Welcome to the first-ever Other World Wednesday. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post about how this came about, you can check it out here.

The story I want to start with is Closer Than Ever, spawned from the Super Lovers anime/manga. If you’re not familiar with Super Lovers, you can check out the wiki here. The blurb for the manga from the Wikipedia entry:

Haru visits Canada to spend his summer vacation in the woodland house of his strict, strong-willed mother Haruko who purposely fools her son into believing that she’s on “the verge of death” only to burden him with the responsibility of taking care of her newly adopted “puppy”. That “puppy”, in actuality, is a small, rash, anti-social little boy named Ren who doesn’t trust anyone and would prefer hanging out with Haruko’s dogs. Haruko orders Haru to “civilize” Ren until the end of summer. As the young man struggles in doing everything he can to help Ren, their relationship gradually improves; so far so that when Haru graduated high school, he planned on taking Ren to Japan for them to live together with his twin half-brothers.

Unfortunately, an accident occurs that causes the death of Haru’s father and stepmother, leaving him the only survivor. The accident causes him to lose his memories of that summer.

5 years later, Ren comes to Tokyo, Japan and claims Haru as his new “brother”. Will Haru be adjusted to his new upcoming in life and make a new promise to Ren?

* * *

Closer Than Ever features Aki and Shima Kaido, the twins and middle brothers between Haru and Ren. So, if twincest isn’t your thing, you’ll probably want to pass this one up. I am enjoying the antics of these two, though, so I hope you can enjoy it.


My short summary of Closer Than Ever:

They’re brothers—twins—and have always had a close relationship. Each knows what the other thinks, can read his mood like no one else. But there’s something between them, something buried deeply that they hold back from each other. They’ve managed to hide it all these years, but that can’t last forever, no matter how much they want it to. If they let it out, though, it might drive a wedge between the brothers that could destroy them. But maybe just maybe their love is enough that they can withstand the storm and come out on the other side closer than ever.


Now for the disclaimers:

First, and most important, the characters and world within this story belong Abe-sensei (I think I got the last name right. Why can’t places be consistent?!) for the manga and Ishihira-sensei for the anime. I do not own anything, nor do I wish to make money off this.

Secondly, it’s been a *long* time since I have written fanfiction. For the last several years, I’ve been writing (and publishing) original works and my own world and characters, who I let run amok in my brain to do as they please, which I then write down. So, please forgive me if I am off on characterization or forget details of Abe-sensei’s world. I have read and reread the manga and hope I’ve got a handle on everything and I will try my best.

Third: This is rated Mature/Explicit. This is not for under-18s. It also includes twincest. Have I warned you enough for this? 😉


Finally! On to part one of Closer Than Ever.


* * *

Shima reminded himself he was the calm, logical one. Unlike his twin brother, he kept his cool. He didn’t yell. He didn’t shout like Aki did. Generally speaking, he didn’t even get emotional.

And he had no idea how he got in the situation he was in.

Maybe what his younger brother Ren had once said was true and he simply sucked at dealing with women. Or maybe there was a deeper reason behind it. It didn’t matter, he didn’t have time to figure it out right then.

His most recent attempt at dating was turning an alarming shade of purple in her rage. The reaction wasn’t new to him and it was, frankly, getting old.

“How can you choose that?”

She didn’t shriek, and he was grateful for that. Her voice was a bit louder than he would have liked, however, and he was glad they were in a relatively quiet corner of the university grounds while they did this.

“I’ve said it more than once now, Minami-chan.” Shima had a feeling his calm, quiet voice was only making things worse, but he couldn’t do anything about that. That was just how he was. “If it’s between my brothers and anyone else, I choose my brothers.”

“But—” She blinked several times in quick succession, and a big, fat tear leaked from each eye.

“I’m sorry,” Shima said, frowning. He wasn’t, not really, because he was tired of having this fight with people. It truly boggled his mind how so many people couldn’t understand putting family first.

“Don’t lie!” The tear-filled eyes turned to anger again and Shima sighed.

He didn’t even bother to argue that. While it wasn’t entirely a lie, he certainly didn’t enjoy fighting with her, so he was sorry, to a point. It wouldn’t make a difference even if he tried to explain, though. “If you’d still like to go out on Sunday, I’m more than happy to.”

She scowled. “We had plans on Saturday!”

“No, you made plans for Saturday, even though I told you two weeks ago I had plans with my brother. Now, if—”

“Never mind! You’re hopeless.” With a rather over-dramatic—in Shima’s opinion—sigh, she flipped her hair, turned on her heel, and stormed off.

Shima frowned. “Does that mean you don’t want to go out Sunday?” The rude gesture she gave him over her shoulder told him everything thing he needed to know.

And, if he was honest with himself, relieved him.

Letting out another sigh of his own, he picked up his bag from the ground at his feet, swung it over his shoulder, and turned around. As he walked along the sidewalk toward the building Aki was in, he tried to figure out if he could have done something differently. But the sticking point, as it had been with the last… he couldn’t remember how many women, was that they wanted him to choose them over his brothers.

Sure, he and his brothers were closer than some families were. But he thought it made sense, considering what the four of them had gone through already in their lives. With the deaths of their parents, Ren showing up late in their lives, and Haru trying to hold the whole family together by himself, they’d dealt with a lot. Given all that, it made sense to Shima that they’d all be close, maybe even closer than most families. Even so, he’d have thought family still came first, even if they weren’t as close as the Kaido brothers were.

Shima couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t something more, though. Ren was certainly right—he sucked at dealing with women. They were completely alien to him. He might as well have tried to date the racoon—err dog—than a woman. He might understand the dog better. But maybe it was in part because he wasn’t really interested in any of them. He hadn’t felt anything for them beyond friendship. A few of them had been fun to do things with, but no more than any other friend he’d had.

His lack of success might also have had something to do with the fact that he hadn’t been interested in doing anything sexual with any of them, either. He didn’t think it was gender—he hadn’t been any more interested in guys than women. Well, most guys. There was one, but he did his damnedest to not think about that.

He had good reasons for not wanting to have sex with someone. For one thing, Haru had worked his ass off to get Shima through university and he wasn’t about to screw that up by getting a girl pregnant. There wasn’t a birth control on the planet that was one hundred percent effective except not having sex in the first place.

For another, if he was completely honest with himself, none of those women was the person he wanted and he didn’t think it was right to have sex with one person and think of someone else. It wouldn’t be right to the person he was with and not to the person he would have been thinking of. So he just didn’t put himself in the situation to begin with.

One girlfriend hadn’t understood why he wasn’t ready to have sex. She’d actually tried to push the issue when they’d been alone one night. That relationship had ended right then and had lasted all of a week.