Firsts, Homework Break, Part 5

Hello! Welcome back to Homework Break. As a reminder, this happens after Nightmares and Waking Dreams and again, quite a bit before Turning His Life Around. There is a whole series of these stories I call “Firsts” and hope to share them all with you. Though Turning happens much later chronologically, it’s best to read before the Firsts stories.

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Homework Break:

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4


And to his surprise, Ian’s lips twitched. “Yes. I did, very much so. Lay down.”

So, Kane stretched out and laid back. Ian got into position, then after a hesitant moment, he simply couldn’t think anymore at all. Because Ian’s mouth was on him, tongue running along his dick and he nearly went insane. He found his own hand going into the brown hair like Ian had done to him, the need to touch nearly overwhelming.

He, too, grabbed a pillow, and he fought desperately against the curses that wanted to come out. He’d just helped his friend; he didn’t want to make Ian miserable all over again. He gritted his teeth, trying to make his sounds wordless. But it just felt so good.

And when Ian sucked just like he had, he nearly went insane. An “oh God, Ian” slipped out and only a moment later, he lost it, himself. He shouted Ian’s name into the pillow as his balls tightened and his orgasm roared though him. He felt it in just about every nerve of his body. He was fairly certain he was still shouting, his hand gripping Ian’s hair.

Finally, he calmed down enough to move the pillow and look down at his friend. He still had his hand threaded through the brown locks and he let go quickly, color suffusing his cheeks. “Sorry,” he mumbled. Ian smiled at him, though.

“It’s okay. You, um… l-liked…” He started and Kane nodded.

“Yes. Definitely.”

Ian nodded once, then crawled up along Kane’s body, laying down next to him on the bed. And that’s when Kane realized that there wasn’t a mess. He blinked over at his friend. “Did you…” he started in shock.

Ian blushed. “You took me by surprise.”

Kane just stared in shock. “Was it bad?”

Ian shook his head. “No. Not even close.” Then he blushed even brighter and Kane‘s brow furrowed.


But Ian shook his head and tried to hide his face.

“What, Ian?” Kane tried again.

“You tasted good.” His color darkened and this time he did manage to hide his face in Kane’s shoulder.

“Um… I’m glad? Why are you embarrassed?”

“’Cause you didn’t… you know… s-s…” Ian’s muffled voice said from Kane’s shoulder.

“You caught me by surprise, too. I just jumped back, that’s all. Look, if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll do it again and swallow. Geez.” Kane shook his head.

Ian shook his head quickly, still keeping his face buried and Kane twisted around and put his arms around his friend. Ian wrapped one arm around Kane’s waist and burrowed in. “It felt good,” Kane said quietly. “And you shouldn’t be embarrassed. We’re best friends, remember? You should never be embarrassed around me. I’ll never make fun of you for anything, Ian.”

Ian looked up, obviously fighting with himself. Then he nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“No, no sorry. No reason for it.” Kane sighed. “Grab the blanket at the bottom. We’ll… take a nap then finish our homework.”

Ian nodded and tugged the blanket up over them. He settled in and Kane tightened his arms around his friend. Ian tucked his head under Kane’s chin and Kane paused to drop a light kiss on it.

Kane lay there for a long time, his mind in a whirlwind. He wondered at the attraction he had for Ian. He wondered how their friendship would change because of it. He didn’t want to mess things up, but he couldn’t seem to stop this stuff, either.

He just hoped that, after all was said and done, they wouldn’t lose the friendship, no matter what else happened. He sighed and closed his eyes, making a vow to himself that he wouldn’t let it go. They’d stay friends – best friends, until they died.

Because Kane was all too aware of the fact that someday they would. He just hoped he’d be with Ian when he did. He also hoped that it was in the very, very distant future.

He finally fell asleep much later, plagued by strange dreams of him and Ian. He never remembered them completely, just snippets here and there. He saw the old firehouse they used to play around as kids then the dream morphed into something a lot different and very sexual. And somewhere along the way, he saw them as adults, both wearing suits, standing together in front of a bunch of people he knew to be their friends, though he didn’t recognize any of them. He didn’t understand the dreams, but somehow they comforted him and when they woke later, he found himself very well rested and in a very good mood. He didn’t even mind the homework after that.

* * *

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