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Hi all,

I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of my first blog tour. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed getting to know some new people because of it. I’ve loved the opportunity to talk about, not only my new release, but about a lot of different things that influence me as a person and as a writer.

Living Again has, overall, been well received. I’ve gotten glowing reviews, for the most part, and it’s number seven on the Dreamspinner bestsellers list.

There have been bad or neutral reviews here and there, but overall, I’ve been very pleased with the way it’s done so far.

It’s been a while on the tour since I’ve talked about the actual characters or plot, so I’d like to wind it up by doing just that. I fell in love with all three major characters as I was writing this story, and I am always touched when others have told me they did the same while reading it.

Daniel starts off the story as a loner. He lost the love of his life five years back, as well as part of his leg, but perhaps more importantly, he lost the will to live. Oh, he never considered suicide, but he’d walled himself off from making friends, from finding hobbies, from truly living. One reviewer said this was unrealistic, but I’ve been there myself. When a trauma is so severe that it rocks you to the very core, it takes a good bit of strength to put yourself back out there. Daniel eventually finds that strength, largely in part to Jonah and Ethan, but he doesn’t have it at the start of the story. We pick him up just after a car accident when he’s in a hospital room, just waking up from a concussion (among other injuries), and this attitude is immediately evident.

Then memories started to come back. Memories of right before the accident. He had been driving home from the University of Connecticut, where he was a professor of Middle Eastern and Slavic languages, and had driven through a completely green light—not even yellow, and certainly not red—and had been hit by a truck whose driver apparently didn’t think his light was quite red enough to stop for. As the scene had gone black, Daniel had thought that he wouldn’t wake back up, and he wasn’t quite sure how he felt about that. He probably wasn’t quite as bummed about it as he should have been.

Enter Daniel’s male nurse, in the form of Jonah, and things start to get interesting.

Jonah is instantly attracted to Daniel but much too professional to let on. As he and Daniel get better acquainted, he struggles with his willingness to trust and to commit. He’d been burned before by moving in with a lover, by becoming dependent on him, and he doesn’t want that to happen again, even though he’s hopelessly in love with Daniel by that point in the story. He also has Ethan to consider. Ethan is his handicapped nephew, but Jonah is raising him as his son since Jonah’s sister is dead and her husband had long since bowed out of their lives. Jonah loves Ethan completely and unconditionally, and Daniel worms his way into Jonah’s heart even farther when it’s obvious that he loves Ethan just as much. But Jonah knows from experience that people often don’t want a ready-made family, especially if that family requires such extreme care. Part of him knows that Daniel is different, that he’d never leave them high and dry as others had done in the past, but, experience is a strong teacher and very difficult to break away from.

Ethan, for his part, just loves everyone. He doesn’t even know he’s handicapped. Not really. He’s almost proud that he has ‘two plastic legs’. We get this opinion from an early interaction with Daniel.

I have two plastic legs!” Ethan said proudly as he ambled over to Daniel and pushed himself up on his canes enough to plop his backside on the foot of Daniel’s bed.

Your daddy mentioned that.”

You only have one plastic leg,” he stated, “and one fleshy one, but that one’s in a cast right now.”

Right again,” Daniel repeated.

How come?” Ethan smiled as he settled himself on the mattress as if for a long stay.

I was in a car accident and some of my bones got broken.” Daniel didn’t have a whole lot of experience with children, but the ones he’d encountered before seemed to respond to his succinct, factual answers. He decided to stick to the style he knew.

Next time you should break your plastic leg,” Ethan said matter-of-factly, as if Daniel had had any choice in the matter. “That doesn’t take as long to fix. Mr. Buddy downstairs broke his leg once—he doesn’t have any plastic legs and it took forever to heal! But when I broke my plastic leg, we had a new one in no time!”

I’ve been told by several readers that Ethan is cuteness personified. He’s actually based on several real life children. All of them could cause the beholder to go into cuteness overload, so I guess it was inevitable that Ethan would have that effect too.

He desperately wants Daniel to be in his and Jonah’s life forever but doesn’t know the first thing about how to accomplish that, not that he lets it bother him much. He’s four years old and is just too busy living life to its fullest to worry about such things too much.

By the end of the story, all three of them get it figured out. They belong in each other’s lives; somehow they knew that from the very beginning, but Daniel and Jonah both have such rotten pasts that it takes them a while before they’re willing to take a chance again.

What about you? Do you like to read books where the characters have to struggle with their past? Do you think that the past can mess up a person so badly that they have to fight hard against it just to stay engaged in the present? Do you believe in love at first sight, and love conquers all? Can people put their past aside when they find that right person? Do you think that would always be easy or do you think it would be a long road?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, don’t forget to comment below to have a chance to win one signed paperback copy of Living Again, or one of two electronic copies. Go back through all of the blog tour stops. For each site you comment on, you get one entry thrown into the raffle. I’m allowing ten days past the posting of this, the last stop, to give people time to comment on as many as they want. The drawing will be on August 31. Watch the blog sites after that, as well as my personal blog and Facebook and Twitter pages (listed below) to find out who won. I didn’t want to ask anyone to give out their email address in their comments and didn’t want to impose on the site owners to have them screen the posts first to get the addresses but not post them, so this was the only way I could come up with to notify the winners. I’ll go back through all the sites and post the winners there, as well as post it on FB and Twitter. If you happen to be a winner, please email me at the address listed below and I’ll get your prizes right to you.

Thanks to all who have commented on the various sites, and a huge thank you to those who followed the tour from site to site. You’ve made this whole experience really fun.


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Blurb of Living Again:

Daniel Larson has walled himself off from any possibility of romance since his lover died violently five years ago in Afghanistan. The same bomb that ended his partner’s life took the lower part of Daniel’s left leg. The only support Daniel has, his Uncle Lawrence, is dead-set against anything homosexual, including Daniel.

Now, a popular language teacher at the local university, Daniel’s suffering from a car accident that broke his one good leg. His uncle, who is much better at throwing money at things than offering emotional support, provides a rented power chair and a private in-home nurse. Unbeknownst to his uncle, the nurse comes in the form of a man named Jonah Thacker.

Instantly attracted, Daniel and Jonah fight their mutual feelings in favor of professionalism. They become friends anyway, and Jonah shares his life with Daniel, including his handicapped son, Ethan. As Jonah and Daniel grow closer, Daniel becomes more involved in Jonah and his son’s lives, even being there for Ethan when his medical conditions worsen. But when Daniel’s uncle finds out the nurse he’s hired is male, he uses all of his resources to keep Jonah and Daniel apart.

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Brynn’s Bio:

Brynn Stein has always loved to write. Fan fiction, original fiction, whatever. While Brynn wrote in numerous genres—everything from mystery, to contemporary, to supernatural—she had always tended toward strong male characters. And then she discovered “slash,” male/male romance, and all those strong male characters were finally allowed to express their love for one another. It seems that there are always at least two characters clamoring to tell Brynn their story.

Brynn lives in Virginia with one of her two two-legged children, and two four-legged ones. Her supportive family encourages her writing and provides a sounding board for fledgling stories. When she isn’t writing, Brynn teaches children with special needs. In free time, when such a thing exists, she reads anything she can get her hands on, and haunts bookstores. She draws and paints, and enjoys the outdoors—especially if she can get to the beach—and is always thinking about her next story.

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