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Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 42



Bathasar caught Adel’s eye and when he nodded, Adel let go at the same time Bathasar did. Teman swayed, off-balance for a second, but Bathasar held him still.

“It’s time for the clamps to come off,” Bathasar said, pointing. “They’re squeezed gently, then you pull. You have to be careful because the skin sometimes sticks. We’ll do it together. When it’s off, suck on the nipple to bring the blood to the surface.”

Adel nodded, trying to ignore his insanely hard cock. He was so aroused, he could barely think. The only other time in recent memory he’d been this aroused was in Cyrus’s office with Ghalib.

He shook the thought off and focused on what Bathasar wanted him to do. If he wanted to do more with Ghalib, he needed to learn this. He reached up and took the clamp between his thumb and finger like Bathasar showed him. When Bathasar nodded, he squeezed the clamp and tugged gently, pulling it off and immediately diving down to suck Teman’s nipple between his lips.

Teman nearly screamed. He arched again, tugging against their lips. Adel felt Bathasar moving and glanced down to see him stroking Teman’s cock at the same time. He looked back up to Teman’s face to see the beginnings of tears in his eyes. When Teman groaned again, Bathasar let go and Adel followed.

Teman, however, didn’t stop moving. He shook his head, tried to thrust, the whole time, still making incredible noises of need.

“He’s just about ready,” Bathasar murmured. “But first…”

He reached back and unhooked Teman’s wrist cuffs from the ankle cuffs. Then he hooked them back to each other and helped Teman sit up again. Teman’s eyes opened and Adel could see they were unfocused.

“Love, I want you to suck your other Master, give him everything you have. Please him so that I can give you your own release,” Bathasar said, then kissed Teman’s temple. “Stand or chair?”

Adel chose the chair, fairly certain he’d have no ability to stand once it was over. He arranged himself back in the same one he’d had earlier and spread his legs as Teman got in place. Bathasar followed and as Teman nuzzled Adel’s cock, licking it softly, Bathasar unlocked the plug in Teman’s ass and started playing with it.

Teman moaned, but kept his mouth moving, teasing Adel’s balls, mouthing each before wrapping his lips around one and sucking. Adel couldn’t hold in the moan and shifted a little, giving Teman better access.

All the while, his eyes were glued to Teman’s ass where Bathasar pulled on the plug until the wide part got past the muscle. Adel thought Bathasar would take it out, but instead, he worked the plug in and out of Teman’s ass, teasing him with it.

Which Adel felt from the moans around his balls. Teman licked them thoroughly, sucking each one again before moving on to Adel’s cock. Adel had to fight hard to keep from closing his eyes when Teman swallowed him.

But he wanted, almost needed to watch Bathasar tease Teman’s ass. He pushed the plug farther, pausing with the widest part at the muscle, stretching it out. Adel didn’t understand why that was such a turn on, but it was.

He continued to watch for another moment until Teman swallowed him completely again. He groaned, he couldn’t help it, and reached for Teman’s head. He stopped himself, but Bathasar said, “do it. Control it. Remember, it’s about serving you.”

Adel nodded, threading the fingers of both hands through Teman’s hair. Surprisingly, when he held Teman’s head still and started thrusting, Teman moaned even more. He braced his feet on the floor better, then put more power behind his thrusts, the arousal, the feel of the hot mouth around him too much. He kept his eyes on Bathasar, watching his friend tease Teman’s ass. He hadn’t seen Bathasar grab oil, but a moment later, Bathasar pulled the plug out of Teman completely and filled Teman’s ass in one move, making Teman nearly shout around Adel’s cock.

When Bathasar started thrusting, he pushed Teman onto Adel’s cock even more. It felt so good, it took all Adel had to hold on and make it stretch out. He had a feeling that, though the intent was for him to come, making Teman work was part of the point.

He glanced down at Teman to see the unfocused brown eyes aimed toward him. Tears ran down his face, but there was no better way to describe the facial expression than bliss. That look combined with the vision of the lips stretched around his cock, all added to the incredible heat and feel shattered his control.

He gritted his teeth hard to hold back the shout as he lost it and poured the significant result of the evening down Teman’s throat. The pleasure was sharp, hard, stretching out and making his balls ache as they emptied. He groaned, unable to hold back the sound and when Teman echoed it, got an aftershock almost as hard as the orgasm itself. It pulled more cum from him, which Teman greedily swallowed.

Just as Adel looked up at Bathasar, his friend’s eyes slammed closed and he nearly pounded into Teman’s ass. He fisted his hand in Teman’s hair and pulled, holding Teman’s shoulder in his other hand. Bathasar didn’t bother containing the shout as he came, making it almost a roar.

When he came down, he sat back, pulling Teman with him until they were both sitting up, facing Adel, with Teman still on Bathasar’s cock. He writhed, riding it, all control gone, a visual picture of pure need. Bathasar wrapped both arms around Teman, carefully, pulled the metal plugging Teman’s cock out, then took one nipple in his left hand and wrapped the other around Teman’s length. Then he started stroking it.

* * *

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