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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 32



The taste was like nothing Adel had ever experienced. Spicy and sweet at the same time and yet there was more, too. It was as if all of his favorite things had gathered there, in one place. He moved his lips over Ghalib’s, nipping, nibbling then sucking the bottom lip in. His tongue probed the seam of Ghalib’s mouth and Ghalib opened to him. Adel moaned as the need for this man—a need so sharp it stole his breath, a need he just could not understand—nearly engulfed him.

He rocked into Ghalib, feeling Ghalib’s hard cock against his own as his tongue filled the other man’s mouth, mapping and learning it. He pulled back, his gaze focused on Ghalib’s eyes. The pupils were huge, eyes wide as Ghalib stared, looking more than a little lost.

“Touch me,” Adel murmured, and Ghalib’s hands came up to fist in the silk of Adel’s tunic. Adel dropped one hand, running it over Ghalib’s side to rest on one naked hip before diving in again and losing himself in the taste he was quickly becoming addicted to. The feel of Ghalib’s hands sliding down his back tore a groan from his throat and he pulled back then bent, burying his face in Ghalib’s neck, licking, kissing and sucking on the pale olive skin there. He inhaled the scent of spiced soap, sweat and warm skin, his cock twitching in reaction. “You smell divine,” he murmured before biting down just below Ghalib’s collar.

Ghalib groaned loudly, rocking against him, hands gripping Adel’s ass tightly.

It took everything Adel had to pull himself back, panting, struggling for simple air. His cock was so hard, it damned near hurt, his balls aching. He leaned back just enough to look down Ghalib’s body, thrilling in the evidence of just what their kiss did to the other man. “You’re beautiful, Ghalib,” he whispered, meeting the dark eyes again. “Every man in this palace is going to want you. But I will be the first here,” he promised, slipping his hand between Ghalib’s body and the wall, then tracing his fingers along Ghalib’s crack until they brushed Ghalib’s hole. “I will fill you with me, my cock, my seed.”

He panted again, trying to pull himself together. Ghalib seemed wholly incapable of speech. His eyes were still wide, fixed on Adel, his chest rose and fell quickly, and his cock still strained as red—redder even than when he’d stepped into the room. “You… want me?”

“Oh yes, Ghalib, do not doubt it for one minute. And if you insist on this foolish path, then I will have you, too.”

Ghalib swallowed, his gaze searching Adel’s face for something. He seemed to find it, because he put a hand on Adel’s chest then let it slide down over the silk tunic to the ties on Adel’s pants. Without breaking their gaze, he tugged and Adel felt his pants come open. Then, in a move that shocked Adel to his core, Ghalib dropped to his knees and swallowed Adel’s cock in one swift move.

The shock didn’t last long. At the feel of that hot mouth around his incredibly hard, aching cock, arousal eradicated any bit of the surprise. Adel slammed his mouth shut, gritting his teeth but the “Ghalib!” that escaped still sounded much too loud to his ears. He wondered that it didn’t bring Cyrus and Nadir into the room, but he couldn’t think about that for long. Because Ghalib’s mouth was on him.

He tried to gather his wits, his control, but the feel of the lips surrounding the crown of his cock and the tongue moving along his length obliterated it. “Gh… I… Oh, yes…” he groaned and knew he had mere heartbeats before he emptied himself into Ghalib’s mouth. One hand went to the long black hair and he fisted it in the strands. He looked down to see Ghalib’s gaze on his, those eyes wide and deep, the look one Adel couldn’t begin to decipher.

The vision in front of him nearly undid him. Ghalib’s mouth stretched around his cock, those dark eyes, deep pools filled with want focused on him, his own hand buried in Ghalib’s hair, all three challenged a control he’d never before questioned.

It was that look, something in that gaze that did it. Adel tightened his hand and started thrusting into Ghalib’s mouth. He was going too far, thrusting too hard, he knew it, but Ghalib didn’t seem to care, simply kept swallowing and sucking and running that amazing tongue along the underside. Ghalib didn’t have much finesse, but that didn’t seem to matter to Adel’s body, because he hurtled toward orgasm ridiculously fast. One of Ghalib’s hands cupping and teasing his balls only sped things up and when Ghalib’s thumb pressed at the spot just behind Adel’s sac, shooting pleasure through his balls and cock, Adel couldn’t stop the reaction. His hand twitched, pulling on Ghalib’s hair, dragging a moan that reverberated over Adel’s cock and it was over. With a muffled shout, he held Ghalib’s head as he emptied his balls into that hot, amazing mouth and down Ghalib’s throat.

Ghalib pulled off as Adel gasped, desperately trying to suck in air. Adel tugged until Ghalib stood then crushed their mouths together, groaning at the taste of himself on Ghalib’s tongue and lips, needing to feel Ghalib against him, needing the taste of those lips on his. He wrapped a hand around Ghalib’s cock and stroked it, dragging the most amazing groans and struggles from the man under him. Ghalib pulled back, whimpering. “I… can’t…”

“Can’t what?” Adel asked, breath ghosting over Ghalib’s hot skin.

“Can’t… not allowed… to come,” he whined.

“Oh, I won’t let you spill, make no mistake,” he whispered. He bit down, then, on the juncture where Ghalib’s neck met shoulder and squeezed slightly with his hand.

Ghalib cried out, arms coming up to grip Adel’s shirt, hips rocking. Adel stroked him hard a few more seconds but just as Ghalib’s body tensed telling Adel he was on the edge of orgasm, Adel let go. Ghalib poised on that edge, hands gripping tightly, body shaking.

“You will be mine, boy. Mine.” He cupped Ghalib’s balls, teasing, squeezing slightly, then weighing them. When Ghalib groaned, he ran his thumb along Ghalib’s straining length one more time, then over the wet tip. Adel listened to Ghalib moan and whimper for a moment, savoring the way Ghalib vibrated with need. Then he brushed his hand down Ghalib’s side. “You are beautiful, feel wonderful, taste amazing. Kiss me again; then I will leave you to your training.”

Ghalib turned his face and Adel wasted no time, thrusting his tongue in, filling Ghalib with his taste and claiming Ghalib, though he would not have verbalized that realization. When he finally broke the kiss, he inhaled Ghalib’s scent deeply. “Accept your conditioning, learn your service, and know you will be preparing your body for me.” He leaned in and nipped Ghalib’s ear. “And I will learn how to accept that service.”

With only one glance at the stunned look on Ghalib’s face, Adel left.

* * *

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