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And without further ado, part sixteen:


* * *

Hands shaking, Shima reached out and touched Aki’s hands. Aki fought him briefly, but when Shima wrapped his fingers around Aki’s wrists and tugged, Aki finally dropped his hands and looked up. Tears streamed down his face and they punched a hole through Shima’s middle. It took him swallowing several times before he could speak. “I love you.”

Aki blinked at him, and Shima held his breath, but he could tell Aki wasn’t understanding.

Shima dropped his gaze to their hands. “I love you. I’m…” He swallowed again, his hands shaking even harder, palms sweating, and stomach jumping. He took Aki’s hands, threading their fingers. “I’m in love with you, Aki. I didn’t want her. I don’t want anyone…” He took another breath. “I don’t want anyone that’s not you.”

Every moment Aki didn’t answer, Shima’s heartbeat sped up. Aki simply sat there, his mouth hanging open slightly. Shima tried to decipher the look on Aki’s face, but he was having real trouble. Was that… hope? Did Shima trust that? His breathing shortened as he wracked his brains to figure it out. If it was hope, if Aki wanted this, but didn’t believe it… how could he prove to Aki what he was saying?

Shima forced another breath which wasn’t nearly deep enough, then dropped to his knees in front of Aki. Hands still shaking, he reached out, cupping Aki’s cheeks. Praying harder than he ever had before in his life, he closed the distance. He hesitated, a scant centimeter from Aki’s lips. But he’d come this far and there was no turning back.

That last tiny distance disappeared as Shima caught Aki’s lips in the kind of kiss brothers are never supposed to share. He nibbled at Aki’s lips, then slid his tongue over the bottom one. Aki opened to him and lifted both hands at the same time, gripping the back of Shima’s wet shirt.

Shima slid his tongue along Aki’s, losing himself completely in a taste he never thought he’d get to experience. Amazing, incredible… Shima couldn’t come up with the right word. Perfection was the closest he could find. Their mouths moved, they nibbled, then deepened the kiss again before Shima pulled back.

Eyes identical to his own met his, so full of emotion, Shima couldn’t begin to name each one. Tears still fell, though, and Shima’s chest seized up. “Aki?”

“Are you fucking with me?” If it hadn’t been so quiet in the room with nothing but the rain beating against the window, Shima might not have heard it. “Please… please don’t be fucking with me.” The tears fell faster and Shima leaned in again, kissing one cheek, then the other, clearing the tears with his lips.

“Never. Not about this.” Shima shook his head, then caught Aki’s lips in another kiss. He once more slid his tongue into Aki’s mouth, deepening the kiss again. Aki’s arms tightened around him and when Aki relaxed his legs, Shima moved in a little more, bracing one arm on the wall about his brother. When he broke the kiss this time, he was panting in an attempt to remember how to breathe. “Tell me I can touch you.”

Aki’s answer was to pull Shima in and tug at his shirt. Shima sat back long enough to peel the wet shirt over his head and toss it aside. He pulled at Aki’s and his brother moved forward just long enough for Shima to pull the T-shirt completely off. It landed with a wet plop that Shima ignored, then he tugged on Aki until he was up on his knees and they were touching from chest to knees. Shima wrapped his arms around Aki tightly, unwilling to leave a molecule of air between them if he could help it. It was too much of a dream for him, something he’d fantasized about, hoped for, for way too long. He needed to feel.

He threaded his fingers through Aki’s wet hair then caught his lips in another long, thorough kiss, thrilling in the taste and feel. Someone moaned, but Shima wasn’t entirely sure if it was him or Aki. He didn’t care, simply let his hands slide down over Aki’s back, mapping the muscles and dips, to rest on his wet-denim-clad hips.

With effort, Shima pulled back, panting. He looked down, letting his gaze move over Aki’s chest. “God you’re gorgeous,” he whispered before he could stop himself.

“Don’t you look in a mirror?” Aki asked with a shaky smile.

Shima looked up, caught between amusement at the blush on Aki’s cheeks—clearly, he hadn’t been expecting the compliment—and relief that Aki seemed to be closer to his normal self. Shima slid his hand around to Aki’s chest, then up along it, stopping with his hand over Aki’s heart. It pounded under his palm and Shima swallowed, his own heart beating just as hard, almost as if it was trying to match his twin’s. “Not even remotely the same,” Shima managed, his voice rough with arousal.

He met Aki’s eyes, sliding his hand back up to cup Aki’s jaw and pulling him  back in for another kiss. As his eyes slid closed, Shima let himself bring his other hand to Aki’s ass, squeezing it through his jeans. They needed to get out of their wet clothes, but Shima couldn’t seem to hold onto that thought for long, too full as he was, of the feel of Aki’s body in his arms, against him, as he’d been dreaming of for so long.

When Aki shifted and cupped Shima’s cock through his wet pants, he couldn’t resist taking his own feel. He managed to wrestle the button open on Aki’s jeans, then pull the zipper down—no mean feat with the still-wet denim—then slid his hand inside to cup Aki’s hard cock.

Shima moaned at the feel, a thousand times better than anything he could imagine. He ran his hand along the length, teasing the tip with his thumb, but he was having a very difficult time kissing Aki, touching Aki’s cock, and having Aki’s hand on his own. Pulling back again, Shima panted hard, trying to remember how to simply breathe for a moment.

Then he got to his feet and held out a trembling hand. Aki stared at him for a moment, then swallowed hard, before taking it and standing, as well. Keeping his gaze on Aki, Shima kissed his way over Aki’s jaw to his ear, then along his ear and down over his neck. The moan Aki let out made Shima’s cock jump and Shima rocked into Aki, their cocks grinding into each other.

There was no doubt where this was leading. If Aki felt the same way Shima did—and at this point, Shima was sure he did—then Shima was sure Aki would want to take this further. Shima had no idea, for sure, how far that would be but it would definitely involve feeling more skin. His heart pounded as he forced himself to focus, then, on getting them naked. Gathering his wits together slid his fingers under the waistband of Aki’s jeans and underwear and pushed then down over his hips. Despite how wet they were, they were still loose enough to drop to the floor.

Before Shima could do anything else, Aki worked his pants open then pushed them down, as well. Aki’s shaky hands just brought home to Shima how much this was doing for Aki and he felt a little better about his own nervousness. An awkward shuffling moment later, they were finally completely naked.