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And without further ado, part ten:


* * *

“We’re brothers.”

“So are Haru and me.”

Shima was sorely tempted to bang his head on the desk. “Aki and I are blood brothers, Ren. Twins, in fact.”

“I know that. Why does that matter?”

Shima bought himself a moment by taking his glasses off and cleaning them. “There’s a difference in society between step-brothers or adopted brothers—which is still a problem for some people—and blood relatives.” He pushed his glasses back onto his face and looked up. “We’re not supposed to love blood relatives that way.”

“But… you’re both guys. Why does it matter?”

He had a point there, which was one of the things that always frustrated Shima. If they’d been opposite genders, it would have made more sense, especially if those siblings wanted to have children. But with same-sex siblings it didn’t make any sense to Shima. “This is an annoying answer, but the truth of it is, it just does matter.”

Ren apparently let that go. “You still didn’t answer my question.”

Shima stared at him for a long time, then sighed. He really couldn’t lie. “Yes, I do love him.”

“Like I like Haru?”

He couldn’t quite look at Ren when he answered. “Yeah. I’m in love with him.” He took a breath that wasn’t nearly deep enough.

“Does he know?”

Shima shook his head. “No, and I can’t tell him.”


“He wouldn’t want it, Ren. He… if he finds out, he might very well hate me.”

“He wouldn’t.” Ren sounded almost earnest, surprising Shima, since Ren was more expressionless than even he was. “He’d never hate you.”

In that moment, Shima wanted to believe that with every fiber of his being, but he knew better. He shook his head. “I don’t agree, but… Anyway, you can’t tell anyone else, either, even Haru.”

“Haru will figure it out eventually.”

Shima chuckled. “I love our older brother, but he is so oblivious about that stuff, it isn’t funny.”

“That much is true.” Shima winced at the tone in Ren’s voice.

“I’m so—”

“It’s okay.” Ren didn’t speak for so long after that, Shima was forced to finally look back up at him. “It’s dumb people would have a problem with it, but I won’t tell anyone.” He jumped down. “I don’t think Aki would react like that, though.” And with that, Ren left the office.

Shima stared after him a long time. As much as he wanted to believe Ren, he couldn’t. Ren couldn’t be right.

Believing that Aki wouldn’t hate him would only give him false hope and lead to a world of hurt… far worse than anything he was dealing with already.


Shima finished arranging his clothes in the washer, dumped in the detergent, and closed the lid. He set the temperature, load size, and time, then hit start. The dryer was still running and he frowned at it, but he’d just have to poke Aki to get his stuff out soon, so Shima could dry his own clothes. As he turned to go back up to his room, a bit of color caught his eye.

He leaned forward and saw a T-shirt had slipped between the washer and the wall. When he fished it out, he sighed when he realized it was Aki’s. He shook his head and sniffed it to see if it was clean or dirty.

The scent of his twin brother hit him hard. His cock when erect damned near instantly and he almost swayed with the punch of arousal. He leaned on the washer briefly to get his control before he did something seriously embarrassing right there in the laundry room. Keeping the T-shirt far away from his nose, he took a deep breath, then another, and finally managed to calm down a bit.

Shima stood there for a long moment while he gathered his wits again. The images in his head of smelling that directly from the source, his face in Aki’s neck, kissing, biting… was making it very difficult to think clearly. Finally, he was able to stand up and actually do something other than fantasize about his brother’s body.

He lifted the lid, intending to put the T-shirt in with his own wash, but he hesitated. He couldn’t believe what he was thinking about doing, but the temptation was too great. Wadding the T-shirt into a small ball, he closed the washer lid then peered around the doorway. The shirt was obviously Aki’s, so there was no way for him to explain why he’d have it. Thankfully, no one was in the living room. Doing his best to not look conspicuous, he hurried up to his room and shut the door behind him, leaning back against it.

His heart was pounding. He was being ridiculous. This might just make him a candidate for true pervertedness, but he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He flipped the lock on his door, then flicked open the button on his pants and had his cock in his hand seconds later. Then, he buried his nose in the T-shirt again and inhaled deeply.

