Hello and welcome back to Free Fiction Friday! We’re back to the prequels to Turning His Life Around! There are seven parts to this one, called Jealousy, and five more short stories after this one. Yay! 🙂

Please remember that the guys are technically underage in these. Any sex is fairly tame (described, yes, but tame) until much later in the series.

If you haven’t read Turning yet, you might consider checking it out. These stories make a lot more sense if you’ve read it first. These should also be read in order:

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I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think. I always love to hear from my readers. 😀

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* * *




But an hour later, Ian hadn’t done a single bit of homework and was, instead, just staring at himself in the mirror, his nerves back, full force. Then he heard his mom calling from the front of the house, “Ian! Kane?”

Ian gulped and stepped out into the hall. He glanced at Kane, who’d come out of their room, and Kane gave him a bolstering smile and made a shooing motion with his hands. “Go on…”

Ian swallowed again and headed out to the kitchen to find his mom putting groceries away. “Hi Mom!” He hurried over and he and Kane started unpacking bags for her. “Um… I… have something to tell you,” he said, his face buried in the pantry.

“Oh?” Mrs. Kelley asked.

“Yeah, um…” he started and nearly dropped the can in his hand onto his foot. He cursed himself silently then picked it back up. “I…um… have a… date tonight.”

“Oh that’s wonderful!” His mom said and beamed at him, her warm brown eyes lighting up. “Who is he?”

Ian stood up fast, almost hitting his head on the upper cabinet and stared at his mother for a full minute before her question sunk in. “He… you… know?”

“Oh honey, I’ve known for a while.” She glanced at Kane, but didn’t say anything. Both boys blushed. She set the bag of rice down onto the counter and walked over to her son. “I may not be around as much as I want to be, but I still pay attention.” She dropped a kiss on his forehead and went back to putting groceries away. “So, what’s his name?”

“Hayden,” Ian said, still a little stunned. “He’s… um, supposed to be here at six.”

“Hay… oh.” Her eyes darted to Kane who had busied himself in the refrigerator, then back to Ian. “Okay.” She glanced over at the clock on the wall. “Better finish getting ready then,” she coaxed and Ian gulped.

“Right, um…”

“Home by eleven. And not a moment later.” She made a shooing motion with her hand.

Ian shoved the last of the cans onto the shelf and hurried into his bedroom. He was still standing in front of his closet a few moments later when Kane came in.

“For God’s sake, it’s just a movie!” Kane grumbled, yanking out a sweater and jeans and shoving them into Ian’s hands. He shook his head. “But you might consider masturbating before you get dressed.”

Ian blinked at him. “What?”

“Masturbate. You’ve got to loosen up or you’re going to be a basket case for the night. I’ll even help.” Kane said as he stretched out on his bunk.

“Um…” Ian stared at his friend for a minute, his best friend, the one who had, on more than one occasion done exactly what he’d just suggested. But… somehow it felt weird to think of having Kane do that right before a date with another guy. Ian shook his head. “No, um, I’ll be fine.”

Kane shrugged. “Up to you,” he said, and rolled onto his back.

Ian considered his friend for another moment, but something seemed off. He sat down next to Kane. “What is it?”

“What’s what?” Kane asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Something’s wrong.”

Kane blinked at the upper bunk. “Why would something be wrong?”

Ian growled. “Don’t. Just, don’t. Don’t try to bullshit me.”

Kane didn’t say anything at first then sighed. “Why’d you turn me down?”

Ian blinked. “Turn you down? You mean about…”

“Yeah, about helping you,” Kane said, still not looking at Ian.

“Well, I just… think it’d be weird to do that right before a date with another guy,” Ian said, frowning.

Kane nodded, but Ian had a feeling he didn’t really understand. At a loss for what else to say, he got up and hurried into the bathroom.

While he was in there, however, he couldn’t help but think about what Kane said. He soaped up his hand and brought Hayden’s image into his head. But when it was all over with, he frowned when he realized it wasn’t Hayden’s face he’d had in his head at the end. It was Kane’s.

* * *

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