Oh, Adel, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 50



Adel stepped into the bathing room in Bathasar’s chambers and hesitated just inside the door. It looked much like the bathing room he had in his own chambers, if a little larger. The tub was bigger and there were a few more cabinets lining the walls, but otherwise, it was basically the same.

He wasn’t sure what he’d expected. Even though the rest of Bathasar’s rooms were larger though not overly rich, he supposed he expected more from the bathing area. What he saw reminded him of Bathasar’s humble attitude everywhere else. He vaguely remember his friend telling him they’d never moved when Mukesh had been killed. So this had been the amir’s chambers before. That made sense, then, that it wasn’t quite as opulent as it might have been otherwise for the malik.

The room appeared empty, at first. Adel looked around, wondering what to do. Bathasar had said Teman would be there, but Adel didn’t see him. He moved farther into the room, and hear a noise to his right. He turned to see Teman step out from behind a cabinet door.

“Oh! I didn’t hear you come in. You were too quiet,” Teman said, smiling. “Are you ready?”

Adel took a breath. “As I’ll ever be.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, frowning. “I’m sure His Highness just wants to make sure you are comfortable with Ghalib.”

With another deep breath, Adel nodded. “Yes. Actually… I was a little worried about you.”

Teman blinked at him, forehead scrunching in confusion. “Me?”

Adel nodded. “Yes. I… Bathasar is your lover. As he is Nadir and Cyrus’s, yes, but I… from what I understand, he does not touch anyone else.”

Teman relaxed and smiled again. “I appreciate your concern.” He turned an waved a hand toward a bench. “Please, if you would, take your clothes off—I will take care of them—have a seat, and I’ll explain.

Adel did as he was bid, pulling his tunic over his head while kicking off his slippers. Teman took the tunic as he untied his pants. Despite Teman having had his mouth on Adel’s cock, Adel found himself a little shy as he shucked his pants.

“I can see why Ghalib is enamored,” Teman said, making Adel actually blush.

“I’m not sure that is the word I would use,” Adel said, a little ruefully. “I’m thinking more like ‘annoyed’ or perhaps ‘irritated’ might be more apt.”

Teman laughed. “I’m quite sure that has changed since your first meeting, ya sayyid.”

Adel shook his head and took the seat Teman indicated.

“Right,” Teman said, picking up a hairbrush. He pulled it through Adel’s hair as he spoke. “You have been a friend of Bathasar’s for many years, am I correct?”

“Yes,” Adel said, remembering not to nod at the last second.

“I also understand you were once… well, not lovers, but you explored your sexuality together, right?”

“Yes,” he said again.

“I am not nobility. I don’t want to be nobility—no offense intended—”

Adel chuckled. “None taken.”

“Thank you.” Teman said, laughing. “But I can well imagine how difficult it might be for a member of the nobility—even one as different as you—to spend time your your knees, for whatever reason. I was not nobility and I struggled with it. That you and Bathasar has a good enough friendship that you feel you can do that is a good thing. I’m glad he can help you.”

“And Cyrus and Nadir?”

“I believe they both agree. Cyrus, of course, is less… well, he’s not exactly in love with Bathasar like Nadir and I are. But as one who prefers to master, Cyrus would understand the difficulty. Nadir’s empathy aids him.”

Adel did nod then. “Oops. Sorry. I see. It is something I am still trying to wrap my mind around, to be truthful.”

“I can understand that. We—all four of us—still struggle with it sometimes.”

“I can imagine.”

“Are you more comfortable now?”

Adel nodded, but Teman set the brush down so he didn’t feel bad. “I am. Thank you.”

“Good. Now, His Highness has requested you wear a few things for this evening. He thinks they might help you and one is pure convenience on his part.”

“All right.” Adel raised an eyebrow.

Teman chuckled and retrieved something gold from the cabinet he’d been in earlier. “These aren’t just to decorate us,” Teman said, holding up a pair of gold cuffs. “They are the preferred method when tying someone up. Or down.” He smirked at that.

Adel chuckled, holding his arms out. Teman put them around his wrists and fastened them. “They’re soft,” he said, marvelling.

Teman nodded. “Indeed. Bathasar had all the slaves’ cuffs padded a while back for comfort. Next.” He held up a large gold ring. Adel spread his legs a little wider. “It’s easier if you could stand.”

Adel did, trying not to react to the touch on his cock. Despite understanding what this evening was about, he still found himself caught between nervousness and arousal. He wasn’t so much excited about being with Bathasar, but all of these… games, for lack of a better word, were really exciting him. He found he loved the power play, loved the idea of mastering, now that he had a clearer idea of what it entailed.

He was nervous because he wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the night. Serving another wasn’t something he would have ever considered in learning, though he did understand Bathasar’s logic behind the suggestion. How much easier might it be to understand Ghalib if he were to—at least in some small way—put himself in Ghalib’s place? Even so, there were many possible ways Bathasar could approach the evening and Adel tried to calm the nervousness and approach it more academically.

The hand on his cock wasn’t helping that. Adel had begun to understand the sensuality Bathasar was promoting with the slaves, that pleasure for both should be the focus. He could see how that sensuality would spill over into everything else so that the palace often took on the atmosphere—and not just in the great hall at dinner, either. It permeated everything, and Adel now wished he hadn’t resisted it for so long.

Teman opened the ring and Adel saw a hinge at the bottom which Teman set beneath Adel’s sac. He closed the ring over both sac and cock, snapping it closed. Adel’s length twitched and began to fill as almost immediately. Next came a ring abotu the width of two of Adel’s fingers. This, Teman wrapped around the top of Adel’s sac and closed it, stretchng the skin a bit.

Adel’s now-hard cock felt heavy as it hung down. He stared at it, a little surprised by how aroused the two rings made him. “That is an… intriguing sensation.”

“Indeed,” Teman agreed. “His Highness has suggested on more thing. It is, of course, temporary, but he feels you might appreciate the experience.”

Adel looked up, raising his eyebrows at what Teman held. It was just like the ones the majority of the palace slaves wore. Just like Ghalib did. A golden collar.

* * *

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