Welcome back to Nightmares and Waking Dreams. A remind that this is a prequel to Turning His Life Around, so if you haven’t read it, you might want to go check it out.

Also, a reminder that Ian and Kane are underage here. If that will bother you, I understand. They’re teenagers. Young, yes, but teenagers, learning about each other and themselves.

* * *



Nightmares and Waking Dreams
Part 2 (Part 1 here)

Ian blinked into the darkness, swallowing hard and trying to keep from dying of embarrassment.  

“How long are you going to keep trying to hide it from me?” Kane asked quietly.

Ian was sure his face was probably as red as a tomato, based on the heat in his cheeks.  “Um… hide what?” he asked with a shaky voice.

Kane gave an answering snort, then rocked into him again. “That.”

There was a quiet strangled sound in the room that Ian realized came from his own throat.  He nearly bit his tongue in half to keep further sounds in.  

“Why do you want to hide it? Is there something wrong with me?” Kane’s voice sounded irritated.

“What?” Ian squeaked. He actually squeaked and it annoyed him.  “Of course there isn’t,” he said, his voice sounding much closer to normal.

“Then what’s the big deal? I get hard for you,” Kane said. It sounded so matter-of-fact, like it shouldn’t matter that they were best friends and sexually attracted to each other.  

“We’re best friends, that’s what.”

Ian was fairly certain that the dark eyes were simply blinking in his direction. He couldn’t see them, of course, but he knew Kane too well.


Ian sighed, trying to find a way to make his friend understand, but before he could come up with anything, Kane spoke again.

“If we can’t be comfortable like this with each other, who could we be comfortable with?” He asked, making Ian hesitate.

He’d never quite thought about it like that. “Um, I… guess you’re right.” Ian started to breathe a sigh of relief until he felt something else near his cock.  A hand.  Kane’s hand was sliding over his hard length over the outside of Ian’s pants.  Before he could stop it, a hiss escaped at the feeling.

It was the first time he’d felt anything other than his own hand on his cock.  Well, that he could remember, anyway. His mother hadn’t washed him in a very long time.  And this was certainly the first time it had been sexual.

And it was Kane’s hand on him.  

He sucked in a breath as Kane continued to move his hand slowly down Ian’s cock, then wrap it around, bunching the material of the pants around Ian’s dick.  Ian gritted his teeth, trying to fight the sensations.  He was afraid he’d end up completely embarrassing himself by coming all over the inside of his pants.

But no, that wasn’t going to happen. Because a moment later, Kane let go. Before Ian could breathe a sigh of relief, Kane slipped his hand under the waistband of Ian’s pants and wrapped it around his cock again, this time skin to skin.  Another sound escaped that was part moan part embarrassed squeak and Ian slapped one hand over his mouth.

But Kane’s hand disappeared once more.  Ian  didn’t bother starting a sigh of relief. He had a feeling this little experiment wasn’t going to end any time soon.  

And he was right. Kane pulled at the hand over Ian’s mouth and put it down at Kane’s own hard length.  Except his friend didn’t bother wasting time. His hand was pushed past the waistband of the boxers and inside.

Reflexively, Ian closed his hand around Kane’s hard cock and nearly moaned at the feel of it against his palm.  The hard, veined length already had moisture gathering at the tip.  Despite his reticence, he ran his fingers over it, exploring a dick not his own for the first time in his life.

He slid his fingers down along the length, pausing at its base then let them go a little further and ghost over Kane’s balls.  Kane gave a sharp intake of breath and Ian did it again, earning himself a moan this time.

Kane must have realized that his own hand had gone still because he started moving it then, causing Ian to groan. A quiet “fuck” slipped out and, interestingly, he felt Kane’s cock jump when it did.  He licked his lips and tried to concentrate on the balls against his fingers instead of his own cock and what was happening to it.

It was damned near impossible, though.  Kane’s hand on him felt so good.  He found himself rocking into the palm and he stopped with a quiet embarrassed sound. “Shhh, don’t be so worried, Ian,” Kane said, soothing him.  

He swallowed hard and nodded, then realized his friend couldn’t see it. “O… okay,” he whispered.  As he did, he felt a warm breath on his face and without even thinking about it, he leaned forward slightly.

And felt Kane’s mouth on his.  He was kissing his best friend!  A quiet sound he couldn’t identify escaped, but he wasn’t sure if it was from him or Kane.  The lips on his moved again and he realized he was lying there as if he was carved from stone.

He decided to just give up fighting at that point. If Kane didn’t have a problem with this, then Ian wasn’t going to, either.  He tilted his head and added a bit of pressure behind his lips.  This time, he knew it was Kane who made the noise: a quiet moan.  

And then the hand on him started moving with more purpose and he pulled back from the kiss to gasp in a breath. “Fuck, Kane…” He moaned quietly and felt the cock in his hand jump again.  

* * *

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