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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 46



Adel chuckled. “Indeed. So you have… pet names for them?”

“Oh yes. I call Teman ‘my love’ and Nadir, when we play, I call ‘pet.’ I know a few others who use names like ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ or the like. Again, it’s another form of—”

“Mastery,” Adel finished for him. “I see. I… I’ve been thinking of Ghalib as ‘boy’ and couldn’t seem to figure out why I couldn’t let go of the name.”

Bathasar flashed his teeth in another grin. “There’s more Master in you than you realize.”

Adel raised an eyebrow. “You think?”

“Yes, quite. We’ll talk more about that later. First, however, you should spank Nadir.”

Adel stared at Bathasar, blinking for a moment. “You want me to spank him? Like… like a recalcitrant child?”

He expected Bathasar to deny it, but instead his friend nodded. “Something like that. Perhaps you could take a seat and I’ll explain?”

“All right,” Adel said, settling on the chair.

“Nadir,” Bathasar murmured, touching Nadir’s hair. Nadir stood and moved over to Adel, draping himself across Adel’s lap, ass aimed at Adel’s right hand. Nadir’s cock was nestled between Adel’s legs and he braced his arms on the arm of the chair, resting his head on them. “You are right-handed, correct?”

“Uh, yes, yes I am.”

“Very well. Place your left hand on the small of his back, here,” he said, pointing.

Adel did, realizing it would help hold Nadir in place. “So, is this for the pain?”

“Yes. Usually. Occasionally, it is for punishment.”

“Punishment?” Adel looked up, blinking.

Bathasar nodded. “Yes. Nadir—and Teman—have rules to follow. Some are simple, like preferences I have for grooming—wanting them shaved or their hair longer. If we are alone in the rooms here, they must be naked. Some are slighly more complicated. They must be truthful with me at all time. They must speak their minds. Though I have yet to encounter it from either of them, willful disobedience gets punishment.”

“So… how do you punish someone who likes pain?” Adel couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that spanking someone who likes pain does anything but rewards them.

“It does take some creativity. Nadir generally does not like a certain crop I have. Teman despises the paddle. If I needed to punish them for something, I would use those. They also do not get to be tied down for those punishments. They must hold themselves in place and accept it. It’s more difficult for both that way.”

Adel nodded. “I can see that.”

“Spanking is an incredibly intimate thing. Unlike using implements, you are skin to skin, touching each other.”

Adel hadn’t noticed when he’d laid his hand on Nadir’s ass. But when he looked down and realized that’s where it was, Bathasar’s words certainly were accurate. “Yes,” was all he said and more in a whisper than spoken. He looked down to see Nadir looking up at him, a small smile on his face. He nodded slightly and Adel returned it.

“I thought we’d start with this so you could get a feel for what impact is like. I often like to squeeze and rub the cheeks a little to get the blood flowing. It was something Cyrus told me about.”

Adel looked down at Nadir’s ass, at his hand resting on it and ran that hand over the soft skin. He looked up when Bathasar knelt in front of him. With one hand, Bathasar demonstrated and Adel mimicked him, seeing what he meant as the skin reddened. “I see,” he murmured.

“Now, give him a few spanks. Don’t hold back, don’t worry. Nadir can take anything you can give him.”

Adel glanced up, seeing Bathasar’s smirk. He scowled, then gave Nadir a spank. Even he recognized there wasn’t enough force in it, so he tried again. Another quick look at his friend, who was still smirking, had him trying a third swat.

“Are you going to spank me?” Nadir asked and Adel lifted his hand, bringing it down hard on Nadir’s ass in reply.

“Is that better?” he asked a little testily.

Nadir grinned up at him. “Much. You can’t break me. You won’t break Ghalib. I don’t know for sure yet—we haven’t gotten to that part of the training—but I suspect he is like me and likes pain. Go ahead. Give me more.”

Adel frowned. “You think he will like pain?”

Nadir nodded. “I do. Like I said, I’m not positive, but so far, he is a lot like me in many other ways, so…”

He didn’t need to finish, Adel understood. He lifted his hand and brought it down again, like he had that last time. This was greeted with a soft moan which made Adel’s cock twitch. Another swat and another, both earned him even more nice sounds from Nadir.

“Switch cheeks,” Bathasar instructed and Adel did, leaving swats on each one, alternating every time. Each new swat earned him more moans and by the time he’d given several more, Nadir was shifting a little on his lap. Apparently, he was doing something right.

He was also incredibly turned on. Nadir’s reactions went straight to Adel’s cock, hardening it completely. He could also admit he liked the feel of the impact, though his own hand hurt.

“Do you like that?” Bathasar asked softly.

Adel looked up, hesitating. He considered Bathasar for a long moment, then swallowed and nodded. “Yes,” he managed, voice hoarse.

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying giving pain, if you do it right. Enjoying that does not make you Jabir—or my father.”

Adel’s eyebrows went up and he studied his friend’s face. “You struggled with that.” It wasn’t a question, but Bathasar nodded anyway.

“I did. I was afraid for a long time that I would turn into him. But they finally convinced me that I won’t. And you won’t, either.”

Adel dropped his gaze to Nadir’s now-pink skin. He ran his hand over it, feeling the slight warmth. He liked that, liked what he’d done to and for Nadir.

“Shall we move to the bed? Show you more?”

* * *

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