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* * *


Ian looked around, spotting the sign for the restrooms toward the back, at the end of the bar. He rocked into Kane and nearly forgot what he was going to do when their cocks rubbed again through the denim. “Fuck,” he grunted and fought hard to cobble together some wits. “Let’s get off the dance floor,” he managed and Kane fought the surrounding dancers to be able to stand back.

It took an inordinate amount of time to force their way through the sea of bodies and by the time they made it to the edge of the platform and the stairs, sanity had begun to reassert itself. “Wanna just go home?” Ian asked in Kane’s ear.

Kane pulled back and nodded and they made their way toward the front door. Ian frowned when he saw the crowd coming in and glanced over to see people moving toward an exit sign. He switched direction and a moment later, he and Kane made it out to the cooler night air. They stumbled over to Ian’s Toyota but before he could get the door open, Kane had him pinned and lips attached to his neck again. Ian grabbed Kane’s ass and rocked into him, cocks grinding. “Fuck yes,” he groaned.

Kane pulled back and their lips crashed together, tongues sliding and dancing. Kane bucked as the kiss deepened and stretched and Ian’s hand flexed, squeezing Kane’s ass. Kane pulled back and one hand came around to rub at the lump in Ian’s jeans. “Fuckin’ want you,” Kane groaned, diving back in for more kissing.

“Home,” Ian managed, desperately trying to gather his wits.

“Yeah,” Kane agreed then kissed him again anyway. Their tongues tangled and hands squeezed again until Ian pushed a little harder.

“Don’t wanna fuck here. Let’s go!” He finally succeeded in getting Kane back and he unlocked the door, pulling it open for his friend, Kane nearly dove into the car and Ian hurried around it, pulling his door open and sliding in. “Seatbelt,” he reminded Kane, who’d reached for him the second he was in the car. Kane reluctantly fastened it and Ian started the car after his own was done. He threw the car into reverse and pulled out, letting gravel fly as he hurried out of the lot.



Kane’s hands were not idle on the way home. He continued to stroke and play with Ian, touching anything he could. He even leaned in at one point during a red light and caught Ian’s lips in another searing kiss. It took a horn blast to get them moving again.

It was only by virtue of the fact they didn’t want to be interrupted that they managed to not slam the door going into the house. But just inside, Kane had Ian pinned again, keys clattered to the floor, and bodies strained, lips locked, and tongues battled. They moved their hands over each other, tugging at buttons and hair, damned near desperate for more. Ian was so hard, it almost hurt, needed so badly, he couldn’t think, could only feel.

They were so lost in each other, in fact, they didn’t hear the gasp. It wasn’t until the “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” came out that it permeated their lust-fogged brains. Kane pulled back and the two of them looked over to see his mother’s girlfriend Mary at the end of the hall in nothing but their mother’s bathrobe with her hands over her face, turning around and heading back toward their mother’s room.

It was like Ian had just been hit with a blast of cold air. There was no mistaking what Mary and his mother had been up to if Mary was wearing nothing but his mother’s robe. And the mental image that brought to up certainly gave him pause. He’d have to learn how to deal with that better, but for now, he could do nothing but groan. “Ian?” Kane asked, voice rough.

Ian looked up at his best friend and forced the mental images away. “Let’s get to our room,” he managed and Kane stood back. They hurried down the hall, carefully closing the door so as not to bring anyone else out into the hallway and turned to each other. And seconds later, it was almost as if there’d been no interruptions.

They pulled at clothes, squeezed asses, rubbed each other’s dicks in an effort to feel more. They kicked their shoes randomly without a care for where anything went. Ian managed three of Kane’s buttons but then just yanked the shirt over Kane’s head and threw it aside. Kane didn’t even bother with the buttons on Ian’s, he just pulled. Ian heard a pop but didn’t much care when his shirt was tossed aside and Kane’s mouth was on his chest. He struggled with Kane’s jeans, finally managing to work open the button and shoving them down over Kane’s hips, then his own were tugged open.

And finally, they were both naked. Kane backed up to the bed, tugging Ian with him and when he lay back, Ian fell on top of him. Their lips crashed together and Ian rocked into him, their cocks rubbing and pulling loud moans from both. Kane’s hands scrambled for Ian’s skin, for anything they could reach. He shifted, palms sliding along Ian’s back to his ass and pulling him in until their dicks, both rock hard, ground, dragging louder sounds from both of them.

Ian settled in as Kane spread his legs and they started rocking, grinding again. Kane’s groans echoed Ian’s punctuating the air around battling tongues and lips. It felt so incredible but Ian wanted more and was quite sure Kane did too. So with a supreme effort, he pulled back, panting hard. He forced out a “more” turned, diving for the bedside table. With latex and bottle in hand, he sat back on his knees, tapping Kane on the hip.

Taking the hint, Kane rolled, pulling his knees up under him. He arched his back, and the sight had Ian moaning. He dropped the items in his hand and reached out, palms running over Kane’s toned ass.

It was enough to remind him to take it slow, savor things. They wouldn’t be sharing a bed forever and when they went back to their separate beds, these sorts of things would stop or, at least, slow down dramatically. So, Ian paused to take in the visual in front of him, then leaned forward, releasing Kane’s ass and kissed his way down the pale skin covering Kane’s spine, making sure to touch each vertebra with his lips.

* * *

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