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* * *


Kane moaned and writhed, turning his head. Ian’s brown eyes met deep black and he hovered briefly over Kane’s tailbone, the pause a tease in itself, watching as his friend got just a little more desperate, a little more needy. He spread Kane’s cheeks again and, without looking away, dipped his head, tongue out and ran it lightly over the tight muscle. Kane’s sound was loud but he caught himself and bit his lip to stifle it. Ian turned his attention back to Kane’s hole and ran his tongue over it again.

Despite being so hard, so aroused, he took his time, teasing his friend thoroughly. He wanted too much to make this all last and he was rewarded by the wonderful things coming from Kane. Kane’s sounds continued to flow, one merging into the other until they became one long moan of pure need.

But before long, Kane bucked against him then grumbled, “Fuck, stop teasing and just fuck me already.”

Ian sat back to grab the lube. He knew Kane had a point—they’d just been together that morning, it wasn’t like Kane needed a lot of prep. Still, he wanted—needed—to stretch their time out.

In annoyance, he pulled his hand back and let it land hard on Kane’s ass. Kane moaned loudly and Ian’s cock jumped at the action and reaction. He blinked briefly at his friend and they held there for a suspended moment what just happened sank in. Ian had known Kane liked to have his hair pulled during sex, but that was not the same as this.

He leaned forward over Kane’s back, his mouth near his friend’s ear. He ran his hand over the spot he’d just smacked. “Did you like that?” he rumbled.

“Yes,” Kane answered, breathlessly.

“Do you want more?” It was almost a growl, Ian’s cock jumping at the thought.

“Yes… please,” Kane managed, still sounding like he was struggling for air.

Ian sat back and lifted his hand again. He shifted enough so that he could see Kane’s face and brought it back down, cock jumping at the slight crack that sounded. Kane writhed again, more moans coming out. Ian bit his lip to keep his own sounds contained and did it again and again. Ian’s body was reacting as much to giving the swats as Kane’s seemed to be to taking them. All the while, as he took in Kane’s sounds and movements, the need that spawned from it took his breath, making the whole thing incredible.

“More. God, more,” Kane groaned and Ian couldn’t have resisted the request—the beg—for anything. He started in again, letting his hand fall where it would, though only a short time later, it was starting to smart. But he pushed himself for a while longer and when he stopped and looked down, the cheeks were a nice red, his cock twitching again at the view in front of him. Kane writhed, his ass bright and hot and the combination was enough to make Ian fight hard against the urge to line up and just take, just push his cock in hard and fuck.

He dragged his nails across the abused skin instead, listening to the groan that came from it. Kane’s warm ass caused Ian’s cock to strain at what he’d done. Fuck, he’d really enjoyed that. And so had Kane.

As he held there, suspended for another moment, the book he’d read came back to him. When it did, the memory of dusty back shelves of an old bookstore and a stranger’s face—and dick—flashed behind his closed eyes, but he forced himself to ignore that and think only about what he’d read. Masochistic didn’t necessarily mean submissive, he remembered that much, but he also remembered some of the things he’d read about being submissive and how well Kane had fit that description.

Did he try it? Would Kane want it? What was the worst that could happen?

He could lose the time he did have with Kane. But no… he knew that even if it didn’t work out that way, his friend would never completely walk away, wouldn’t freak out. No, he’d say he didn’t like it or something, throw Ian a weird look. Maybe tell Ian to get moving. But that was about all.

And Ian made a decision then that he would never come to regret.

He leaned back into Kane’s ear. “I’m going to fuck you now. Gonna fill your ass with my cock and fuck you so hard, you won’t remember your name…” he paused when Kane groaned at the talk and his heart pounded in his chest. He gathered his fears and shoved them to the back when Kane reached down to start fisting his cock. “Not yet,” Ian murmured. “Keep your hand off your cock until I tell you to.”

He paused, breath held as Kane stopped moving, but didn’t let go just yet. Then, as the words seemed to filter through the haze of arousal, Kane groaned and his hand slid up to grip the sheet instead. “O…okay,” he managed, his voice breathless.

“Good,” Ian purred and watched in awe as Kane shivered at the reply. “Mm, I think you like that,” he whispered and Kane nodded.

“Yes.” It was barely a breath, but Ian caught it and his fears fled. He settled back on his knees, worked latex over flesh and kept himself steady enough to coat his cock in lube. Then he lined up and pushed in slowly.

“Oh fuck, you feel good,” Ian grunted, squeezing his eyes closed. Kane always did, but maybe it was the combination of the spanking and the control or maybe it was something else that made it so much better, Ian didn’t know for sure. It just felt fucking incredible.

Kane gave a grunt of his own in reply and Ian slid one hand along Kane’s back then wove his fingers through the spikes. He pulled on them, not hard, just firmly until Kane’s head was tilted back. “Are you ready for me to fuck you?” It was a growl and underlying it, there was the feeling that it wasn’t really a question. It was more tease, more delay—taking things at his own pace. It was that he was going to, because it was up to him, though he still waited for Kane’s answer, even knowing what it would be.

Kane swallowed, tried to nod, but couldn’t and instead forced the words through his lips. “Yes… please…”

* * *

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