Hello! Welcome to Homework Break. This happens after Nightmares and Waking Dreams and again, quite a bit before Turning His Life Around. There is a whole series of these stories I call “Firsts” and hope to share them all with you. Though Turning happens much later chronologically, it’s best to read before the Firsts stories.

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And without further ado, enjoy Homework Break.

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Homework Break

“FUCK!” Kane nearly shouted as he slammed his locker door open. “If that fucking teacher gives us one more fucking report, I’m going to shove the fucking paper up his fucking ass!” He punctuated each fuck with the shove of a book into his bag.

Kane…” Ian moaned, pushing Kane’s locker door aside so he could get to his own. “Could you please spare my sanity? Just for a little while?”

Kane glanced to the side at Ian, chagrined. “Sorry, Ian,” he said, blushing. He took the rest of his annoyance out on his locker door and slammed it closed then threw himself back against the metal, sighing.

“Besides, if the teachers hear you, you’ll end up in detention again. And you know how Mom will react to that.” Ian grumbled, pulling his own books out to shove into his bag.

Kane sighed. “I know, I’m sorry. He just pisses me off so fucking badly. Like I give a rat’s fuck about literature.” He glanced sheepishly at his friend when Ian jumped at the f-bombs. “Oops. Sorry.” He knew Ian reacted to the language he dropped; he was just so used to using it that it slipped out without thinking. Especially since the reactions were a relatively recent thing.

Ian turned to him and glared. Kane blushed, seeing the intent in Ian’s eyes too late. Ian glanced around and, seeing that they were mostly alone, and whispered into his ear. “You know what fuck does to me, especially when you… fucking say it. You fucking know what it fucking does because it does the same fucking thing to you.”

Kane groaned and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and doing his damnedest to calm down. “Damn you,” he growled, then turned around to adjust himself, stealing a sheepish glance at Ian who was obviously having the same problem. “You know it’s automatic.”

“So’s the reaction,” Ian grumbled and closed his own eyes a moment. “I’m just glad the day’s over. Now, stop bitching about the stupid report and let’s go before we miss the bus.”

Kane grumbled but followed Ian out to the street. It was really annoying at times—like this one—that Ian’s body seemed to be hardwired to react to his voice, especially when that voice was used with foul language, one word in particular. Of course, it was just as bad the opposite direction. It was going to take most of the way home on the bus to get rid of his erection.

They settled into the same seat they always took and pulled their books out to get a jump start on homework. Kane tried desperately to concentrate on the story he was supposed to read, but the words swam in front of him. He sighed and slammed the book shut, deciding to try for his math instead.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t seem to tell an x from a y or an a from a b, so that didn’t work either. He gave up and stuffed it all back, closing his eyes and resting his head back against the seat.

“Are you okay?” Ian asked from beside him.

Kane opened one eye and peered at his friend. “Not really,” he said honestly. “I’m still pissed at the teacher, still… uncomfortable, and I can’t concentrate.” He closed his eye again and went back to trying to calm down.

“I’m sorry. I was just pissed, too.” Ian said and Kane could hear the frown.

He sighed and looked over again. “It’s okay. I wish sometimes we hadn’t discovered that little… thing,” he said, with a half chuckle. Ian nodded in agreement. Kane looked around to make sure no one was paying attention then dropped his voice anyway. “It’s bad enough that I get turned on just looking at you sometimes.”

Ian snorted at that. “Yeah. Makes gym class a nightmare.”

Kane laughed. “Yeah. I hate showering there. With a passion.”

Ian sighed and closed his own literature book, shoving it back in his bag. He turned slightly to Kane and frowned. “I wonder if the other guys have problems if they see the girls.”

Kane shrugged. “I imagine so. I don’t pay attention. Most of the guys in our class are pretty ugly anyway.”

Ian laughed. “I don’t know. There’s that one guy… what was his name… he’s the freshman, the one that still looks kind of young?”

“Hayden?” Kane asked.

“Yeah, him. He’s kind of cute. Like I said, looks a little young, but he’s cute.”

Kane raised an eyebrow. “You have a crush or something?”

Ian rolled his eyes. “No. I do not have a crush on a freshman, thank you.” He crossed his arms and looked out the bus window.

“You do!” Kane grinned and Ian reached out without looking and smacked Kane in the back of the head. “Haha! That proves it!”

Ian sighed. “Yeah, I think he’s cute. No, it’s not a crush, but it doesn’t matter. He’s probably straight.”

Kane shrugged. “Have you asked him?”

“Oh yeah, let’s see you go up to your crush and ask him if he’s straight.” Ian shook his head.

“I don’t have a crush!”

Ian simply snorted. “Sure you don’t.” He chuckled. “So, you just happen to bump into Kenji in front of his class when your class is on the other end of the school?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kane blushed profusely and glared at his best friend. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ian laughed. “Right.” He went back to looking out the window. “The point is, I’m not about to walk up to Hayden and just ask if he’s into guys, honestly.” He paused, “and no, you’re not, either.”

* * *

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