Hello and welcome back to Free Fiction Friday! We’re back to the prequels to Turning His Life Around! There are seven parts to this one, called Jealousy, and five more short stories after this one. Yay! 🙂

Please remember that the guys are technically underage in these. Any sex is fairly tame (described, yes, but tame) until much later in the series.

If you haven’t read Turning yet, you might consider checking it out. These stories make a lot more sense if you’ve read it first. These should also be read in order:

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I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think. I always love to hear from my readers. 😀

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Ian turned his attention back to Kane. His eyes were screwed tightly shut, his poor erection had gone nearly completely away and he was tense as all hell. “Kane,” Ian said, and Kane looked up. “You have to relax.” Kane nodded and closed his eyes again.  

Kane took a deep breath and nodded shortly; then the pressure around the head of his cock eased slightly. He continued to push in a little farther—slowly, incredibly slowly. “Still burns, but… oh God, Ian, it feels good, too.” 

Ian groaned at the words. His sanity, what was left of it, was slipping away quickly, and he thrust faster than he’d meant to. It pulled a gasp from Kane, but he jerked his hips, lifted his legs a little more and then Ian was seated fully. He fell over Kane, bracing his upper body on his hands, his head hanging as he tried to simply breathe. Nothing, nothing in any of his experiences up until that point had prepared him for the feel of being buried in another body. 

Kane’s body. His mind told him and the distracting thought was enough to pull him back. He took the hand that still had lube left on it and wrapped it around Kane’s flagging cock. He ran his fist over it slowly, not moving his hips, simply staying there and giving Kane a chance to get used to the idea of being filled. Instead he worked the dick in his hand, slowly stroking it back to full hardness.  

And a few moments later, his friend was moving, hips tilting, trying to get him to move the cock buried in his ass. So Ian eased slowly out almost all the way and pushed back in, then paused again, his eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head. It was still so tight and felt… “so good,” he groaned out loud.

He leaned forward and caught Kane’s lips, this kiss slow and not nearly as desperate as the earlier ones. Ian had no time to ponder it, though, when Kane lifted his legs a little bit more and wrapped them around Ian’s waist. 

He took the hint and started moving again. Slowly at first, then faster, thrusting harder and when he did something that made Kane gasp, he tried to find it again. He shifted and got the same kind of gasp, this one followed by a moan. He worked to keep doing that, trying to keep the same angle, but he was losing his concentration fast.
The pleasure was building with a swiftness that stunned, the feel of Kane so tight, the working of his cock over just too much. “Oh fuck, Kane…” he managed then trailed off into wordless moans.  

Kane reached down and wrapped his hand around his own cock and started stroking it. “Fuck, fuck, Ian, oh fuck that’s good…” He gripped a slat on the end of the bunk bed with his other hand to brace himself and his legs tightened just a little bit. 

And the last bits of sanity and coherency died a brutal death in the pounding of bodies and the slap of flesh on flesh. Ian’s rhythm broke, his body demanding the end. His thrusts were hard and fast, and then it hit, his balls tightened almost painfully and his orgasm was absolutely nothing like he’d ever felt before. “Kane, oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck… I’m coming oh fuck I’m coming…”  

And then he slammed into Kane one more time, his body shaking hard with the strength of it. The nerves along his spine caught fire and his teeth bit down on Kane’s shoulder enough to break skin so he could muffle the near animalistic scream that came out. He jerked once, twice, and then emptied his balls into his friend’s body. 

Kane’s hand spasmed on the thin wooden slat over his head and it broke when he yanked his hand at the feel of Ian’s cock slamming into his prostate. His hand jerked over his dick maybe three more times before his own climax screamed through his body igniting every nerve ending in its path. Thick ropes of cum shot out of him and sprayed them both. He registered the bite on his shoulder and the razor sharp pleasure intensified, forcing even more cum through his cock and onto the two of them.  

They lay utterly stunned in the aftermath of the storm. Ian collapsed in almost slow motion on Kane, ignoring the mess, and they stayed that way for and unidentifiable amount time while they tried to collect their wits and sanity. Even the simple fact that they’d had sex was barely a blip on their mental radar; they were too shocked by it all. 

Finally, Ian leaned up and looked into the dark eyes. They didn’t say anything, couldn’t. There were no words in any vocabulary that could possible do justice to what had just happened. He eased out of Kane, wincing apologetically when his friend’s face twisted. As he sat back, his eyes caught sight of his cum dripping out of his friend and he swallowed hard at the sight.  

In continued silence, they cleaned each other up, stripped the sheet from Ian’s bunk and replaced Kane’s with it. When that was taken care of, they curled up together, not bothering with their pajamas. Their legs tangled, arms wrapped around each other and then their lips met in a kiss that confused the hell out of both of them in its emotional intensity. When they pulled back, they stared for a moment, then Kane pulled the blanket over them and tucked Ian under his chin. There were still no words spoken, still no sounds from either.  

And despite being exhausted, it would be a very long time before either managed to fall asleep.


* * *

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