Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 49



Ghalib whined, doing his best to gather the two brain cells he needed to answer. “Can’t,” got forced through his lips.

“Can’t? Can’t what?”

“Can’t… come,” Ghalib muttered which turned into a cry when Nadir’s nose bumped him and the tip of his cock stimulated when Nadir swallowed again.

“Mmm… I know you want to,” Cyrus said. “So close, aren’t you? Need it so badly.” Cyrus hesitated a few more heartbeats, then…


Ghalib’s body obeyed for him, the command shoving him violently over the edge and into orgasm. Nadir swallowed around him, dragging the pleasure out as he shook hard through his climax. He shouted as fire flew through him, igniting every nerve ending he had.

Nadir released him a moment later and sat back. Ghalib panted hard, his lungs scrambling for air.

“Congratulations, Ghalib,” Cyrus murmured. “You’re officially locked to command.”

Ghalib swallowed and nodded, enormously relieved. “Thank you.”

Nadir grinned. “You’re welcome.”

“Yes, you’re welcome.” Cyrus brushed his hand down over Ghalib’s chest as Nadir ran one over his legs in comfort. Ghalib’s heart finally slowed and he shifted.

Cyrus gave him a small hug. “ You’ve done very well, Ghalib. Very well, but we need to make sure it’s completely in place. So… again.”

Ghalib groaned but sat up a little more. Nadir wrapped a hand around his cock and stroked it slowly from base to tip. It took very little time for him to be hard again and immediately on the heels of that, to drip precum. He closed his eyes and brought Adel’s face to mind, the feel of Adel’s cock in his mouth.

He was getting a little frustrated. He wanted to be through with his training. He wanted to see the man again. It was ridiculous, he knew that. He was sure Adel didn’t want him the same way he wanted Adel, but despite the way things had started off with the man, he wanted to spend time with the man.

He was still fairly sure it wouldn’t last. Maybe it was only his fears talking or maybe it was simply common sense. Somewhere along the way Adel would tire of him, go home to the horse farms Adel ran, leaving Ghalib behind. He didn’t for once allow himself to think he might have what Teman did with His Highness.

It was this knowledge that had him focusing on his training. Because when Adel was through, he’d need to be able to serve others. He still worked with them, listened carefully to their suggestions and did what he could to help it along.

He learned just how quickly he recovered afterwards—much faster than he ever thought possible. In fact, one morning about a week after they’d pronounced him locked, Nadir had teased him to the edge, he’d ridded that edge for a good long while, then Cyrus had given him the command. Before his breathing had completely evened out, his cock had hardened again and he was once more starting to feel needy.

Cyrus praised him, the approval making him feel so good. He remembered Adel’s praise—you are beautiful, feel wonderful, taste amazing—and wondered if the same type of approval would make him feel as settled as it did from Cyrus. Even if Adel tired of him, he’d take what he could with the man. And knowing how he reacted to praise was never a bad thing, in his opinion.

Within a few more days, it became quite clear the lock on his orgasm was firmly in place. Cyrus and Nadir sat back, watching Ghalib stroke his own cock in a test to come without the command. He did everything he’d ever learned about himself, every trick he knew to push himself over the edge and come. But no matter how he swiped his thumb over the tip or teased the spot on the underside, he couldn’t go over.

Eventually, Cyrus stopped him, with a grin. “Well, I do believe you’re ready.”

Ghalib let out a long sigh of relief. “Thank you,” he whispered, closing his eyes. He knew he wasn’t done, but this seemed the biggest obstacle. “What is left?”

“You will be given lessons in giving pleasure, both to men and women. Then we will go over pain with you.”

He gulped and nodded. He wanted to learn to please men, so he could give everything he could to Adel. But he also reminded himself Adel might still send him back, at some point, no matter how good he is. He’ll need to know how to please women.

Oddly, the pain training didn’t even make him hesitate at all. He wondered what that said about him, then wondered if Adel would like it. He shook the thought off and smiled up at Cyrus. “When do we start?”

* * *

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