Firsts, Homework Break, Part 3

Hello! Welcome back to Homework Break. As a reminder, this happens after Nightmares and Waking Dreams and again, quite a bit before Turning His Life Around. There is a whole series of these stories I call “Firsts” and hope to share them all with you. Though Turning happens much later chronologically, it’s best to read before the Firsts stories.

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Homework Break
Part 3
Part 1 * Part 2


They sat there for another moment, suspended, then their mouths crashed together again. Kane heard a moan, but wasn’t sure if it was from Ian or him. He couldn’t really think very well, though, his brain was gone; he was only focused on Ian. Ian’s mouth, Ian’s tongue, the fingers threaded through his hair, the other hand clasping his. Ian just tasted so good.

When they broke apart the second time, Kane took a half step back. Ian looked puzzled for a second until Kane tugged gently on his hand. He swung off of the bunk and landed right next to Kane. When Ian straightened, Kane didn’t give him a chance to think or second guess.

He moved in and kissed his friend again. He couldn’t seem to get enough, couldn’t seem to stop. They wrapped their arms around each other, both fisting the other’s shirt. Ian’s arousal pressing against Kane’s own, but he was in no hurry to rush it or end it. He found himself wanting more, though he didn’t really know exactly what. Oh, he’d seen magazines; even found one for gay men in the back of a rack at the book store.

However, seeing a few pictures surreptitiously in a magazine and understanding how it all worked were two different things. And he wasn’t sure just how much even he wanted to do yet. He had one idea, though he had no clue how Ian would take it.

With that thought in mind, he let his hand slide down Ian’s back to rest on his ass. He’d paid attention to that ass more than a few times and very much liked what he’d seen. The couple of times he’d felt it before had been even nicer. So, he cupped both cheeks in his hands and pulled his friend tighter against him.

Ian moaned into his mouth and Kane found he was having trouble keeping the noise down, himself. Ian’s hand tightened in his spiky black hair and he found he liked that little bit of pain. He’d figure that out later. In the meantime, Ian’s slid the other hand to his ass and was currently playing with it.

They pulled back briefly and Kane met Ian’s gaze then tugged at his shirt. He it pulled off quickly and Ian grasped the hem of Kane’s matching one. It joined Ian’s on the floor and their lips crashed back together again.

Kane slid his hands over Ian’s naked chest, enjoying the feel of the muscles. All the years of martial arts had paid off for them. They weren’t the scrawny, skinny little boys they once were. Their teacher – Greg Mays – wasn’t afraid to work them. As a result, both of them had fairly well-defined chests. And Kane loved running his hands over Ian’s.

Ian, in the meantime, was working on Kane’ back, but his hands didn’t stay there for long.

Before he had a chance to register it, Ian opened Kane’s belt. He pulled back from Ian’s lips and looked into his friend’s eyes. The hands on his belt stilled for a moment, but Kane put one of his over top of Ian’s, encouraging him to continue. After a tense few seconds, Ian went back to work and Kane went after Ian’s.

It took a bit of wiggling to get out of their jeans and underwear, but then they were finally both naked. Kane pulled Ian up against him again and they both let out moans when their aching arousals brushed.

Ian’s hand dove for their cocks and Kane gave in to an urge. He leaned in and kissed the side of Ian’s neck. He heard the sharp gasp and low moan and took it as encouragement. He kissed, nibbled, and nipped at different spots, listening to the sounds Ian made while he did. He sucked a little harder at a spot at the junction of neck and shoulder that had given him a particularly loud gasp.

“Oh God, Kane!” Ian’s loud moan froze them both. Ian let go of their cocks, Kane pulled back and they stared at each other again for a very anxious minute before Kane remembered that they were alone.

“She’s still at work,” he reminded Ian and they both breathed a sigh of relief and dove in for another kiss.

But just a moment later, Kane broke the kiss again. “Ian…” he started and Ian blinked at him.

The last time they tried something new–which happened to be the first time they did anything at all – he hadn’t exactly asked. He’d just sort of done it and, after quite a bit of coaxing, Ian had relaxed. Kane swallowed hard. He didn’t want Ian to freak out.

“What, Kane?” Ian asked, hesitantly. The reticence in Ian’s voice was pretty obvious and cursed himself for slowing down.

“Let’s…” He waved toward the bunk, buying himself a moment.

Ian nodded and rolled onto Kane’s bed. Kane stretched out next to him and Ian slid his hand under the Kane’s pillow immediately. “Wait…” Kane cleared his throat. “I’d… um…”

Ian blinked. “What?”

“Just… um…” Brilliant, Kane. “Just…” he stuttered and gave up trying to talk. He closed the few inches’ distance and kissed his friend again.

Ian didn’t seem to mind this, and returned the kiss. The hand that had gone in search of the lotion bottle – which Kane now kept permanently under his pillow just in case – started moving down to Kane’s cock again. His uncomfortably aching cock. He tried to ignore it and pulled back from Ian’s kiss once more.

* * *

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