Now you’re getting the idea, Adel…

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 47



After Adel nodded, Nadir stood—Adel noted his cock seemed even harder, leaking even more—and they crossed over to Bathasar’s big bed. After showing him the hooks, he helped Bathasar anchor Nadir to the posts with by the cuffs. Bathasar wrapped two more around Nadir’s ankles and attached those to the legs of the bed by chains, then stood back.

“Nadir has agreed to take the crop a few times so you can get a feel for it.”

“I don’t need—” Adel started but Bathasar held a hand up.

“It’s quite all right. He can take quite a bit. Really. It’s important you get a feel for them and know what they can do.”

Adel frowned, but said, “Okay.” He accepted the crop Bathasar held. It was very light in his hand. He’d certainly felt plenty before—he did run the horse farms, after all—but not so much in the context of using it on a person.

“Go ahead. Give it a try,” Bathasar encouraged him.

With a glance at Bathasar, he swung. And, of course, Nadir barely made a sound.

“You can go harder,” Nadir said. Adel tried not to get annoyed at the amusement in Nadir’s voice.

He closed his eyes briefly, thought about the power he’d put behind the spanks he’d given and swung. This earned a grunt from Nadir. “I think he’s learning,” Nadir said, making Adel chuckle.

“Not enough, apparently,” Adel said, bringing the crop down again. This earned him a yelp from Nadir and a laugh from Bathasar.

“I think you’ve got the idea,” Bathasar said with amusement. “What do you want to try next?”

After giving each of the different ones a try, Adel decided there were very few implements he didn’t enjoy using. Each left a different mark and he liked the way all of them looked and felt as they made impact. He could all too clearly imagine them on Ghalib’s skin.

Most of them brought different kinds of sounds from Nadir, as well. Nadir seemed partial to the flogger—which Adel liked the feel of—and the cane. Which Adel loved. That took a bit of work to understand the best way to strike with it, but once he got the hang of it, he decided it was one of his favorites.

Bathasar ran through all of them with him. They worked with a paddle, strap, hairbrush, and tawse on top of the others. He gave tips on varying the force and speed, showed him the effects of falling into a rhythm, and explained what allowing Nadir—or Ghalib—to anticipate a strike did and how to avoid it.

Once he’d had a chance to test each, he went back to flogger for these last lessons. Bathasar tied Nadir’s hair out of the way and Adel’s cock swelled as he watched the welts form on Nadir’s back, especially as they were accompanied by more and more moans.

When he switched to the cane at Bathasar’s prompting, Nadir moaned so loudly, Adel thought he’d done something wrong. But Bathasar encouraged him to keep going and a moment later, Nadir was pushing his ass into the hits. Bathasar had him pause and look at Nadir’s face then, and Adel’s cock twitched, spurting precum at the expression.

He had no doubt whatsoever he was seeing that floating Bathasar talked about. It was the same type of expression Teman’d had on his face. Nadir’s cock was so red, Adel feared a bit for it, but there was no doubt, this was good for Nadir.

With a bit more encouragement from Bathasar, he gave Nadir a few more, making some very pretty stripes over thighs and ass. “Do you wish to take him?” Bathasar murmured in Adel’s ear.

“You…you are offering to allow me to take your lover?”

Bathasar nodded. “Yes, if you wish. If you are half as aroused as I am, I know you need relief.”

Adel couldn’t argue that. His cock was so hard, it was damned near painful. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to actually do that with Nadir. He couldn’t quite explain it, though part of it was because Nadir belonged to Bathasar—and Cyrus. As Ghalib’s image flashed into his mind, he knew another thing that, though undoubtedly ridiculous, made him hesitate. “Is he capable of using his mouth?”

Bathasar smiled and Adel thought he saw a bit of relief in it. “Yes. Help me get him down.”

* * *

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