Free Fiction Friday – Mr. Grace wuz here.

Do I have your attention? 😉

So Grace is at AnimeFest in Dallas for the weekend hanging out with Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes, attending panels for Yuri!!! on Ice, meeting the creative team and getting her butt swag signed and finally doing a panel with Shira and Venona on Saturday night.  (GOOOO TO THE PANELLLLLL AND CHEEEEEER FOR GRAACCEE AND SHIIIIRA AND VENONNAAAA).

So Free Fiction Friday will be returning next Friday, unless Grace sneaks into one of the Yuri!!! team’s suitcases and rides back home with them instead, of course.  Good thing she’s learning Japanese!!

Thank you for your patience and for reading!  Head over to Grace’s temp profile and demand beg for request pictures from AFest so her Personal Assistant (who…?  ME, SILLY!) can come up with a post-con newsletter or post with highlights.  HINT HINT HINT.


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