Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I’ve just been buried in edits for my upcoming books. Lots of exciting things coming!

I did manage to put together something for the next couple of weeks though. You’ve met Duncan and Mark in Healing from my Pandemus Chronicles. I thought you might like to peek in on them again and see how they’re doing.


* * *

Duncan woke to something hot and wet on his cock. A week ago, he’d have been pretty sure he was having an erotic dream. He would have resigned himself to some self-pleasure. And he would have made some kind of excuse to spend a little bit of time alone to take care of the problem.

Now, however, he knew it was no dream. He opened his eyes to see the covers pulled down slightly, Mark’s red head bobbing as he sucked enthusiastically at Duncan’s dick. He was terrible when it came to skill, but Duncan didn’t give the tiniest damn.

Because his cock was the first Mark had ever tasted, touched, licked or sucked. He was the first man Mark had ever kissed. The first male hand to bring him to orgasm. And that was worth all the fumbling in the world to Duncan.

Mark’s eyes opened and met Duncan’s. God, the man was beautiful, all pale skin and deep blue eyes. Compared to Duncan, Mark almost felt tiny but the size was deceptive. Even with the lack of nutrition over the last couple of years, he hadn’t lost much of his lean, toned muscles, earned from hauling people around an emergency room. They’d done their best more recently, taking the vitamins Mark had scavenged, but even with those, there was no doubt Mark had lost some muscle mass. Despite that, he’d still carried Duncan’s much larger, heavier form more than once.

And the man was a quick learner when it came to sucking cock. Duncan’s eyes slid closed when Mark swallowed Duncan completely, nose touching the dark blond curls at the base of his dick. Strong, sure hands cupped his balls, rolling them lightly and teasing them, and it took all Duncan had to keep from shooting down Mark’s throat in ten seconds flat.

He grunted instead, reaching down and running his hands over Mark’s hair. “Turn around,” he whispered and Mark looked up, eyebrows raised. Duncan nodded. “Turn around. Let me taste you too.”

Mark hesitated only the briefest of seconds before getting up and crawling until his legs straddled Duncan’s head. He immediately went back to licking and sucking on Duncan’s cock, but Duncan was sufficiently distracted enough to not go off right away.

Instead, he ran his hands over Mark’s firm ass, squeezing the globes of flesh and parting them slightly. Mark moaned around Duncan’s cock and Duncan sucked in a breath at the vibrations. Considering that before Mark, it’d been nearly three years since he’d had sex with someone other than his right hand—and he and Mark had only just started their sexual explorations—his control was a sad thing.

But he did his best to hold on, tracing the crevice from tailbone to sac with light fingers, then wrapping his hand around Mark’s cock. He gave it a slow, firm stroke from balls to tip, smiling at the new groan Mark released. He pumped it a second and a third time then wrapped his arms around Mark’s hips, tugging them lower.

As soon as it was close enough, Duncan guided Mark’s dick into his mouth, moaning at the salty taste of the precum and the feel of warm flesh. He’d missed this. So fucking much, it wasn’t funny. He hadn’t given a blowjob since his boyfriend died from the virus and it was something he’d always enjoyed.

Mark had been hesitant in their sex up until now. They’d jacked each other off and frotted a lot, but not gone any further. Duncan understood; Mark had hidden his bisexuality for so long, it was still difficult for him to let go of that need to hide, to keep it to himself.

But he wasn’t about to turn down Mark’s new openness and instead focused on simply giving pleasure. He put everything he had into teasing and sucking Mark’s cock, running his fingers over the sensitive skin of Mark’s sac and farther, brushing them over his taint. When he brought his hand back down and toyed with Mark’s balls more, Mark gave a loud moan and pulled off.

“Fuck, Duncan…” He thrust, pushing his cock farther into Duncan’s mouth and Duncan fought the gag. He didn’t want to do anything that would make Mark stop.

At the same time, his own dick was feeling decidedly ignored. He rolled his hips and Mark took the hint, swallowing him again.

Forcing himself to focus on Mark and not his own impending orgasm, he pulled out every trick he’d ever learned for giving a good blowjob. His late boyfriend had claimed he was pretty damned talented at it and he hoped the man hadn’t been exaggerating. He teased the head, pushed the tip of his tongue into the slit, then sucked Mark down. He relaxed his throat and swallowed when he felt the head push into his throat.

Mark’s grunt was loud and he pulled at his hips. Duncan was sure it was in warning, but he refused to let go. He wanted all of Mark and greedily swallowed when the first bits of spunk hit his tongue.

“Oh fuck, shit, Duncan!!

Duncan swallowed every tiny drop Mark produced, sucking long after the twitching stopped. He was so focused on cleaning Mark—figuring he’d just jerk himself to completion when he was done—he was shocked when Mark swallowed his dick again, this time to the root.

A swallow, a few bobs, and a full suck later was all it took. He pulled a little frantically at Mark, sure Mark wasn’t ready to actually swallow, but Mark—stubborn bastard—refused to let go. Unable to fight the orgasm any longer, Duncan gave up and shouted Mark’s name as the pleasure hit, sharp and hard in a way he hadn’t felt in so long. The tingle that had started in his balls exploded out, sizzling along his spine and shooting huge streams of cum into Mark’s throat.

Duncan lay stunned as Mark swallowed every bit of it, even licking him clean when it was over before shifting to turn around. He watched in a bit of a daze as Mark sat back on his heels grinning like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. Duncan snorted—he was blond and Mark did look awfully cat-like in that moment.

Mark raised his eyebrows and Duncan laughed. He told Mark what he’d been thinking and wasn’t disappointed when Mark laughed with him, getting it without explanation. Duncan sighed, reaching out a hand and pulling Mark down to him. He caught Mark’s lips in a long, soft kiss, his cock twitching at the taste of himself on Mark’s tongue.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Mark stiffened ever so slightly, then relaxed. “I love you too.”

Duncan’s arms tightened around the amazing man in his arms. He’d spent every waking hour of the last week thanking a god he still wasn’t sure he believed in that Mark stayed, loved him, hadn’t retreated back into his self-imposed exile of self-preservation. He nuzzled Mark’s cheek, kissing a trail over the pale, freckled skin. He pulled back, brushing his thumb over Mark’s full bottom lip. “Not that I’m complaining, but… what brought that on?”


* * *

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