hear him in the café. It seemed Aki realized it at the same time and stuffed his fist in his mouth immediately. Shima mourned the loss of Aki’s voice, but they seriously did not need to be interrupted, for more reasons than Shima could count then.

He turned his attention back to what he was doing. Aki had apparently relaxed a little and Shima pushed a second finger in along with the first. He did his best to keep his gaze on Aki’s face, watching his reactions. Shima slid his fingers in farther, feeling around. When Aki’s eyes widened and his toes curled, Shima swallowed Aki’s cock as much as he could and teased the spot with his fingertips.

“Shit! Fuck! Shima, stop! I’m going to come!” Aki pulled at Shima’s hair and Shima sat up a little, surprised at how fast the pleasure had hit. He didn’t pull his fingers out, though he did stop teasing Aki’s prostate.

Shima blinked up at his twin. “Um… isn’t that kind of the point?”

Aki didn’t answer right away, his gaze aimed at the ceiling as he seemed to struggle for air. “Not… not yet,” he said, voice rough. Finally, he met Shima’s eyes. “I… I want….” He swallowed, his eyes dropping to Shima’s cock, then back up to his face. “I want you inside me,” he finished with, so low Shima almost didn’t hear him.