And Adel’s education continues.

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 45



Adel spent nearly every waking moment after his scene with Teman thinking about it. His mind replaced Teman’s face with Ghalib’s which didn’t really surprise him. It did, however, frustrate him.

He was finding his patience stretched much thinner than it ever had before in his life. He wanted to see Ghalib. He could admit he was fascinated by the man, by the intelligence he’d seen already, by how well-spoken Ghalib was. He wanted to delve more into it, find out all the things that made him who he was.

His promise to wait until the training was over chafed at him. It took all he had to keep out of the slaves’ wing. He knew he could go up, just to watch, but he also knew that would be more frustration than it would be worth. He could practice some of that damned patience he prided himself on and wait.

As the things he did with Teman and Bathasar kept replaying in his mind, however, he found it more and more difficult to keep that promise. It also caused a number of other problems.

Not the least of which that he found himself with an erection in some of the most inopportune places. Like in the library, when he tried, again, to do his research. His mind wandered off and before he knew it, he had a rather uncomfortable lump in his pants. It would take quite a while—and a few more sections on horse mating—before he could get rid of it.

Bathasar sent him word some three days later that he’d set up the scene with Nadir. It was to take place later that evening, after the dinner. Adel, after sending his affirmative reply back, gave up trying to research and instead went back to his rooms. And proceeded to go more than a little crazy until dinner time.

Dinner was interminable. He couldn’t have repeated a single thing he’d said to the qadi next to him for the life of him. He wasn’t even sure he could have listed any of the dishes he’d been served, much less what he ate.

Finally, Bathasar stood. He caught Adel’s eye and nodded then he and Teman left. Adel breathed a sigh of relief and hurried back to his own room. After quickly cleaning up, he made his way to Bathasar’s chambers. He managed to greet Shahid courteously when he got there then stepped through the doors.

Nadir knelt on the cushions in front of the fireplace already. His long black hair hung loose down his back, even with his heat bowed. His knees were spread, showing his hard cock fully, tip already wet with precum. Adel spotted thick gold rings at the base and the same kind of clamps Teman had worn on his nipples. Other than that—and his ever-present collar—he wore nothing else.

Adel didn’t see Bathasar, at first. It wasn’t until he stepped farther into the room that he saw his friend. Bathasar stood at the end of his bed, attaching something to the right post at the bottom. He couldn’t see what it was, but a moment later, Bathasar stood and turned to him and Adel forgot all about it for a moment.

Bathasar was not dressed as he normally was in silk tunic and pants, slippers and sash. This time, he had no tunic on, and his slippers were nowhere to be seen. His pants were already open showing his hard cock. Adel may not have ever had feelings for Bathasar beyond friendship, but he’d never failed to notice that Bathasar was good looking.

The last time he’d seen Bathasar even partially naked had been well over ten years ago. Bathasar had filled out nicely since then and Adel felt himself drooling a little at the broad shoulders, lean chest, and tight stomach muscles. Bathasar flashed him a grin at his staring and he cleared his throat, scowling for form.

Bathasar laughed. “Welcome!”

Adel rolled his eyes. “Thank you.” He pursed his lips. “You are not dressed,” he pointed out, though he knew it was obvious, he was also sure Bathasar would understand the underlying question.

Bathasar inclined his head. “Tonight is less about mastery and more about other ways to… play.”

“Play?” Adel asked, blinking.

Bathasar nodded. “It’s a way to refer to the things we do together beyond simple sex. Though I sometimes still dress for this, I find I like having a little more freedom of movement. Though I do still master him now, it isn’t the main focus of these types of evenings.” He crossed to them and stood over Nadir. “When I first started giving pain, I had a frame built of wood to attach them to.” He got a look in his eye Adel didn’t quite understand. Some memory Adel didn’t think he wanted to know about. “There were… bad associations with the ends of the bed. However, my loves eventually convinced me they didn’t mind and now, that is what we use.”

Adel inclined his head. “You bind them, then?”

“Oh yes.” Bathasar nodded again. “It is… not necessary, exactly. But both Teman and Nadir prefer it. It allows them to lose themselves in the pain if they don’t have to think about standing still.”

“Ah,” Adel said, nodding. Even without understand all of this, that made sense to him.

“But first, there is something else I’d like to show you.” He motioned Adel closer, and Adel crossed the room. “Nadir,” he said, and Adel blinked as Nadir leaned forward and left a soft kiss on first Bathasar’s toes then on Adel’s. “Very good, my pet,” Bathasar purred as Nadir sat up.

Adel raised his eyebrows at the name. “Is…” He closed his mouth quickly, but Bathasar must have heard it.

He turned another wide smile to Adel. “Some time ago, Nadir was the first to accept pain from me. As we were preparing for the scene, we’d spent some time together and Nadir has a habit of… stretching, moving like a big cat—like a tiger or panther—and I named him “pet” from it.” Nadir leaned forward and rubbed his face against Bathasar’s leg, earing himself a grin. “See?”

* * *

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