Welcome back to Music Monday! I took some time off for RainbowCon (which I hope to do a write-up of soon) but I’m back with it!


I mentioned before, that when I write I have a playlist to keep me company. Sometimes, like for the Golden Collar series, that playlist is as much about sound and flavor as the individual songs. Last time, I posted about “Caravanserai” from Loreena McKennitt and for that one, the words, as much as the music, helped inspire me.

But sometimes it has nothing directly to do with the story I’m listening to. I have a few songs that always seem to make it onto my playlist, no matter what I’m writing. Or, if they’re not directly on the playlist, something I listen to a lot to inspire me to keep going or help me remember why I do what I do.

One of these is the song I’ve posted here today. It’s no secret that my taste in music is quite eclectic (to say the least). I have a little of just about every genre you can think of (no, seriously…). So, this week’s music is definitely about as far from Loreena McKennitt as you can get.

I am not a huge fan of rap, I’ll put that right out there. But there are a few artists I’ll listen to and have some of their music. (Again, I’m not kidding, I’m ALL over the place with music taste.) One of those artists is Fort Minor. I don’t know all the history of them, I jut remember being pretty awed when I realized one of the members was Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park (who I adore). This song was introduced to me by my beta and I immediately fell in love with it then went and found more.

But the thing about this song that I really like is the attitude behind it, what they’re saying about the artist. I’m reminded, when I listen to it, what I feel like I should be and why I write what I do. Because I do it for the stories, I do it because I love to write about two men in love. I do it because that’s what’s in my head and needs to get out.

And I do it because it’s not easy. It’s hard, and tiring, and sometimes painful. But anything worth doing is, isn’t it?

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

(Warning, NSFW lyrics.)