Warning: extremely hot man sex, edging, pain, cbt and confusion ahead! Along with teacher!Bathasar. Adel, you poor slob, what have you let yourself in for?

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 41



“This ring,” he said, brushing his finger over the thin metal that sat just under the crown, “puts just enough pressure for the tip to be very sensitive. See how dark it is?”

Adel nodded, noting the purple color.

“Just before orgasm, it swells, right? This little ring makes it feel like that without being so close. As such, he’s much more sensitive. Watch,” Bathasar finished with a whisper and dragged his fingernail lightly over said sensitive skin.

Teman shook with the groan he let out over that. Adel thought it looked like he was struggling harder and harder as they went to keep still. “He is ordered to stay still?” Adel asked, though he hadn’t meant to speak.

Bathasar nodded. “Yes. Sometimes I order him into silence. Sometimes, I don’t. It is at my whim, and all to please me—which makes him happy.”

Adel nodded. He was beginning to truly understand that part. Bathasar looked up at him again, then pointed to Teman’s cock. “Touch it, see how he reacts to your teasing.”

Adel hesitated, but when Bathasar nodded encouragement, reached out and brushed his fingers lightly over the skin. His cock jumped when Teman gasped at the touch and he did it again, teasing along the ridge and earning himself a whimper.

“Good, love, so good,” Bathasar crooned as Adel continued teasing Teman’s cock. Teman moaned, his head turning toward Bathasar, who leaned in and kissed his forehead. When he sat back, he glanced at Adel, then reached for Teman’s cock. “When it is time for him to have release after denial, I try to build it up as much as possible. If I were to go straight for orgasm without taking him to the edge some, he would finish, but it wouldn’t be nearly as powerful.” So saying, he wrapped his hand around Teman’s cock and immediately started stroking it.

The groan Teman let out was so loud, Adel was sure they heard it on the other side of the palace. He shook hard as he fought to hold still; Adel could see the strain in Teman’s muscles. He let that out with his voice, though, in shouts and cries as Bathasar continued to stroke him. “Closer, love,” Bathasar murmured.

Teman lost the fight then and his hips moved. Bathasar let go of his cock and Teman cried out at the loss of friction. He stilled almost immediately and Bathasar went right back to stroking him. Adel’s own cock jumped at the vision and he wrapped his hand around it, pinching the base to keep himself calm.

Maybe a dozen strokes later, Teman cried out again, this time louder and more desperate. As soon as he did, Bathasar let go. “Beautiful, love. You please me, make me so happy,” he whispered, brushing hair out of Teman’s face again.

Teman seemed to calm down, his breathing finally slowing. Bathasar turned to Adel again and leaned in, murmuring low enough Adel was sure Teman couldn’t hear. “You do it now. Stroke him all the way to the edge. Remember, he can not go over without command. If he moves, stop. If he begs, stop, remind him it is not for his pleasure.”

Adel swallowed, wrestled with his own nearly overwhelming arousal and wrapped his hand around Teman’s cock. It was odd, with the rings in place, but not too odd. He gave one stroke and the moan Teman let out over his action made his cock jump again. He ignored it, focusing on Teman, watching the facial expressions flit across the handsome face as he worked.

His arousal only increased at the look of frustration and need that grew on Teman’s face. Teman’s fight only worsened it, and when Adel gave a thumb swipe over the super-sensitive head, he cried out, and tried to buck. Adel let go, waiting as Teman thrust into the empty air, whimpering almost piteously.

Adel recognized the power in what he was doing. He recognized how much he liked having that kind of control over someone’s pleasure. He filed the thought away for later examination and took Teman in hand once more. Several strokes later, Teman cried out again, but Adel kept going. He wasn’t sure if Bathasar had known this would happen, if he knew Teman well enough that after so much, Teman would do this, or if it was pure happenstance. But a few strokes beyond the cry, Teman bucked again and moaned, “Please. Please, need…”

Adel let go once more, bringing a full-on whine from Teman this time. “No, Teman,” he said, hoping he didn’t sound as unsure as he felt with this. “This isn’t for you. It’s for me, for your Master, not you.” Teman shuddered at the words, but stopped moving and gulped in air.

“Yes, Master,” he whispered.

Adel wasn’t sure if he was ready to hear that applied to him, but he could tell by the look on Teman’s face that Teman was more than a little fuzzy and, thus, possibly not even sure he was speaking to Adel instead of Bathasar.

“There are many ways to tease him,” Bathasar murmured, a moment later. “One of these is to give pain. Not in the way I will show you with Nadir. Just as there are many ways to tease, there are just as many to give pain. Teman enjoys some more than others. Like this.”

Bathasar took hold of the chain between Teman’s nipples again, then wove his fingers through Teman’s hair. He pulled on the hair, forcing Teman’s back to arch more and as the arch deepened, Teman pulled against the nipple clamps. He groaned in reaction and Adel glanced down to see Teman’s cock jumping with the pain. “Squeeze his balls,” Bathasar ordered with a whisper.

Adel complied, and to his surprise, Teman pulled against his hand as if he was seeking more pain. He panted hard around the grunts that fell continuously.

“Now the tip of his cock, around the plug.”

Adel reached up with his other hand, holding the head of Teman’s cock between his thumb and forefinger and applied light pressure.

Teman shouted, twisting his body. Adel almost let go when he realized Teman was again pulling against the hands on him, creating more pain. Adel tightened both the fingers on Teman’s cock and the hand around his balls.

“Oh! Oh, please… Need, need to… Please, Master, please…” Teman moaned, writhing against their hands.

* * *

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