Oh fuck. Aki’s scent made the arousal hit again, just as hard as before, and his cock—still erect from the laundry room—twitched, leaking precum. Shima didn’t let himself think about it, he simply started moving his hand over the length, slowly at first. He gathered the precum, spreading it over the tip as he stroked himself.

Footsteps sounded in the hallway, making Shima pause. He listened carefully, but they passed by without stopping. Breathing a small sigh of relief, he got himself away from the door and moved over to his bed. He opened the drawer of his bedside table and took out the small bottle of lotion he kept there for that precise reason, then pulled his pants down over his ass for better access to his cock. Finally, he settled back on his bed, a dab of lotion in hand and his nose once more buried in Aki’s scent-filled T-shirt.

He wrapped his lotion-covered hand back around his cock and couldn’t completely stifle the moan at the feel of it. Closing his eyes, he brought the image of Aki’s naked body into his mind. He’d caught the sight a couple of times when Aki had forgotten to lock the bathroom door and had left it open slightly. Shima had started to walk in when he saw Aki in the shower and the sound of the water registered.

He wasn’t even remotely ashamed to admit he’d taken a few seconds to get an eyeful before he left. Now, he firmly put that image in his head of the water running over his brother’s body and started stroking himself. He went slowly though, wanting to stretch it out, make it last. The smell in the T-shirt certainly wouldn’t, so he wanted to make the most of this.

“Aki,” he whispered into the shirt, his hips moving a little as he thrust into his hand. The lotion made his hand slide damned near perfectly over his cock. As the pleasure grew, he imagined pushing into Aki’s body, his twin’s ass tight around his cock. The mental image made him groan—probably too loudly—but he couldn’t help it.

His hips moved faster, without his permission. He matched the pace with his hand as he stroked his cock and imagined thrusting into Aki. In his fantasy, Aki arched his back in pleasure, and the vision was almost too much. Shima gripped his cock hard, pinching it at the base to stave off the orgasm. He wasn’t ready, didn’t want to come yet. He didn’t get a lot of chance to do this without one of his brothers walking in. But Ren and Haru were out and Aki was studying in his own room, or was the last time Shima checked.

So, he let his hand start moving again and as soon as he did, Shima knew the too-short break wasn’t going to be enough. He groaned as the pleasure picked up where it’d left off, his balls already drawing up. The orgasm screamed up on him and he couldn’t quite stop the groaned, “Oh god.” Still, he managed to hold off just a little longer, savoring it a little more before he lost it. The pleasure hit, his vision went white, and he let out a muffled, “Aki!” into the shirt. He stroked his cock through the orgasm, stretching the pleasure out as much as he could. Cum covered his T-shirt and hand, then finally the orgasm faded.

He lay there for a long moment, his breath coming in gasps, his heart pounding. That had been one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever had.

And yet… all he could think about was how… empty it’d been. He wiped his hand on his own T-shirt, pulled it off and tossed it aside, then rolled onto his side and curled up. He wrapped his arms around the T-shirt, holding his twin’s scent close to him, wishing with everything in him it was his brother’s body, not just a tiny ball of fabric.

His heart pounded, his chest ached, and a new lump formed in his throat. Before he could even fight them, tears leaked and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to deny their existence. If he could, if he could convince himself they weren’t there, he could pretend his chest didn’t hurt and his heart didn’t feel like it was going to… explode or shatter or just die.

This was getting ridiculous. If he didn’t find a way to put these feelings for his twin brother away, it was going to break him. How much longer could he do this? How much longer could he ache for Aki before it just tore him apart?

He buried his face in the T-shirt once more and pushed those questions away. Somehow, the ache and longing seemed better than losing this love for his brother altogether. He just couldn’t let it go. Something deep inside him whispered to him that he couldn’t, that this part of him would always be there. He just hoped it wouldn’t eventually ruin what he did still have with his brother.

Because he wasn’t sure he could survive losing Aki altogether.