It’s no secret by now that  my music taste is, well, ‘eclectic’ doesn’t even really cover it. I’ve got everything from pure classical (we’re talking Beethoven here) to ZZ Top and Kenny Rogers on my hard drive–and pretty much everything in between. I like to keep myself open to all kinds of music because there’s good stuff in every genre.

So, when I sit down to work on a playlist for a book, I’m never quite sure where the look for music is going to take me. My characters don’t always have distinctive musical tastes (though sometimes they do). I haven’t yet figured out if that makes it easier or harder.

Sometimes, though, a song surprises me. I often get lost on youtube, going from one video to the next, clicking on the related off to the right. I have absolutely no idea how I got there, but I came across this video:

Now, I often get inspired for an entire story from a song. Sometimes, it’s just a… feeling, an emotion that sparks something else. And sometimes it’s a scene. In the case of “Spanish Guitar”, it’s the last. When I heard that song, my brain immediately supplied an image of Patrick watching Chance perform on stage and a stab of emotion so sharp, it was almost physical. Here’s a tiny hint from the scene:

Chance didn’t introduce himself or the song, which was unusual. He simply started playing. Patrick watched the fingers move over the strings, picking the opening notes of one of the standards. But he didn’t pay too much attention to the song. He was remembering when those fingers touched and teased him. He was remembering when Chance used to hold him, wrap those arms around him, like he was the guitar.

He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat, did his best to ignore the now-familiar squeezing his heart was doing, and wondered if it had been such a smart idea to come there, anyway. But he’d needed to see Chance, even if he couldn’t talk or touch. He’d known it would hurt.

He needed that too.

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