MusicMondayI would like to blame this particular post on my beta Sara. She’s the one that suggested Music Monday, so today is both blamed and dedicated to her. 😉

It’s no secret by now that I love music. My upcoming novel, No Sacrifice is full of it and a lot of the story is about music. (Chance, one of the MCs is  songwriter.) It’s no leap, then, to see that much of my fiction is inspired by music of all types.

When I sat down to write Choices, I already knew what flavor of music I wanted. All of the Golden Collar series is set primarily in a medieval desert/Middle Eastern world. The first place, then, for me to go was Loreena McKennitt. If you haven’t heard her, then get your behind over to Quinlan Road and get exploring. The woman’s got an amazing voice and the music she puts together is absolutely beautiful.

As soon as I understood who Teman was, his theme song came easily to me. Teman has a lot of me in him. I am, like him, a wanderer. I like to roam, travel, just go. I have moved, I shitteth you not, some fifty times in my life. I have no doubt I will move again, probably several times. (For the record, I hate the actual moving part. I just love new places.) But the wanderer in me always responded to one particular song from Loreena. I give you Caravanserai:

Click here for the lyrics.

For those of you who write, do you listen to music? Does it inspire you? Do you have songs that go with your stories?