There is so much negativity surrounding sex. It’s used to sell everything from ice cream to cars and everything in between, but when it comes to discussing it, that’s a huge taboo. And yet, if it’s mentioned in a positive light, that it’s okay to like sex, that you want to have a lot of it (with or without multiple partners), it suddenly becomes the worst thing in the world. This hop is intended to counter that. Whether you write fiction and want to discuss how it works in your writing or if you are a blogger who reads about it. Maybe you’re just a person who’s been on the bad side of slut or kink shaming. Or you’ve been targeted because you like/watch/read/participate in porn. Whatever the case, this hop is meant to help give voice to these things, the problems they cause and what we might want to see different.

We only have a few rules here, most of which should be obvious:

– No slut-shaming, no kink-shaming, no sex-shaming. It should be obvious, as this is the Sex Positivity Blog Hop but I felt it important to put it out there. That’s not to say you can’t discuss these, but the end result should not be about shaming anyone for their choices regarding sex.

– Please don’t post pure promo. Make sure there’s a thoughtful post to go with it.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at djserani (at) gmail (DOT) com. Thanks!

Scheduled Appearances

Nobilis Erotica – – 11/9/2014

Grace R. Duncan – – 11/9/2014

Sarah Madison – – 11/10/2014

Jade Crystal – – 11/10/2014

Jamie Fessenden – – 11/11/2014

H.B. Pattskyn – – 11/12/2014

Nico Jaye – – 11/12/2014

Posy Roberts – – 11/13/2014

Annabeth Albert – – 11/13/2014

Elizabeth Noble/Emotion in Motion – – 11/14/2014

J.H. Knight – – 11/14/2014

Susan Mac Nicol – – 11/15/2014

Lynn Townsend – – 11/15/2014

Sara Testarossa – – 11/16/2014

Tucker McCallahan/A Little Something… Wicked – – 11/16/2014

Skylar M. Cates – – 11/17/2014

Meg Amor – – 11/17/2014

Lou Sylvre – – 11/18/2014

Tempeste O’Riley – – 11/19/2014

Jessica Skye Davies/Warm Hearts, Lasting Love – – 11/20/2014

Sue Brown – – 11/20/2014

Shae Connor – – 11/21/2014

BL Morticia – – 11/21/2014

Hope Ryan – – 11/22/2014

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