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And without further ado, part twelve:


* * *

With the two coated fingers, he reached back to tease his ass. He pushed the first finger inside, moaning softly at the feel. With his other hand, he started stroking his cock, his eyes sliding closed with the pleasure. He thought about the train trip where he’d been stuck against Shima, his brother’s cock nestled between his ass cheeks. He imagined what it would be like if, instead of his fingers, he had Shima’s length filling him, sliding slowly into him.

He dropped his head forward, his hand moving a little faster as the fantasy took form. The image surfaced of Shima’s face filled with pleasure from being inside Aki’s body, and he focused his fantasy on it. He moved his fingers a little more, speeding up his hand as it moved over his length at the same time. The sounds came out even louder, moans of pleasure filling the shower.

Aki bit his lip to hold them in. He really did not want anyone walking in in that moment. The water would help mask some noise, but not all of it.

Focusing on the pleasure, he added sounds to his fantasy. He’d heard Shima masturbate a few times—there were advantages to having a room next to him—the last one fairly recently. He was so messed up over his brother, he’d even imagined Shima calling his name through orgasm. It helped him now, though, as he brought that to mind and he fucked himself with his fingers faster, his hand matching the pace he set with his fingers.

Pleasure spiked, making him grit his teeth to hold in his moans. The fantasy pulled him along, his orgasm screaming up on him fast. As much as he wanted to draw it out, he couldn’t stay in the shower too long, so he let himself go, chase the pleasure. In his mind’s eye, Shima threw his head back and groaned Aki’s name.

That was all it took. Imagined or not, the thought of doing that for Shima had his balls drawing up. A few strokes later, he went over the edge. The orgasm hit, the pleasure huge, stealing his sanity. He painted the tile in his cum, and a grunted “Fuck Shima” slipped out. He kept moving his hand to draw out his pleasure and make it last as long as he could.

Finally, he slumped forward. He panted hard, trying to remember how to breathe, but oxygen seemed rather elusive at that moment. He pulled his fingers out of his ass and turned to lean back against the shower tiles. Closing his eyes, he rested his head against the wall.

He swallowed hard as a lump formed in his throat. Struggling with his emotions, he swore he wasn’t going to give into them this time. He took harsh breaths, determined to fight it.

Was this all he’d ever have? If he couldn’t have his brother, would he ever be able to touch another person, instead? Hold them? Feel them? Fall in love? Make love?

But the thought of doing something with anyone other than Shima went beyond not sitting right. He was caught between being sick and wanting to punch something. He had exactly zero interest in another person, male or female. It was why he sucked so badly with women—he didn’t want them.

At the same time, how long could he go on imaging what Shima felt like, looked like in pleasure, sounded like while calling Aki’s name through orgasm? He’d never know any of those, never be able to feel and hear them for himself. How much could he live with just his imagination and his hand?

He banged his head back against the wall, though it didn’t do any good. Because he didn’t know how he’d ever be able to give any of this up, either. If this was all he’d ever have of Shima, he couldn’t see himself ever letting it go. He truly didn’t think he could force himself to be with someone else, just to forget Shima, especially because, as brothers, they’d be seeing each other for the rest of his life. How would he explain to Haru and Ren why he didn’t want to see their other brother? How would he explain to Shima? So that wasn’t an option, he’d always be seeing Shima. And every time he saw his twin brother, he’d feel how wrong it was being with someone else—both to the person he’d be with as well as Shima. Would he even be able to have sex without imagining his brother in their place?

Aki turned and adjusted the water temperature to make it a bit hotter. He swallowed again around the lump in his throat and lifted his face to let the shower water fall over it.

Because then he could tell himself the only water on his face was from the shower.


Aki slid onto the stool and slumped down at the bar. He sighed and rubbed his face hard. This wasn’t the best idea, but he needed to stop thinking for a while and it was all he could come up with. Nothing had worked recently, not his video games, not television, not reading, nothing.

“You look like you need this.”

Aki dropped his hands to see a shot glass with dark brown liquid in it in front of him. He lifted it and sniffed. The strong scent just about knocked him off the stool. “What is it?” He looked up at the bartender with raised eyebrows.


“Don’t give him that!” Kiyoka said, sliding onto the stool next to Aki.

“Why not?” Aki asked, glaring at her. “I’m of age.”

Kiyoka frowned. “Oh. Yeah. I forgot.” She waved. “Carry on.”

Aki shook his head and lifted the glass to his lips. He took one sip and started coughing. “Holy shit.” He coughed again, but then took a breath and downed the rest.

Kiyoka started laughing.

Aki glared at her, then looked up at the bartender. “Another, please.”

“You’ll regret that,” Kiyoka said, chuckling as the bartender picked up the bottle and poured a second.

With another breath, Aki downed the second shot. He coughed again, but not as badly that time. “Doubtful.”

“You’ll be lucky if you don’t pass out. You’re not used to drinking, are you?”

Aki shrugged a shoulder. “No. But passing out wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Kiyoka raised a single delicate eyebrow. “And why would that be?”

“I might be able to stop thinking for a while,” he muttered. He looked up at the bartender, who shook his head, but poured another shot.

Aki didn’t drink right away, though. He frowned down into the liquid, realizing he was already feeling slightly fuzzy. Isn’t that good though? Don’t want to think… On the other hand, if he got drunk too quickly, he’d pass out too quickly and then wake back up too fast. He set the glass down and sighed.

“Why do you want to stop thinking?” Kiyoka asked.