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* * *


Ian hesitated briefly, then set the bottle onto the bar and nodded. He headed for the dance floor and paused on the edge, glancing up. Jake pointed to a spot on the lower floor in one of the corners and Ian started over. When they stopped, Jake moved up against Ian and they started dancing together. He was surprised how smooth such a big guy could move, but Jake certainly could. His big hands moved over Ian’s body and Ian found himself getting worked up pretty quickly all over again. He was gratified to feel the same kind of response in Jake.

He looked up into strikingly gorgeous blue eyes and smiled, letting his own hands slide down Jake’s side and over one hip. His hand brushed hair and he realized Jake’s black hair was thick and very long and tied back in a tail. He filed that bit of information away and let his hand continue its trip. His palm landed on a nicely toned asscheek. Jake answered the move, running a hand over Ian’s ass as well, and Ian found himself being pulled tighter against Jake. As they danced, their cocks ground into each other and Ian’s mouth dried up as arousal took over. If he’d had a few drinks, he’d be seriously considering getting this man out into the alley behind the club or something, but as it was, he was stone cold sober and despite having done that very thing more than a few times, he wasn’t about to do it now.

Jake’s face dipped down and he nuzzled Ian’s ear as they danced. Warmth spread through Ian and his cock twitched at the move. It wasn’t overtly sexual and that, more than anything, got to him. He turned his face and breathed in Jake’s scent. Despite the heat and, he was sure, sweat they both were working up, he could still smell the cologne underneath. Jake apparently preferred something spicy and Ian inhaled again, liking the way it mixed with the man’s natural scent.

“Like what you smell?” Jake rumbled in Ian’s ear.

Ian nodded and looked up to meet the blue eyes. His heart pounded at the look in them—heat and want —and he swallowed, hoping he wouldn’t have to reject the man right there. Jake smiled and leaned back in. “I’d like to get to know you. Want to go out some time?”

Ian blinked in surprise. He’d been expecting a proposition, not a date. It took a moment, but he gathered his wits and smiled. He paused as Kane’s face flashed through his mind, but he reminded himself Kane didn’t love him. Would it be so wrong to try to have a real relationship? Besides, Jake wasn’t asking to marry him! He was asking for a date! Pushing the thoughts off, his smile spread wide and he nodded. Jake’s smile turned into a grin and he pulled back to take a piece of paper out of his pocket.

Ian glanced down at it to see a phone number then leaned in to Jake’s ear. “Cell?” Jake nodded. Ian pulled his phone out quickly, dialing and Jake retrieved his own, accepting the call and saving Ian’s number.

“Thanks. I’ll call you this weekend sometime. I have to get back to work.”

“Thank you. I’ll… uh… look forward to your call. Thanks for the dance,” Ian bit his lip, afraid he’d sounded too eager, but Jake just looked happy.

“The pleasure was mine. I’ll see you soon,” he said, then, to Ian’s further surprise, left a soft kiss on Ian’s cheek before disappearing into the crowd. Ian blinked after him for a long moment then nearly jumped when he heard a voice in his ear.

“Well, aren’t you just Mr. Flirty?” Kane asked and Ian spun around, raising an eyebrow.


Kane tilted his head toward the bar and Ian followed him. After ordering drinks—water for Ian and something that looked quite strong for Kane—he finally spoke again. “What was that about?”

Ian shrugged. “He asked me out.”


Ian raised his eyebrows. “Yes. What’s wrong with that?”

“You’re just going to date some random jock guy from a club?” Kane asked, scowling as he took a drink.

Ian blinked at Kane, not sure where this was coming from. “I planned to, assuming he calls. Why?”

Kane shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t like the look of him.”

Ian shook his head. “It’s a date. Nothing saying I have to go on more than one. But what difference does it make? You date all kinds of guys.”

Kane shrugged again. “That’s me. You’re different.”

It was Ian’s turn to scowl. “What do you mean, I’m different?”

“You are. You, like, have boyfriends and things, you know? Fall in love. You deserve better,” Kane said, turning his attention to his drink.

Ian frowned. It shouldn’t hurt, but it did. That was exactly not what he wanted to hear from Kane. He should have known better, though, should have remembered how Kane thinks. He pushed it away. “Well, I kind of like him. He’s nice and we’re going out.” He made it sound final and focused on finishing his water. “I’m going to the bathroom. Then I just want to dance.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kane said and signaled to the bartender for another drink.


Ian managed to lose himself thoroughly in the music. Neither mentioned Jake again, instead lost in each other, dancing and moving. It didn’t take long for both of them to get plenty worked up and right back to focused on each other’s bodies.

Somewhere along the way, they found themselves nearly pinned to the side of the DJ booth, Ian between the wall and Kane. They weren’t so much dancing at this point as they were grinding into each other to the beat of the music. Kane braced himself on the wall, their legs threaded, bodies straining. Both of their cocks were rock hard and Ian let the moans and groans out, knowing it got lost in the music. His hands were firmly on Kane’s ass, one of Kane’s was on his, the other threaded through his hair as Kane’s lips were attached to his neck or ear or whatever they could reach—or so it seemed.

Ian was going damned near insane. He pulled Kane’s head back to give himself a chance to attack skin. He bit and nipped his way down to the spot just under the collar before sinking his teeth in a little harder. He felt the groan go through him from Kane, who bucked in response.

“Wanna fuck,” Kane grunted into Ian’s ear.

* * *

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