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* * *


“Hmm?” Ian asked. Kane hadn’t removed his arm yet and Ian was having trouble concentrating on anything but the feel of the man against him.

“When we sit down, let’s kiss.”

Ian turned, his eyebrows going up at Kane and he chuckled at the look on his friend’s face. He glanced back at her then nodded. Finally, they stopped at a small room off to one side. It was just big enough for a table for two. Low “chairs”—which were little more than seats with no legs and backs with cushions to sit on—sat on the floor. The table was low to the floor, as well, and set with napkins, small dipping bowls and chopsticks on tiny rests.

Ian, deciding to play things up, pulled Kane’s chair out for him then bent to leave a peck on Kane’s cheek, but his friend surprised him and caught his lips, instead, in a much more thorough kiss. Ian thought he heard something about ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ from the woman, but was a little too busy trying to gather his scattered wits from the kiss. He bowed to her, thanked her, and took his own seat. She handed them the menus, said something about their server, and disappeared.

“She’s going to have masturbation fodder for a month from that,” Kane said wickedly.

Ian laughed. “Quite. I do believe she’s decided I top.”

Kane blinked at him. “How did she figure that out?”

“I heard her mention ‘seme’ and ‘uke.’ And I believe she thinks I’m the ‘seme.’”

“Seme?” Kane asked, blinking. “Uke?”

“Loosely translated, it’s ‘pitcher’ and ‘catcher’ and I think she picked ‘seme’ for me because I pulled out your chair for you,” Ian replied, unable to hold back the grin.

“Well. Okay, then.” He shook his head, turning his attention to the menu. “Wow, there’s a lot here. Uh, I’m not sure where to start.”

“If you want, you could stick with sushi. I’m having the daikon salad and sushi. I’d like to try one of these combinations to get a taste of different ones.” Ian set the menu aside, watching his friend who was, at the moment, infinitely more interesting than the menu.

“Hmm,” Kane said, considering the options. He looked at the separate piece of paper to see the sushi options listed. “Ohhh, I see. Okay.” He turned back to the menu, flipping the pages and stopping about half way through. “Ooo, this looks good. Gyu Don.” He glanced up. “How about we get one of those bigger sushi things and both eat off it?”

Ian nodded. “That sounds good. Do you want some sake?”

“Oh yeah. But… don’t you want some?”

Ian shook his head. “That’s alright. You’re the one with the new job. You drink. Next time, you can drive.”

Kane grinned. “Alright, thanks.”

Their server showed up then, a small man with a very serious disposition. He was quick and efficient, however, with good suggestions, so Ian was happy. He was also gone shortly thereafter, leaving them alone, for which Ian was very grateful. “So, tell me what you can about the new company.”



The sushi plate was empty and they both had eaten way too much. Despite the fact that he was driving and had no alcohol tolerance, Ian had given in and sipped at the cold, creamy sake Kane ordered. They’d both pronounced it delicious and decided to try to find some to buy and have at home.

There had only been one slightly sticky moment for Ian the whole meal. At one point, Ian had asked to taste Kane’s beef, so Kane had picked up a piece of it and held it out. Without even thinking, Ian had leaned forward and simply taken the bite directly off Kane’s chopsticks. Their eyes hadn’t left each other and Ian had wanted, so badly in that moment, to think of that in a romantic sense, as opposed to the friendly way they were. But then Kane had asked how he liked it and the moment was gone.

Now they were in the car, on their way to the new dance club Kane had heard about. “What’s it called again?” Ian asked, searching the neon signs for the one they were looking for.

“Clover. Or Leaf or something like that,” Kane answered, peering through the windshield.

Ian shot him a look. “That’s helpful,” he muttered, turning back. “OH! There it is. Clover Leaf.”

“See? I had it right. Just… had to put them together.” He laughed when Ian shot him the bird. “Yeah yeah, after we do some dancing.”

Ian snorted, then paid attention to navigating the parking lot. Despite still being fairly early on a Friday night, it was already filling up. “Are you sure this is a gay club?”

“I don’t know that it’s a gay club, but they’re supposed to be gay-friendly. We don’t have to stay if we don’t like it.” Kane leaned forward to look at the front of the building as they passed it.

Green neon covered the mostly brick façade, running around the base of the roof, down each of the corners and across the roof peak. Neon versions of four-leaf clovers sat on either side of the club name that sprawled across the front of the building and below it, a green awning welcomed club goers. Ian found a spot at the end of one row and parked his Toyota. He climbed out but before he could go around to Kane’s side, his friend had already gotten out of the car.

Together they started for the front door, their ankle boots crunching on the gravel. The thump of bass leaked through the glass double doors when they opened and outside, two very large, very serious-looking men stood on either side. One had to be at least six foot three and the other had another six inches on his partner. Ian looked up at the two of them and wondered if he was about to be frisked or something. Based on the looks of the one on the left, that thought made his cock twitch and start to fill and he managed to surreptitiously adjust himself before they got to the door.

“Good evening,” the one on the left said. Though large, it was obvious they were not so from overeating. Both looked just nicely fit in their tight green t-shirts and black pants. Ian’s eyes moved over the man’s body and he found himself appreciating what he saw. Fit, yes, but not overly muscular, just toned and it took Ian a moment to realize it, but the man was looking him over, as well. Ian blinked once, cheeks darkening and smiled up at him.

* * *

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