Firsts, Homework Break, Part 4

Hello! Welcome back to Homework Break. As a reminder, this happens after Nightmares and Waking Dreams and again, quite a bit before Turning His Life Around. There is a whole series of these stories I call “Firsts” and hope to share them all with you. Though Turning happens much later chronologically, it’s best to read before the Firsts stories.

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Homework Break

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3


After a quick glance at Ian’s eyes, he nipped at Ian’s neck again, earning him more gasps and moans. He dragged his hand down over Ian’s chest again, pausing at the nipples when he heard another sharp intake of breath. He pulled back and looked up to see the brown eyes closed, his friend’s head thrown back. He played with the nipple a little bit, looking between Ian’s face and nipple and was fascinated when it hardened.

With another fast look, Kane bent and touched it with his tongue. “Fuck, Kane…” Ian moaned, one hand weaving through the spiky hair again. Kane groaned quietly, his already miserable cock responding even more. He forced his focus back to his friend and switched to the other nipple, giving it the same attention, earning himself another frustrating cock twitch with the word that slipped out.

They were simply going to have to find a way to deal with that.

He pushed the thought aside and used Ian’s own distraction to his advantage. He gathered his fraying nerves and moved down his friend’s body and found himself staring at his friend’s hard, thick cock. It was red and already leaking pre-cum. “K- Kane?” Ian’s hesitant voice floated down to him, spurring him to action.

“Shhh,” he said, refusing to look up. He didn’t want to lose his nerve now that he was here. He stuck his tongue out and tentatively tasted a bead of liquid.

His first thought was something along the lines of that doesn’t suck. So he leaned forward a little more and swiped his tongue over the bottom of it where most of the liquid trailed down. He heard a loud gasp from Ian, but it barely registered.

Because he liked what he tasted. Now he did glance up to see those heated brown eyes – both of them –on him, watching. He swallowed hard and turned his attention back to what he was doing. He settled in a bit more comfortably, adjusting his own hard cock so it wasn’t quite so miserable and turned back to Ian’s.

And now that he was there, Ian watching him, the nerves came back with a vengeance. He had no idea, really, what to do. “K…” Ian cleared his throat. “Kane… you… what… I mean…”

That helped to steady him. This was his idea. He glanced up at Ian again, noting the red cheeks and nervous expression.

“Shhhh, Ian. It’s okay,” he said and turned back. Well, there weren’t really all that many things he could do, so he opened his mouth and moved it down over his friend’s cock.

“OH FUCK!” Ian shouted, one hand fisting in the black spikes, the other, Kane saw out of the corner of one eye, grabbing a pillow and stuffing it into his mouth.

Well, he must have done something right. Of course, the sounds Ian was making were driving him damned near insane. He rocked into the bed without thinking about it, his body desperate for the friction.

He tried to concentrate on what he was doing and ignore his own need for a few minutes. He closed his mouth over the hard length, sucking gently like he would on a lollipop or candy cane or something and heard answering muffled moans and curses through the pillow over Ian’s face.

The hand in his hair tightened and the pain lanced through him. Yet again, he was forced to acknowledge that he liked that. He pushed it aside once more and made himself pay attention again to Ian.

But a few seconds later, when he sucked again, Ian bucked up into his mouth, hitting his throat and he gagged. Ian squeaked and pulled the pillow aside. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Kane pulled off of his friend. “It’s okay. Really. I just didn’t expect it. Calm down!”

But Ian was tugging on his hair, trying to move him. Except instead of getting him to move, it felt good enough to pull a groan from him and caused his own dick to twitch again. He went back to Ian’s cock and made sure, this time that he held his friend down. He took as much of it into his mouth as he could and sucked again.

Ian’s movements slowed and he let out more groans. Kane was determined to finish what he’d started and so went about it with single-minded determination. Fortunately for him, Ian was pretty far gone and a few minutes later, both hands were on Kane’s head and a muffled scream tore from Ian’s throat and into the pillow.

And Kane tasted sperm for the first time. It was such a surprise, that he pulled back. It covered his face and hand and landed on Ian’s stomach.

As Ian lay there, panting hard, Kane leaned over and snagged his underwear, wiping his face and Ian’s stomach off. His friend looked down at him, and Kane couldn’t read the expression on Ian’s face. He thought he saw something akin to awe, definitely surprise, but there was something else.

He blushed and cleared his throat. What if Ian didn’t really like it? Yeah, his friend had come, but that didn’t mean he liked it. Bodily reactions weren’t always the same as emotional ones. He’d learned that before. He ducked his head and looked away.

Ian sat up and leaned toward him. “Kane?”

Kane cleared his throat. “Um, look if you… um… didn’t, you know… if you don’t… that’s okay. I just thought…” He closed his mouth with an audible snap, his cheeks a dark red.

But Ian tilted Kane’s chin up and kissed him gently, just closed lips, but it helped to calm Kane a little bit. Then Ian spoke. “Can I?’

Kane blinked. Ian wants to do it, too? “Um, sure. Did you… I mean…”

* * *

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