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* * *


“Good evening to you,” Ian replied. “Is there a cover?”

The bouncer shook his head. “Not yet. Cover starts at 11. Got I.D.?” he asked and Ian raised his eyebrows, but pulled out his wallet and driver’s license. He glanced over to see Kane presenting one to the other bouncer and his friend glanced over at him then raised his eyebrows. Ian’s dropped into a puzzled scowl and Kane sent a pointed look at the bouncer. Ian turned his attention back to see the man in front of him who was giving him a very interested look. “Here you go, Ian. Thank you.”

“Thanks…” Ian said, taking his license back and stuffing it back into his wallet.

“Jake,” the bouncer replied.

Ian smiled. “Thanks, Jake.”

“No problem.” Jake paused, eyes darting to Kane and back to Ian. His voice dropped. “I get a break in an hour… if you want to dance or something.”

Ian blinked again, his cheeks turning redder. “Uh, maybe. Thanks, Jake,” he answered, clearing his throat.

He turned when Kane cleared his throat to see a scowl on his face. Ian raised his eyebrows. “Problem?”

Kane blinked and shook his head. “No,” he answered shortly and they turned toward the door.

Jake leaned forward, pulled it open and Ian smiled up at him. “Thank you,” he said, but the sound was drowned out by the music. Apparently, Jake was focused enough on Ian’s lips to read them because he replied, anyway.

“Any time.” Jake smiled. Ian raised his hand and waved and despite the loud music, he was fairly certain he heard a growl next to him. He shot Kane a puzzled look, but when his friend didn’t say or do anything, he shook his head and headed into the club.

The green neon theme picked up on the inside. Ian paused just past the coat check to look around. Along the left wall, a bar stretched most of the length of the room, green neon running along the top edge and floor. Clovers decorated the wall behind the bar and the mirror reflected the dance floor and, on the far side of the club, another bar identical to the first.

Raised up in the center was the DJ booth. The DJ himself couldn’t be seen behind the smoked glass but there was obviously a live person because every so often a bright pink mohawk or a hand appeared over the top of the glass.

Large, round platforms that made up the majority of the dance floor stretched out from the DJ booth in all four directions. Each leaf of the clover had a short set of stairs that hugged the round end, leading to the bottom floor which provided more room for dancing. A catwalk curved out from the booth and widened gradually until it ended in stairs deep enough to dance on that also led to the bottom dance floor. Smoke leaked from machines, and lights above the floor flashed and moved with the music, painting the sea of bodies in bright colors while they moved and swayed almost as one.

Several fit, young and half-dressed men occupied a series of poles along the catwalk. Ian couldn’t have kept himself from watching for the life of him. He elbowed Kane then pointed and his friend cleared his throat. Ian glanced over his shoulder to see the slanted eyes fixed on one of them and Ian turned back to see which one. The guy was barely legal, had pierced nipples, long brown hair that covered one eye and the kind of lips that looked made to be wrapped around a cock. He turned toward them and Ian watched as the boy winked the one visible deep brown eye their direction before spinning back around the pole to grind against it. He wrapped a leg around it, then leaned back, curling almost completely backwards and grinning at them before he stood back up and went back to dancing with the pole.

He was seriously going to need to adjust himself. Again, he leaned in to Kane’s ear. “Want a drink?”

Kane shook his head. “Not yet,” he said in Ian’s ear. “Let’s dance.”

Ian nodded and he and Kane made their way toward the nearest leaf and up the steps. They wedged themselves into a corner close to the booth and Ian managed to straighten his cock out before he started dancing to the music. Kane settled against him and they found their rhythm quickly, matching moves. Just like everywhere else, like they were at the dojo, like they did when they’d done a job, they had a way about them that just worked when they were together like this.

Of course, there was a downside to that too. Ian found himself getting horny pretty damned quickly. He didn’t bother to keep track of time, but he knew they couldn’t have been out there long. That always happened, though, when he was up against Kane’s body, even before he’d realized he was in love with the man. He would have thought that after a week of them sleeping together and having sex as often as they did that time, he wouldn’t get so worked up so quickly.

But then again, Kane was reacting too, so it wasn’t just him. He needed a break, though and leaned in to Kane’s ear. “I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be back a little later. Heading to that bar,” he said, pointing. Kane nodded and Ian worked his way off the platform.

It took him three tries to get the bartender to understand he just wanted water, but finally, it got through. He turned and surreptitiously adjusted himself—again—grateful for the chance to calm down a little. He watched the dancers and the lights for a few moments while he drank the rest of his water and was just about to go back when he heard a voice in his ear. “Can I get you a drink?” Jake asked.

Ian smiled up at him. “Thank you, I just finished this.” He held up his water.

Jake returned the smile and nodded. “Would you dance with me, then?” he asked instead.

* * *

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