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And without further ado, part fourteen:


* * *

Aki looked up, trying to peer through the haze at the person wrapping an arm around him. It looked an awful lot like… “Shima? Nope. Can’t be. ‘Sokay. I got this,” Aki said, sliding off the stool.

However, if it wasn’t for the arm around him, he’d have ended up a pile on the floor. The man hoisted him a little higher and steadied him. “Wait. Gotta pay.” Aki shoved his hand in his pocket but couldn’t seem to pull the wad of yen out.

“Don’t worry about it. You can pay me back,” Kiyoka’s voice said.

“How’m I gonna pay back a voice?” Aki asked.

The Kiyoka voice laughed. The person holding Aki up chuckled and pulled on him. “Come on. I can’t carry you myself. You have to walk at least a little.”

Aki had no idea for sure how he made the trip. He didn’t remember a single step between the bar and his bed. He only realized where he was when he flopped onto the mattress.

“What the hell did he do?” That sounded like Haru’s voice, but when Aki peered up into the gloom, he couldn’t see anything.

“Apparently got drunk,” Shima’s voice said. “Kiyoka said it was whiskey.”

“Well. He didn’t go easy for his first time, did he?” Haru’s voice asked.

“Would you expect him to?”

“True, no. How many?” That was Haru’s voice again.

“I didn’t ask. Too many.” Shima’s voice tsked again. “He needs water. And the Tylenol,” Shima said and footsteps retreated. Then a pair of hands started pulling on Aki’s jeans. Aki swatted at them, but they didn’t stop. “You don’t need to sleep in them. Stop that.”

“Don’ wanna,” Aki grumbled. “Lemme ‘lone.”

Unfortunately, whoever was working on Aki’s jeans was steadier and stronger than he was. He wished he could stop hallucinating Shima’s voice, though. He was going to embarrass himself in front of the person helping him if he didn’t.

Luckily, they finished pulling off his jeans and T-shirt quickly before his body could react to the voice, then manhandled him under the blanket. A moment later, footsteps sounded again, then a hand held a glass of water in front of him. “Drink,” Shima’s voice said.

Aki couldn’t seem to muster the will to fight his hallucination. He took the glass, but splashed some onto himself.

“Geez. Wait, here, take these first.” The hand held out a couple of pills. Something told Aki he shouldn’t take pills from a hallucination, but he couldn’t hold onto that thought. He took them and put them in his mouth, then drank as the glass was held to his lips. He managed, this time, to not dribble it down his front. The annoying hallucination kept prodding him until he finished the whole glass, but finally he did it. A hand patted his shoulder, footsteps retreated and he thought he heard Haru’s and Shima’s voices again, but he couldn’t make it out because the alcohol finally got to him and he passed out.



Aki stepped off the train, breathing a sigh of relief. He was seriously tired of getting groped, especially by strange old men. If was going to be groped, he’d rather it was by someone who looked exactly like him. It’d annoyed him to no end that the extra work he’d had to do for his professor had meant he’d been stuck coming home during rush hour and, thus, being on the overcrowded train.

Shaking his head at himself, he focused on getting out of the station. He was distracted as he walked by the now-perpetual thoughts of Shima, only registering the clouds overhead when he stepped into the park. Looking up, he frowned at the sky, but figured he had enough time yet before he got home, so he left his umbrella in his bag.

It seemed like it took forever for him to get to the gate to their house. He paid no attention to the path to the front door, nor to the door itself. He just wanted to get his shoes off and flop onto the couch—hopefully next to Shima—and play his game a little before they had dinner and he had to do his homework.

He yawned as he closed the door behind him, then shook his head hard. It wasn’t until he looked down in the genkan and saw a pair of shoes he didn’t recognize that he actually paid attention to his surroundings. He puzzled over the shoes—they were women’s—before he looked up.

And stopped dead.

He couldn’t see all of the living room from the genkan, but he could see enough. He knew his brother, could pick Shima out of a crowd from fifty meters away. And he most certainly recognized the sock-covered feet on the floor in front of the couch.

What he didn’t recognize was the pair of sock-covered feet on either side of Shima’s legs. The smaller, very feminine sock-covered feet.

Aki’s heart stopped. He forgot how to breathe for a moment. His stomach twisted and his vision went fuzzy.

He barely registered the book bags on the floor next to the table or the books open and papers spread across the surface. Tutoring session. Aki vaguely remembered Shima mentioning something about it.

But he couldn’t seem to wrap his head around that concept or make it stick. All he could seem to focus on was the very intimate position his brother was in with a woman. The brother he was in love with.

His bag fell from numbed fingers and without thinking about it, he turned on his heel and bolted from the house. He crashed through the front gate, then ran down the street without looking back. He couldn’t see Shima run out with the girl next to him. There was just no way he could look at the person his brother wanted.

Because it wasn’t him.

Aki only gathered his wits enough to make sure he didn’t get hit crossing the street. He dodged cars and bicycles, wove between people on the sidewalk, then darted into the park. He didn’t even think, wasn’t conscious of where he was going, exactly, just moved on autopilot.

Just as he slipped between two bushes in an out of the way corner of the park, the sky opened up. Aki ignored it, dropping to sit in the center of the tiny clearing he and Shima had discovered years ago when they needed to be alone together. The rain fell hard, soaking the grass around Aki, but he didn’t give even the tiniest damn that he was going to get soaked and possibly sick. He just couldn’t care.

He didn’t know why he reacted the way he did, why it’d hit him so hard. It was true, his feelings for Shima were so much closer to the surface recently, but it wasn’t like they hadn’t dated women on and off for years. Aki had had as many girlfriends as Shima had. He had no right to get upset over Shima having a girlfriend, or even being intimate with her.

There was no reason Shima couldn’t get a girlfriend. There was nothing holding his brother back from spending time with her—even in the living room—when they were together. Shima had every right to be with her.

He kept repeating that to himself. Shima has every right. I have no right to get upset

But it hurt. He couldn’t breathe. His chest ached. He briefly wondered if a knife between the ribs would hurt less. He squeezed his eyes shut, grateful for the rain washing his face. Images of their date and of the memory of Shima’s arm around him, hit him hard.

Apparently, that had all been in his head. He’d been the only one who’d felt like that. He felt so stupid. He knew better, knew that someday Shima would find someone. Someday his brother would do things with her, be intimate with her.

Make love to her.

Aki dropped his forehead to his knees, resting his head on them. The rain soaked through his shirt and jeans, but Aki paid no mind to it. He welcomed it, letting it pour over him, hoping it would wash this hopeless love for his brother away.