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Thanks, Grace, for inviting me to your blog!

Grace writes such thoughtful and thought-provoking posts about BDSM, I wanted to bring something similar. Curious Sustenance isn’t a BDSM story, not really. It’s a Romance with a little side of kink. It’s about a guy—Ross—who meets a man with a passion for the art of Shibari, Miles. Miles is a member of a private club, but he sees his subjects as canvases more than objects of desire. Until the two men come together.

Shibari, or kinbaku, can be many things. It can be as simple as an arm gauntlet or elaborate as a full-body rope cage, its focus can be on the artistic and spiritual, or the sensual—it’s up to the individual practitioner. Many shibari artists don’t have sexual contact with their subjects, but I’m sure those subjects don’t enjoy it any less.

Curious Sustenance started from my own love of rope, and a conversation on the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. A bunch of us were talking about turn ons and turn offs, and the subject of boundaries in kinky play came up. In real life, you really should talk about boundaries before the kinky fun times start. That conversation popped up at the perfect time—I’d started Curious Sustenance but hadn’t worked on it for a while because I just wasn’t hearing the characters. But during that little chat I heard Miles. He insisted conversations about boundaries could be hot and sexy so I let him take me by the hand and show me what he meant. Here’s an exclusive excerpt, of one of those conversations. I hope you’ll tell me how well we did.

In this excerpt, the guys are sitting in Miles’ backyard, talking about what Ross’ new safeword will be…and other things.

“How about poodle?”

“It’s your safe word, so if that’s what you want to use, then it’s fine.”

“Can I think about it some more?”

“Of course. You can think about it for six or seven more hours. Does that sound like enough time?”

Miles’s little smile sent a tremor of want through Ross’s body. He tried to smile back, but his cheeks trembled a little too much, so he nodded. Miles settled against the back of the love seat and eased Ross against his side.

“You said Shibari isn’t without risk. What, exactly, did you mean?” Ross hadn’t been abused as a child but, for no reason he could think of, felt as though he waited for a blow. Maybe that was just the other shoe.

“Reduced blood flow can be a problem if the ropes are too tight. Pain, soreness, and even nerve damage are possible.” He kissed Ross’s temple, and when Ross turned his face up, the look he was greeted with warmed him as much as the fireplace.

“I had no idea.”

Miles wore his mesmerizing smile, and Ross felt himself falling into it.

“Tonight, I want to bind your arms. Gauntlets from wrists to elbows.” Miles turned on the seat and faced Ross. He held out the hand that wasn’t laced. “Your hand?”

Ross gave Miles his hand, and Miles brought the insides of his wrists together between them. He gently held Ross’s wrists together with one hand and cupped both elbows in his palm. Ross nodded and shivered.

“I have a few ideas for a harness.” Miles lowered Ross’s arms but kept a gentle hold on his wrists. His other hand rested on Ross’s breastbone for a moment before slowly moving lower. “This time, there won’t be any clothes in the way, and I’d like to wrap your cock.”

Ross’s breath caught in his chest, and Miles lowered his arms into his lap at just that moment. His next exhale was between a moan and a sigh.

“Is that okay?”

“Oh, geez.” Ross could barely speak, so he nodded again.

“Do you like anal penetration?”

“Yes, please. Right now would be a good time.”

Miles smiled a little wider and increased the pressure of his fingers around Ross’s wrists.

“I never thought talking about sex could be this hot.” Ross took a deep breath and tried to steady himself before he ripped Miles’s clothes off and sat on him right then and there. “But you know exactly what you’re doing to me. You’re good.”

Curious Sustenance

Ross Jenson is looking forward to a little midmorning delight to celebrate making Lifetime in Weight Watchers, but after he spent eight months losing ninety-eight pounds, what his lover gets him is a triple-layer chocolate cake. When Ross refuses to eat it, the newly minted ex leaves the country and dumps him via e-mail, with three sentences and a link to a chubby chasers web site. A few days later, Ross’s best friend and workout buddy takes him to her favorite club for drinks. Ross is shocked when he realizes it’s a sex club but warms to the idea in record time when a mysterious Japanese man and his silken ropes sweep him off his feet. Ross has never thought of himself as adventurous, but he can’t stop thinking about the man who makes his bones feel like gummy worms.

Warnings: This book features a corporate sensitivity trainer with an agenda, an awesome gal-pal, an unconventional sex club, a mysterious Japanese rope artist, and another taste of Portland, Oregon as seen through my twisted mind.

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About Charley

Charley Descoteaux has always heard voices. She was relieved to learn they were fictional characters, and started writing when they insisted daydreaming just wasn’t good enough.  In exchange, they let her sleep once in a while. Every guy deserves a beautiful love story even, or maybe especially, the ones who would usually be in the supporting cast. Home is Portland, Oregon, where the weather is like your favorite hard-case writing buddy who won’t let you get away with taking too many days off, and in some places you can be as weird as you are without fear.  As an out and proud bisexual and life-long weird-o, she thinks that last part is pretty cool.

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